Since the opening of California Tower in Lan Kwai Fong, there has been plenty of food buzz around the area. The latest addition to the scene is FOVEA, which doubles as a night club at night, and a Chinese restaurant during the day. Strap yourself in for some traditional Chinese dishes made with the best of ingredients, and head right downstairs for a drink after. We heard they've got the best Happy Hour deal around the area!

There isn't actually many Chinese options around the area, at least one that's fit for lunch meetings and a good sit-down conversation, so we headed over for a lunch tasting as soon as we heard. We were treated to a myriad of dishes, and here's what we thought.

Fovea restaurant interior

Fovea restaurant interior

Just upstairs from the club, the space opens up to a contemporary vibe that's quite far from traditional Chinese restaurants. You'll find plenty of natural light, cushy seats and a lot of breathing space that makes this a great place for business meetings. But just like yumcha, you'll have to order the kind of Chinese tea that you'd like, and take your pick from their many lunch set options.

Fovea appetisers
Appetizers: Jelly fish with spring onion sauce, marinated beef shank in Beijing style and cold pork in Shanghai style

Fovea wild mushroom and black truffle pastry
Wild mushroom and black truffle pastry

Fovea shrimp dumpling
Shrimp dumplings

Fovea hokkaido scallop dumpling
Hokkaido scallop dumplings

We of course had to start with some dim sums, as well as some Chinese cold-cuts and appetizers to really get a taste of the cuisine. The adorableness of the dishes already deemed this Instagram worthy, and the taste was actually really good, unlike most photogenic food. Steaming hot and freshly made from the kitchen, our fave was the Hokkaido scallop dumplings, which were not too greasy and had a good crunch from the asparagus.

Fovea double boiled soup with peru maca and fish maw
Double boiled soup with Peru Maca and fish maw

Chinese herbal soups have long been known to have immense health benefits. For example, Maca is supposed to provide a burst of energy, while fish maw gives you a dose of collagen and smoother skin. But even without that, we savored the sweet taste from the fish maw and ate all the ingredients right up. Unlike most soups, this didn't have a strong herbal taste, and tasted like a warm hug without any overpowering flavors.

fovea sauteed giant conch with white truffle oil
Sauteed giant conch with white truffle oil

Fovea wok-fried sea cucumber with chinese leeks and morchella
Wok-fried sea cucumber with Chinese leeks and Morchella

Fovea sautted diced chicken in Sichuan style
Sauteed diced chicken in Sichuan style

Even though Chinese food is all about health benefits and how different ingredients compliment each other's elements, it's also all about flavours. The conch was laced with the taste and smell of truffle, which made it a must for truffle fans; the sea cucumber was soft and inherited its flavours from the leeks. But our favourite was the Sichuan style chicken, which was rather spicy, but extremely addictive with the peanuts.

Fovea fried rice with abalone in lotus leaf
Fried rice with abalone in lotus leaf

Fovea baby cabbage in chicken soup
Baby cabbage in chicken soup

After the spicy chicken, we quickly moved onto the next courses to try and calm our taste buds down. The fried rice was aromatic thanks to the lotus leaf, and the abalone not overcooked. The baby cabbage came as a pleasant surprise because it was not only great looking, but the perfect remedy to the spiciness (not to mention great source of fiber!)

Fovea kungfu soybean pudding
Kungfu soybean pudding

Guess what our dessert was? Unlike your boring dao fu fas, this soybean pudding was painstakingly handmade by the chef. Not overly sweet, this was exactly what you'd want after a giant meal to clear your palette and tie up the meeting. The pudding was smooth and not too solid like most soybean puddings can get, but make sure you get a photo in before you take your first bite because it's extremely fragile!

Fovea's lunch sets range from $148HKD to $488HKD, depending on how luxury you want to go with the dishes' ingredients. They're also doing all you can eat dim sum set during lunch for $98HKD! If you're looking for a pint though, then don't miss their happy hour deal: first beer $5HKD, second $8HKD and third only $15HKD from 5-9pm on Mondays - Saturdays.

1/F & 2/F California Tower,32 D‘Aguilar Street, Central
(852) 2264 0112


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Address : 1/F & 2/F California Tower,32 D‘Aguilar Street , ,
Telephone : (852)22640112
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