Lectures, seminars and tastings offer valuable insight into products showcased as well as in-depth analysis of the world’s key markets

A high level crash-course in the latest trends and developments in the world of wine and spirits looks set to be one of the most potent attractions at Vinexpo Asia Pacific, next month at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

A formidable body of experts will offer valuable insights into the products showcased at the event, as well as in-depth analysis of the world’s key markets, at the Vinexpo Asia-Pacific “University”, a programme of lectures, seminars and tastings offering professional attendees the opportunity to gain a sound understanding of an extensive range of specialised subjects in a short space of time.

“Vinexpo Asia-Pacific will bring together the vast majority of the key players in the wine and spirits business in the region and their international suppliers. It will provide an unparalleled opportunity for the exchange of ideas and information between experts in the field and we have accordingly put together a programme of about 25 events, spread over three days, tailored to a wide range of needs and interests,” said Vinexpo Chief Executive Robert Beynat,  

A comprehensive report on worldwide trends in consumption from Vinexpo partner, the International Wine and Spirits Record (IWSR), will arm those attending a conference, on the first day of the show, with the information they need to formulate marketing strategies over the short to medium term in a number of mature and developing markets. IWSR has analysed prospects up to 2009 to 2010 globally with a special emphasis on China -including Hong Kong and Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

Other events which have already created a buzz of interest include masterclasses by Dr. Tony Jordan, CEO of the Cape Mentelle, Cloudy Bay wineries and Domaine Chandon (Green Point), and by Shinya Tasaki who in 1995 became the first Japanese to win first prize in the World’s Greatest Sommelier Concours. He now runs the Shinya Tasaki Wine Salon and is an internationally recognised educator.

“Wine belongs with food, and increasingly people are recognising that it is an ideal complement to Asian cuisines. Accordingly we have organised a number of special tastings during which participants will learn to create new harmonies between Eastern dishes and Western wines,” explained Mr Beynat.

Hong Kong based food and wine consultant Simon Tam will present a session in which Chinese food is matched to a range of suitable world wines and another tasting focusing on finding partners for characteristic dishes from other parts of Asia including Thailand, Malaysia and Japan.

Each seminar will contain two parts, a theoretical resentation including, for example, cultural differences in taste preferences and a profile of ideal wines paired with specific cuisines and a lunch with Asian dishes paired with both suitable and unsuitable wines.


“Sommeliers are important ambassadors for wine in countries where knowledge of the subject is not yet at an advanced level, and we have mounted a conference at which those front line professionals can discuss the implications and growing importance of the wine waiter’s role in Asia-Pacific,” Mr Beynat commented.


There will, of course, be an abundance of wine tastings. More than 40,000 bottles are expected to be opened over the three days of the show. Under a special dispensation from the Hong Kong Government, the wine will be free of tax.  


The Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux (with 68 owners) will present on 24th May the 2003 vintage for expert appraisal, while the Cercle de la Rive Droite will invite on 23rd May professionals to familiarise themselves with “The Expression of Right Bank Merlot”.


On 25th May, Saint-Emilion wines will also be in the limelight. The Saint-Emilion Grands Crus Classés will present the 2000 to 2005 vintages and the Saint-Emilion Winegrowers’ Association organises the “Grands Crus Classés Challenge” - a knockout tasting competition of 2001, 2002 and 2003 vintages of 32 owners featuring an expert jury of well-known wine journalists and tasters. 


Sopexa, the organisation which promotes French food and drink overseas, will present four seated tastings of Alsace (24th May), Burgundy (23rd May), Languedoc (23rd May) and Provencal wines (24th May).  Chinese, Chilean, German (Wines of Germany: Riesling Renaissance with Deutsche Weininstitut, on 23rd May), South African, New-Zealand and Australian wines from some exhibitors will also be highlighted in major tastings.


“People come to Vinexpo to establish and strengthen business relationships, but also to learn. The Vinexpo Asia-Pacific ‘University’ will arm them with a wealth of new and relevant information and deepen their understanding of a complex subject and a demanding business,” Mr Beynat concluded. 


The programme of events is available online at www.vinexpo.com and will be up-dated on a weekly basis.


About Vinexpo-Asia Pacific

Vinexpo Asia-Pacific 2006, an international wines and spirits trade fair dedicated to Asia-Pacific professional visitors, takes place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) from May 23rd to 25th, The show’s organiser, Vinexpo Overseas SAS, is also responsible for Vinexpo Americas, and is a subsidiary of Vinexpo SAS, which has organised the most important biennial trade event, Vinexpo, in Bordeaux (France) every other year since 1981.


Photographs, representatives’ bios, logos and further information about the show are available, and regularly updated, at www.vinexpo.com / Press Section. 

Did you Know?

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