Limewood has always been a Southside favourite, especially on sunny days where you can chill out with a couple of cocktails and some next level guac with chips. But to kick things up a notch, they’ve launched a brand new menu just in time for summer to roll around, and we must say, it’s pretty damn great.

There's nothing better than a classic seafood platter to begin your meal, and this platter definitely has a Limewood twist to it. Fresh oysters on ice with tangy salmon tartare, grilled prawns and vermicelli salad was not only refreshing but had us wanting more. Their oysters also come in two ways – one normal, and the other topped with soy sauce and quail egg to give you that extra boost of umami and smoothness.

Health nuts and fitness junkies will appreciate how healthy but indulgent the new spread is. Take your pick from tuna tartare, salmon tartare or crab salad. The tuna tartare came with a generous helping of avocado, which made the dish surprisingly filling. The salmon tartare was fragrant with sesame seeds and spring onion bits mixed in. The crab salad wasn’t something we’d write home about, but the fresh crab meat made it a dish we enjoyed.

Now slowly inching towards the unhealthier end of the spectrum, we started the hot dishes with some Canadian Sea Urchin Toastadas (or as we remember them – mini avocado tacos). The fried chunck of avocado was rather overwhelming, but it was saved by the always satisfying creamy uni and tangy heirloom salsa.

Need some meat? Well they’ve got a 48-hour charred beef ribs perfect for a group of friends to destroy. The slightly fatty beef ribs was sweet and tender, making a great match with the green papaya salad on the side.

The Hawaiian Huli Huli Chicken was Limewood’s own version of Peking Duck, complete with flour tourtillas, sour cream, (more) guac and coleslaw. A traditional Hawaiian grill dish, the Huli Huli sauce was sweet and tangy, fantastic with the smoky and charred chicken. This dish is perfect for the little ones who want to get their hands dirty, and for the adults who love a wrap with a good punchy flavor.

Now, we can’t really put our finger on just exactly what kind of cuisine it is, except vaguely South East Asian mixed with Hawaiian and Caribbean influences. But does that issue even matter when there’s good food?

P.S. Don't forget to order their churros with homemade coconut ice-cream. You have to. Just do it.

The Pulse, Shop 103 & 104 G/F, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay

Written by Karen Chiang


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Address : The Pulse, Shop 103 & 104 G/F, 28 Beach Road , ,
Telephone : (852)28668668
Website :
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