Talk about the definition of being a music loving dream chaser in Hong Kong; it might be heavily filled with words like “nonsense”, “irrational” and “unobtainable”, for most of the older generations here still holds a strong belief in the traditional Asian upbringing of pure education and career profession as being the only way out. But as the world changes, with the younger generation rising for their voices to be heard within political arenas and social issues; it is no longer so easy to define what a real dream chaser in Hong Kong is able to achieve anymore.

With an obvious shift and increase in trust and faith for the younger generation; not only are career paths taking a turn under such a competitive city, but so are the forms of content within the creative expressions of the Chinese music industry. It is hard not to notice the up roaring appearances from bands, whether at commercial events or at locally held music festivals and shows. They all come on stage with a different sense of aura in comparison to what we call “idols” and “celebrities”, and they often are so confident that their motto and objectives in lyrics completely over shines their appearance and packaging; which is such a big part of reliance for current audiences and consumers.

This particular band is one of those that have touched mine, as well as the 3000 other audiences’ hearts and successfully tempted us into buying tickets to their concert on the 30th of October 2013, two years after their first mini live on the same day in 2011.

Supper Moment, not super moment, is a 4 men band consisting of vocal guitarist Sunny, guitarist Martin, Bassist CK and Drummer Hugh. With their purple and pink hair consecutively changing between each member, don’t you get the wrong ideas about the depth of their musicality just because they are so young. Whether singing about romance, recording about social events, screaming from their lungs about the societies’ rigidness; they always deliver with a soothing but powerful voice on top of melodic tunes that immediately catches onto the listener.

I only started learning about the band’s music the beginning of this year, with songs like “很久沒擁抱” and “小伙子” being my personal favorite. If you are on the radio sometime, there’s no way you haven’t had your ears blessed by their new single “無盡” which starred top on charts as the 42nd week’s winning song from channel 903. 

Packed with audiences and fans ranging from parents to children; their version of band sound is very unique to themselves, at times resembling a tint of Mayday’s confrontation about the world but with easily understood language that encourages a lot of interactions between the viewers and the performers. It is quite moving to see the usually regarded stale and quiet audiences of Hong Kong being completely under the spell of Sunny as he flings his arms from left to right and mouths out the lyrics to audiences as they sing along to the band.

I was one of those worshipers beneath the stage, jumping up and down as they also jump up and down on stage; ramping the atmosphere with their music as well as covers and collaborations with guest Chet Lam and boy group Shine.

With the 4 boys running on stage, giving random thoughts and sayings during the show when technicians fix their gears; it’s like seeing them through a pinhole outside their band room, you can’t touch them physically but it seems like you know them really well. No need for a debate, Sunny has an amazing voice that allows him to sing pop, rock, and metal; with all other members delivering the tracks with texture and emotions.

The concert was successful, but not in the same way as concerts in the Hung Hom Coliseum where it’s more formal and distant. Supper Moment’s Live, like all of their other performances, are very casual and well interconnected because they never give off the “I’m a superstar” feeling and always engaged with the audiences with games and moments where all of the voices within the venue can be heard. This is one of the major factors why I trust shows with their name listed on the line up; there can be no way for boredom to strike under the gleams of Supper Moment’s raw charisma.

As other audiences and I fight to touch the balloon balls released in the KITEC Star Hall venue, as we all sang their unsung song from their first part of the concert during the wait for encore, as we sweat and sniffle at the same time under the sounds of their heartwarming songs and say their thank you speeches addressing names from crumbled pieces of paper; we know that Supper Moment is not only a band we see on stage, but a representation, a voice, and a mentality that encompasses identical dreams and visions we all have on the inside but lacked the courage to release. 

Learn more about the band here:

Written by Joyce Tsang


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