t.A.T.u. in Hong Kong. This is the first time for these Russian ladies to come to Asia, and most specifically to Hong Kong. Not like Westlife, t.A.T.u. were only here for mostly the concert, not for the media, but them being so controversy has kept them on the press, pretty much, everyday!

This was the only show of the Harbour Fest which was a full house! Everyone had their free-ticket on hand, expecting a family time at Tamar Site. Twins did a pretty good job at that, but then, we started to worry, how would the 6-year-olds feel when they see two lesbians kissing??

Starting with their worldwide number one single ‘All The Things She Said’, t.A.T.u. came out with their simple outfit, white top, jeans, looking casual. After just a couple of songs, ‘How Soon Is Now’ and ‘Show Me Love’, Julia brought it up with her Russian accent, “Ok Ok, we’re going to do… the KISS!” Both her and Lena had their camera, while the big screen shows what they see from the cameras. Asking the crowd toe kiss before they do, it took a bit too long for Hong Kong to get as crazy as they are, then it became a little cheesy… After all, they kissed, twice!

Performing songs from ‘200km/hr On The Wrong Lane’ such as ‘Malchik Gay’, ‘Clowns’ and ’30 minutes’, it’s a surprise to see the girls singing live, since their pitch were so high that it was almost impossible to reach!

Closing the original set with the splendid ‘Not Gonna Get Us’, t.A.T.u. took the crowd  to their remix set. Switching ‘Not Gonna Get Us’ to the trancy mix, followed by a reggae version of ‘All The Things She Said’, you can tell that, yeah, everybody loves dance music, even families here in town! If the CD didn’t jump, it would have been a perfect show. But overall, it was quite a wild night for Hong Kong, and a success for Harbour Fest.

Review By: Alyson Hau


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