The best dining experiences engage beyond our taste buds. At Arcane, Chef Shane Osborn is a keen preserver of this notion. Quality artworks make good the ambience of his restaurants, which is why Chef Osborn keeps the edgiest, most visually captivating pieces of art the same place he serves his proudest dishes.


With art week fast approaching, there’s no better restaurant to feature than Arcane. Sitting right at the heart of the city, Arcane is home to the masterpieces of several talents from Flowers Gallery London.

First on Arcane’s line-up is British artist Patrick Hughes, master of deception and creator of the renowned ‘reverspective’. With Hughes around, you can expect plenty of optical illusions for your puzzle-solving pleasure, which Chef Osborn matches with marvellous delectables in disguise.

If you’re a fan of architecture, German photographer Michael Wolf’s works on megacities will be your cup of tea. Wolf’s interest lies in capturing skyscrapers and architectural pattern repetitions, so in his corner you’ll likely find yourself surrounded by never-ending urban landscapes, the complexities of which reminiscent of the ingenious culinary combinations that Chef Osborn puts together.

One small framed canvas can tell stories of a lifetime. Here British painter Bernard Cohen is set to thrill the audience with the unpredictable. Cohen’s highly complex works feature multiple interwoven pathways and masterfully divided elevations-- an intriguing technique of composition that resonates with Chef Osborn’s own fixation with visual presentation.

Still, there's little else more fascinating than Arcane's stunning outdoor décor. Here English sculptor Nicola Hicks has graced Arcane's beautiful English garden with her dangerously daring sculpture piece. This treasure trove of a garden contains over twenty varieties of herbs, fruits, and vegetables, many of which are harvested by Chef Osborn himself. Served fresh and flavoursome, the quality of food Arcane offers is without debate the best you can ask for.

With these magnificent artworks on display and Chef Osborn’s exquisite dishes, Arcane is as fit for the art enthusiast as it is for the food connoisseur. Their 2000-square-foot space can also be turned into an event space for a party just between you and your friends. Throughout Art Week, Arcane will be open for lunch and dinner. Don’t miss this chance to experience the perfect match of food and art in the tasteful, daring Arcane in Central!

Address: 3/F, 18 On Lan Street, Central, Hong Kong

Phone No.: 2728 0178


Written by Vivien Au


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Address : 3/F, 18 On Lan Street , ,
Telephone : (852) 2728 0178
Website :
Opening Hours :

Mon-Fri: 12-2:30pm, 6:30-10:30pm
Sat: 6:30-10:30pm

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