The acclaimed chef brings the spirit of his home country to the heart of Hong Kong

Virgilio Martinez Véliz, the celebrated chef behind the award-winning Central restaurant in Lima, Peru, has launched ICHU Peru in H Queen’s. Located  in  the  heart  of  Hong  Kong,  ICHU  serves  contemporary  Peruvian  cuisine  in  a modern, bistro-style setting.  “Our intention is to replicate the atmosphere of Lima’s local cevicherias,” explains Martinez. 

“We  want  to  honour  Peru’s  no-fuss  dining  culture  where  the  atmosphere  is  relaxed,  the dishes are shared and the recipes highlight fresh ingredients and traditional flavours.”  


Although the mood is relaxed and casual, the  menu reflects Chef Martinez’s sophisticated knowledge  of  Peruvian  cuisine.  Appetisers  include  Pargo  al  Rocoto  featuring  thinly-sliced snapper  with  celeriac,  avocado  and  aji  rocoto,  and  Ceviche  Clásico,  a  punchy  dish comprising  snapper,  choclo,  red  onion  and  sweet  potato.  Signature  starters  include  Palta Quemada,  a  light  combination  of  charred  avocado,  aji  limo,  tomato  and  cassava,  or  the flavourful Tartar de Lomo con Maiz using premium wagyu beef striploin and a combination of corn, carob molasses and scallions. Another must-try dish is Pez Amazonia with sea bass infused with the smoky aroma of ashed leaves.  

To  ensure  presentation  standards  remain  high  and  dishes  retain  their  authentic  flavours, Martinez has relocated resident Chef Sang Jeong from his Central team to Hong Kong. The Korean-born  chef  has  worked  alongside  Martinez  at  Central  for  over  three  years  and collaborated on many of the restaurant’s signature dishes.  Under the expert guidance of mixologist Massimo Petovello, ICHU’s drinks pair perfectly with the traditional Peruvian flavours. In keeping with ICHU’s Latin American roots, the selection includes premium spirits and  wines from South American vineyards.  The cocktail menu is inspired  by  the  varying  landscapes  of  Peru,  and  is  divided  into  four  sections:  La  Sierra, Costa  de  Mar,  Amazonia  and  Costa  del  Desierto.  The  selection  includes  the  Ichu  Pisco Sour, a unique take on the classic South American cocktail with saffron and eucalyptus, and El Milagro, a combination of mescal, amaretto orgeat, amontillado and purple popcorn. 

ICHU  is  a  collaboration  between  Virgilio  Martinez  and  Bulldozer  Group,  a  Dubai-based hospitality  company  that  has  successfully  opened  brands  with  other  celebrated restauranteurs. Designed by award-winning designer Joyce Wang, the space reflects Peru’s changing  altitudes  and  comprises  distinct  sections.  Beyond  the  open  kitchen  and  dining room, guests can dine at a separate bar or retreat to the spacious outdoor terrace with views overlooking Pottinger and Stanley Street.

During  the  soft-opening  period,  the  restaurant  will  be  open  daily  for  dinner  from  6pm-10.30pm. Reservations  can  be  made  via or by contacting +852  2477 7717. 


About Bulldozer Group 

Bulldozer  Group  is  a  boutique  investment  and  brand  management  company  located  in Dubai.  Since  its  inception  in  December  2011,  Bulldozer  Group  has  successfully  opened brands within the group that are aligned with celebrated restaurateurs at the forefront of the global  industry.  Partnering  with  celebrated  restaurateurs  that  operate  established  brands globally, the core to the group’s success is ensuring that the brands within the group portfolio maintain the consistency and integrity of their original concepts. 

Bulldozer  Group  has  established  itself  as  employing  some  of  the  leading  hospitality management  professionals  worldwide.  Company  employees  follow  strict  guidelines  that ensure professional communications and service, with client relationship management being paramount to success within the group. The company understands that whilst each of the venues provides customers with a unique experience, the success of the group is based on delivering a tailor-made experience from all aspects of the project. The value proposition for the  group  is  about  satisfying  the  needs  of  clientele  who  value  a  distinctive  atmosphere, personalised service, quality surroundings, and time. 


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Address : 3F, H Queen, 80 Queen’s Road , ,
Telephone : (852)24777717
Website :
Opening Hours :


Monday to Friday 12:00pm to 2:30pm



Sunday to Thursday 6:00pm to 10:30pm

Friday and Saturday 6:00pm to 11:00pm




3:00pm till late

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