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There’s no lack of new restaurant and bar openings in Hong Kong, and it’s hard - even for us - to keep up with the changes going on in the F&B scene. Sometimes we want to just go somewhere and escape it all - away from the crowds, and the Instagram culture of the camera eats first – so we headed to I Know John at The Loop (opposite Kee Club) for a tipple instead.

Everything revolves around the beer at Little Creatures in Kennedy Town. Started a group of friends in Fremantle, a port in the Australian city of Perth, the humble eatery and bar has now expanded to several locations Down Under before hitting our shores here in Hong Kong. Keeping with the tradition of refitting sites (the original Little Creatures was started at an old crocodile farm), the K-Town location has sprung up in place of a sugar and flour factory near the waterfront. Read up on the hits and misses of our visit below the cut.

Wyndham street isn’t always our go-to spot on a busy Thursday night, and what with Hooters set to open, we have been avoiding it more than ever. However, there is a restaurant tucked away from the madness on the 5th floor of 77 Wyndham street that we’ve taken quite a liking to recently...

Once the hot spot for cocktail drinking hipsters, NEO Cocktail Club bowed out from the scene last year in November. But as promised, they've made a comeback and they've got new drinks and a bigger food menu to go with it. Check out the details beneath the cut.

Have a yankee doodle dandy good time at Burger Circus this 4th of July! The all-American burger joint is serving up a patriotic classic: The Burger Circus Banana Split ($68HKD) for one day only.

Limewood has always been a Southside favourite, especially on sunny days where you can chill out with a couple of cocktails and some next level guac with chips. But to kick things up a notch, they’ve launched a brand new menu just in time for summer to roll around, and we must say, it’s pretty damn great.

Every Thursday
Ladies Enjoy 1 Free Welcome Cocktail Drink

From Monday to Friday 3pm to 8pm, there'll be 25% off on ALL DRINKS including Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic, by Glass or by Bottle! Every kind of beer, wine, cocktail, mocktail and smoothie, you name it, absolutely everything will get 25% off.

Too good to be true? Apparently not! Michelin listed resto Moon Thai over at Sheung Wan has just launched their crazy happy hour deal that's probably going to give Stone Nullah Tavern's HH a run for their money.

If you like to frequent Soho just like us, you might have noticed a new spot along Staunton Street. Awtar, a Mediterranean restaurant and lounge is our recent fave hangout, and we'll tell you why. Check out their specials that’s got us going back for more.

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