Basically you have heard everything from their press release, all the information you could need is in that. As for my opinions, quite impressed.

The first floor is a nice creamy room. Few couch's and a bar. Relaxing. Sorta place you might go for a evening business meeting or something. Then there is the bottom floor which is my fav. Cool red glow to it. Nice seating. Relaxed atmosphere. Wont bother explaining it in too much detail because I HAVE PICS!.... yey.So i will try and get those pics up as soon as possible and you can take a look yourself.

As for the drinks. I got the odd beer and went for some Nu signature cocktails. Impressive. I think the first one was the Nu Blu which was i guess their main signature drink. MMmmmmm. Then a raspberry mule which if you like the tang of ginger beer you will love this. Then i tried a orange margarita with my companion for the evening. Also very tasty. Usually i am picky about my cocktails, but was impressed with Nu's selection.

Then there is of corse the staff who i am very picky about. Ignorant staff and i hate the place no matter how good it is. Nu was the exact opposite. Friendly manager. Friendly floor staff. Great atmosphere. Bonus points to the asian male manager there. Very friendly. Didn't catch a name.

Overall a very nice place. Do not miss out, check it out and i will let u compare it to Liquid. Mcfly's very impressed though. I think it might have to appear on the mcfly's recomendation list.

Review By: McFly


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