Lunch for the busy 'Kongers probably involves the usual cha chan tengs or neighborhood cafes, but Blue Butcher has stepped up their lunch game with a brand new menu - namely Butcher & Fries. True to the name, it's all about meat and deep-fried potato goodness plus a healthy side. Best part? It's all-you-can-eat fries! Check out the full deal below the cut.

Before you dig into the mains, you can take a shot at the free flow salad bar while you watch the staff prepare the rest of your meal. The tomato salad with balsamic syrup and shaved Parmesan was very refreshing, and even though we were trying our best to stay away from carbs, we could not stop ourselves from a second helping of the macaroni salad!

As there was four of us, we ordered all the mains available on the menu to have a taste! There's the BBQ beef brisket, the dry aged black angus burger, the dry aged grain fed USDA rib eye steak, and last but definitely not least the the butter milk southern fried chicken. All were served with a massive side of all-you-can-eat crunchy shoestring fries!

Our favourite had to be the steak, cooked to perfection and had a very yummy bearnaise sauce that adds an extra kick of flavour to the meat. A close second is the burger, which had a thick patty and melted cheese, topped with fresh lettuce and tomatoes. The Bun was toasted and crunchy while the patty was soft and thick with a lovely charbroiled taste.

The beef brisket did not disappoint, and we were gawking in awe at the amount of juice that came out of the meat the moment a knife sliced through it. Even though it was a very thick piece, it was not dry or chewy, and the BBQ sauce was the perfect companion.

Fried chicken could be a hit-or-miss, but this was a crowd pleaser on our table. For the ones who aren't into beef, this is a sure-win pick. Crunchy and golden on the outside and tender on the inside, this is what all fried chicken should be like.

If something's great, it might be true that we don't need to change it. But for fries, it's always better to add a topping! You can choose to add black truffle and Parmesan or melted Mozzarella and Cheddar to make it even more addictive. Trust us, you just can't go wrong with truffle fries with extra truffle sauce!

To sweeten the deal, we tried a dessert that isn't on the menu - the sea salt caramelized apple crumble in a jar with a heavy helping of whipped cream. It's not a big mason jar, but this small dessert sure has a potent dose of calories. But we just can't help ourselves from the great balance of sweet, sour and sinfully creamy taste!

Basically, if you're up for a food baby for lunch and hopefully a great nap afterwards, Blue Butcher has got you covered. Do note that this isn't something you can chomp down in an office lunch break though, unless you're in for a office contest of who can eat more fries in an hour! We heard that nobody has ordered a second order of fries yet... So challenge accepted!

Butcher & Fries lunch set at $180 per head, includes cold starter buffet, one main course and fries. Add $60 for the steak, $20 for cheese fries and $30 for truffles fries, extra $30 for desserts.

Blue Butcher
108 Hollywood Road, Central / (852)2613 9286

Written by Karen Chiang



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