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Within this section you can find out the latest news about Hong Kong's restaurant and bars. If you have an articles that you would like us to publish do get in touch.

With ever-increasing competition and customers’ ever-shortening attention spans, getting your establishment noticed in a crowded field is crucial. Restaurant and bar owners need to ensure they can be easily found online, and this means accurate, updated information on web listings, search engine optimised pages, and quality editorial and social media content to raise awareness.

We thought we would share our tips with our clients and friends in the Hong Kong restaurant and bar industry on some business activities (based on what our company does) that they can do while they are temporarily closed during the virus situation in Hong Kong.

For those that love their Gweilo beer, or for those that want to give it a try, why not get a delivery to your home or office?

Sadly the institution known as The Flying Pan in Soho where you could get a full cooked breakfast 24 hours a day, will close this Sunday at 11pm. Thinking back, we had so many great times there with friends that are still in Hong Kong as well as those that have now gone overseas.

If that really is your thing, another non-alcoholic alternative has arrived in Hong Kong.

From Australia, the Lyre's range offers a variety of alcohol-free spirits and liquors that you can now enjoy if you would like to have a nice drink, but without the alcohol content.

This month we were looking forward to the second 2020 Ginsanity event that launched in 2019. Last year saw a great turn out of gin lovers from all over Hong Kong, where the event showcased the best selection of gins, tonics and other related products available in this great city. Unfortunately it is not the best month for Ginsanity 2.0 to arrive, so the organiser will now schedule the event for the Summer.

This week Young Master has launched their new  Wheat Beer - Fleeting Clouds!

Fleeting Clouds is a wheat Beer (ABV 4 & IBU 8). They say that it is smooth and refreshing. Brewed with flaked and malted wheat as the base, an infusion with Mandarin orange peel, scented with fresh ground coriander seeds and has a hazy gold hue.

I would say over the years there used to be a lot more traditional pubs in Hong Kong such as The Watering Hole to The Kangaroo Pub.

But fortunately there are still a quite a few remaining where there is a some nice wood interior, great draft beers, tasty pub food and some interesting customers.

Surprisingly there is actually quite a few websites that do drink delivery in Hong Kong and the selection is pretty impressive too. In Hong Kong we do really have a great selection of local and international beverages to choose from.

With the rise of food delivery companies, apps and even restaurant groups getting behind home delivery, we decided to list the site that you can get your favourite beverages.

There is nothing better than having a nice long Sunday roast. In Hong Kong most of us do not have a large kitchen so it could take a long time to prepare all the trimmings, so why not go out and enjoy a Sunday roast with friends at one of the great options that Hong Kong has to offer.

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