Interview with Antonio Lai of FINDS

1.    How long have you been mixing for the thirsty crowd of Hong Kong?

Answer:  It has been almost 10 years.

2.   Have you worked outside of Hong Kong as well?

Answer:  Yes, I've had the overseas working experience in Beijing, Singapore, Kuala Lumper, Germany and Italy throughout my career so far.

3.   What have you noticed about what Hong Kong drinkers enjoy? Having good time with their guest and the good cocktail.  Do they enjoy the stiff and neat, or the fruity and colourful?

Answer:  I've noticed that the drinkers in Hong Kong are the trendy crowd who enjoy the atmosphere and the taste of cocktails.  The fruity and colourful is mostly consumed by the drinkers in Hong Kong, preferably the fruit Martini. Apart from that they also like to see something new in the market that can delight and surprise that's why I reckon that Molecular Mixology cocktails will become a trend setter, giving a competitive edge to the ever dynamic and competitive bar business.

4.   What Scandinavian elements do you use to make drinks at FINDS?

Answer:  I take the approach from the innovative mind, creativity, aesthetics and quality which can be seen in Scandinavian food, products and design. The seasonal berries, use of herbs and other flavors, not to mention the matching of cocktails with Scandinavian food inspire me to boundlessly mix Scandinavian flavors in a Hong Kong surrounding. Bringing traditional elements to new level.

5. What makes the cocktails at FINDS so special?

Answer: I think the reason why we are special because we are the first and only bar in Hong Kong to offer a range of Molecular Mixology in our menu - from foam to jelly and also the lovely pearl cocktais to be launched in June.

6.  Can you tell us more about the recipes you have just created, and is this only available at FINDS?

Answer : So far, I have created the following drinks, these are recipes that include different aspects of Molecular Mixology. After experinmenting with many tastes and textures and products I have so far created the following which are only available at FINDS and I have many more ideas which I cannot wait to work on!
1. Earl Grey tea Martini
2. Jagermeister Ball with Red Bull
3. Espresso' D' Antonio Martini
4. Hot Patron pudding - can we change the name to Baked Tequila or Baked Patron Tequila? it is more attractive and makes you ant to try
5. B-52 Ravioli
6. Panda Colada
Additionally, drinks that proves popular in Europe and will be available from FINDS are being:
- Parton tequlia with sea foam
- B-52 jelly

What is Molecular Mixology?

The desire for unique and exclusive cocktails has been a growing trend around the world, mainly taking influence from the culinary world.  Such inspiration has been taken from the idea of combining foods with similar checmical compositions, also known as molecular gastronomy.
Mixologists like Antonio Lai see the gap in this niche market for liquid scientists to come forth with innovative creations that can tantalize more than just taste buds.  The scientific approach is what requires delicate care and attention, and patience for preparation.
The key factors are taste, texture, technique and presentation, all executed in examples of gels, foams, capsules, and other unique forms.  

Molecular Cocktail Menu at FINDS
(Preparation time 3-5 minutes)

Cointreau pearl, vodka lime cranberry juice

Novus/ Moet pearl in 3 ways, 3types of pearl
Cointreau, strawberry and blackcurrant pearl
Moet / Novus

Moet with gold pearl
Grand Marnier with gold pearl in Moet champagne

Baked Patron tequila
Patron, cointreau, lime, lemon and egg

Espresso Martini ‘d’ Antonio
Vodka, kahlua, frangelico espresso fresh cream

Earl grey tea martini
Vodka, cucumber, lemon, lime, elderflower, apple juice and earl grey tea pearl and foam

B-52 jelly
Baileys, kahlua, Grand Marnier
Jager bomb
Jagermeister redbull

Godiva burst
Godiva liquor

Patron tequila with sea foam

Molecular Mixology Sessions at FINDS
Every Wednesday this June & July 2009

Date:        Every Wednesday in June and July
Where:     At the bar, FINDS, 2/F, LKF Tower, 60 Wyndham Street, Central
Time:        8pm – 12am
Price:       Cocktails vary from HK$110 to HK$200

Other attractions include Tai Pan Dan spinning Funk, Rare Groove and Soulful classics while you enjoy your molecular experience!


Written and Published by Arun R for and behalf of FINDS.

For more information please contact Sheena from FINDS at


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