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Since the opening of California Tower in Lan Kwai Fong, there has been plenty of food buzz around the area. The latest addition to the scene is FOVEA, which doubles as a night club at night, and a Chinese restaurant during the day. Strap yourself in for some traditional Chinese dishes made with the best of ingredients, and head right downstairs for a drink after. We heard they've got the best Happy Hour deal around the area!

This October, D1 London Gin, a dramatically different super-premium gin by D.J. Limbrey Distilling Co., is launching D1’s Gintober and offering complimentary gin cocktails from 14 top Hong Kong bars. Not only will you get to enjoy another complimentary drink alongside with the D1’s Gintober, but also a chance to win a one-year supply of D1 London Gin and tonic. Read on and see how to win!

Inspired by the Shanghai Tang Silk Road Fragrance Collection, you are now able to experience the Silk Road scent in a glass of cocktail at The Langham over at Tsim Sha Tsui. On top of that, you will also get to receive a special fragrant gift!  Read on and know more.

If you're craving for a breakfast burger, now you can upgrade from your usual Micky D's to a Double D! Starting from 13th August, our favourite post-LKF burger joint will open from 8-11:30am for breakfast. Check out the entire section below the cut!

Desserts and cocktails may not be a usual pairing, but it's actually a match made in heaven. Forget the classy hotel afternoon tea sets and satisfy your sweet tooth and your alcohol cravings all at once!  Read on and see how we felt about Brick Lane’s Dessert x Cocktail pairing menu.

We don't condone smoking, but the water pipe (it could be milk pipe, juice pipe or even vodka pipe) definitely adds an element of fun to any chill night outs. Shisha (or Hookah) bars aren't a new thing but they might be a bit hard to find, as they all seem to be hidden in some corners or buildings... So we've decided to finally share our secret list of HK's best Shisha spots for your reference & bucket list!

Hands down burritos are our favourite guilty pleasure, so when there's a burrito eating competition, we definitely want IN! That's why are in full support of Cali-Mex's 1kg burrito eating competition on 18th July at their Causeway Bay store, where there will be free beer for spectators, and a chance to win a FREE trip to sunny California for participators! Here's how you can win...

Can you believe it? Hong Kong Pizza Hut Boxes Can Now Play Movies! Check out the video posted online yesterday by IGN about how it works and how easy it is to use!


It's not uncommon for 'Kongers and expats alike that working late in the office is something of a norm, and getting to a bar and not missing the happy hour is almost a reason for celebration. Who wouldn't dream of living the French way of life and being able to enjoy happy hour every night? Well Kronenbourg 1664 has finally made that dream a reality.

With all the restaurants that's always coming and going in our city, it's not quite so easy to find a place that you like and more importantly, will go back to. But among the small streets and wet market in Wanchai we seem to have managed to find a hidden gem that we just love to visit and revisit, especially when we are craving for some fantastic food and some wine to boot. If you've been to Le Bistro Winebeast, we're sure you'll agree with us too. Never been yet? Read on to see what's all the fuss about!

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