Part of the last phase of renovations at The Park Lane Hotel, which has been going on ever since Pullman Hotels took it under its wing a few years ago, is the refurbishing of its top floor restaurant, previously named Riva, and turning it into the uber-sleek rooftop and terrace bar it is today: Skye


While the previous restaurant had its outdated furnishings and offerings, what continued to draw crowds was the magnificent view: A perfect panorama of Victoria Harbour which would pair exceptionally well with good food, drink and a modern lounge environment, and that is exactly what the space has become. For those who have been to Riva, the transformation is unrecognizable.

Stepping onto the 27th floor, a gentle cloud motif, complete with serene blues and greys and plush round textiles, extends from the elevator entrance into the restaurant area, which serves contemporary French tasting menus by head chef Lee Adams, paired with wines and cocktails. But throughout the spacious restaurant the floor-length windows accentuate the city skyline, making you feel like you’re walking on top of the city—and make it clear that the gorgeous view is the true focal point here.

It gets even more impressive as you step onto the terrace bar—undoubtedly the highlight of the whole space. You’re wrapped in the futuristic glow of a wide, circular bar in the middle of the space, as sofas dotted around are also bright with illuminated tables that slowly change colors as the night goes on. A live DJ, currently by Cliché Records, plays every single night.

The drinks list is split into three distinct sections: Skye Serves, all-new concoctions unique to the bar; Liquid Inspiration, which utilize a dedicated liquid nitrogen tap for smokey, Instagrammable creations; Artistic Curation, which takes on the influence of street art for some very photogenic cocktails. There are also larger, perhaps more lethal sharing cocktails, as well as wines, sakes and top shelf liquors available.

Of the latter two cocktail categories, we tried the Paint Storm ($120HKD), a vodka and juice concoction with elderflower cordial and grape, but a swirl of the glass reveals a mesmerizing liquid golden sparkle.

The Global B-Art-Ender ($120HKD) is a cute and compact, but more sophisticated sister of this cocktail: also with elderflower, it’s touched up with some Becherovka bitters, pineapple juice, orange and vanilla syrup, and served in a glass ball with a floral garnish.

If you’re one to Instagram or Boomerang all your impressive edible conquests, you’ll love the Jade’s Dragon Breath ($140HKD), a refreshing tall drink of Peruvian pisco paired with yuzu and matcha. With sponge cake cubes soaked in liquid nitrogen, you’ll be breathing smoke as you sip down this unique treat.

The cocktails we tried were on the sweeter side, and quite light, but nevertheless make excellent conversation starters, and along with the unbeatable views, make Skye an ideal spot to take out-of-towners or hot dates.

Article by Evelyn Lok




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Mon-Sun: 6:30pm to 10:30pm

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