This is going to be a truncated review as I've misplaced my notes. Basically, it's John and Darren from Shitdisco doing a DJ set at Volar with Anthony and DJ "X" (I couldn't find out his name, sorry). Anyway, "X" is already playing as I arrive in the club. His set is similar to Anthony's, but more bouncy/bubbly and there are some tunes I remember from the recent Tommy Sunshine/DJ Hell gigs. There's a biggish crowd, the usual reserved table up front. Quite a lot of Europeans present. Big hi to Rae and her mates and also Paul Maclean and his buddies. Also some other people present at the afore-mentioned DJ Hell show. 

Shitdisco are on stage about 0100. Joe is the main mixer, shaping the set and Darren is the sex symbol who intervenes occasionally with some whacky grunge sounds and weird FX. Rae's left the club briefly before realising the show is rather good and so she returns. Paul tells me he saw the full band play in Japan last summer and this piqued his interest for tonight's gig. Basically, they're not too shit and not too disco.There are some unsteady, rather broken down swapovers between Joe and Darren, but these add a rough and ready charm to the show and their enthusiasm and joy is infectious. Rae is up on the catwalk with 4 other girls, including one with her arm in a cast. They're giving it the maximum boogie workout. Full marks for deviating wildly at the end when they played the original "Tainted Love" (by Gloria Jones?), the frat-punk anthem "Louie, Louie" by The Kingsmen and the Nugget-y Beatles pastiche "Liar, Liar" by The Knickerbockers. I think Paul might be the only other audience member who would know all 3 tunes.

Meanwhile, Anthony has been hopping up and down on stage, pulsing with barely-repressed energy. He seems keen to show these upstart headliners how the local boys do it. Sort of Welcome To My Playground! Each time I've heard him play, there's something new to capture my attention. He doesn't coast on the same old hits for weeks on end. I'm just waiting to hear that Layo and Buswhacker car crash track, which he finally drops about 0500. Right, my job here is done. Time to get some food and the ferry. Another cool night at Volar guys. Thanks and see you for the Par-Ici gig and next month's Bloc Party DJ set. ntb.  

Review by Nick L.


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