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Adam F Reunites With Positiva Founder

Drum & bass pioneer Adam F has teamed up with ex EMI Records executive Nick Halkes to produce new single 'Shut The Lights Off!' some 13 years after Halkes first signed him to EMI’s Positiva as an unknown artist.

The commercial dance imprint succeeded in selling over 100,000 units of Adam’s still acclaimed debut album Colours and delivering him a string of top 40 pop hits, though struggled to push him further as drum & bass stayed resolutely underground.

Boy George’s Prison Revelation

Boy George chatted candidly about his prison experiences with the Times this week and revealed that he was ‘never physically afraid’ 
during his four months of incarceration.

“If anyone bothered me, I’d have hit them back, no problem. They would have got what they gave me,” he told journalist Alan Franks.

Dirty Vegas Clean Up for Sanchez

Recently reformed UK house trio Dirty Vegas chatted to Skruff this week about teaming up with Roger Sanchez to record the latest edition of his Stealth Live mix CD series and said the Manchester session at Sankeys passed almost without a hitch.

“Before the show we’d already cleared around 30 or 40 tracks, we threw all in a folder and played from that,” they explained.

Richie Hawtin Booted Out Of Berghain

Minimal techno hero Richie Hawtin was amongst a group of revellers thrown out of Berlin superclub Berghain last weekend, after a curtain dividing the DJ booth from a backstage area was reportedly torn down (Electronic Beats).

Deep Dish DJ Dubfire, who’d been played a 6 hour set at the club earlier, Twittered about the incident, calling the club’s bouncers total pricks’ and accusing them of ‘roughing up a lot of our crew’ while Hawtin used Facebook to register his displeasure.

Tough Trannies Teach Thugs A Lesson

Homophobic bullies who were caught on CCTV trying to assault two transvestites were given community service orders this week, after their lawyer explained both had been drinking vast quantities of alcohol.

“You know it cannot have been a good night when you get into a fight with two cross-dressing men,” quipped defence lawyer Mark Davies told Swansea Magistrates’ Court, “Unfortunately they were extremely drunk (Daily Telegraph)

Much more hilariously, both thugs were smashed to the pavement by single punches thrown by one of the drag queens, both of whom happened to be cage fighters out on the town in Swansea dragged up.

“As they walked past me one said, 'Nice dress, gay boy'. He then threw a punch at me,” James Lilley, 22, told the Daily Mirror, “He was on the floor two seconds later. I don't take any nonsense from idiots like him.'

UK Clubs & Pubs Allowed To Ban Individuals Indefinitely

A builder who has been barred from all licensed premises in Haverhill since being involved in a fight was this week landed with a legal bill of £25,000 after the High Court ruled that pubs can ban whoever they like.

Speaking about the case in January, Francis Boyle said he’d been excluded since defending himself after being a victim of an attack and branded the ban ‘illegal and unfair’.

"The ban doesn't just affect you going into pubs. It affects restaurants and any other premises that are licensed and it destroys your life,” Mr Boyle told the BBC.

Annie Mac- the New Pete Tong- Official

Radio 1’s newest superstar DJ Annie Mac chatted happily about taking over Pete Tong’s Friday night slot to Eye Weekly this week, promising to shake up the veteran DJ’s hugely influential slot with ‘upbeat, soulful music.’

“Pete Tong always had the role of officially starting the weekend, and that’s our role now,” his 31 year old replacement told Eye Weekly, “Ultimately, all I do is play my favourite songs on the radio,” she added.

Dubai Cops Detain Canadian Guys For Looking Like Gay Clubbers

A Canadian couple who stopped off in Dubai for a day’s shopping on their way back from a holiday in India, arrived back home this week, after spending a month locked up in prison.

Ian Brown’s Stone Broke Reality Check

Madchester legend Ian Brown chatted about the hard times he endured after his hugely successful band the Stone Roses broke up in 1996, this week, revealing that he was left with absolutely nothing until he kickstarted his career by going solo.

“I was skint and I had to move back to my mum and dad's house, back into the room I shared with my brother when I was a kid,” he told the Guardian.

Seb Fontaine Blasts Beyonce’s Fans

Seb Fontaine collapsed with heatstroke in Singapore last weekend after Beyonce’s ‘entourage’ reportedly refused to allow him to use her air-conditioning backstage at the party for the Singapore Grand Pix Formula One.

"We were told, 'No they are Beyonce's fans,’” the London DJ told the Daily Star, “I wasn't asking to play her drum kit on stage. I just wanted to keep cool,” he complained.

Chatting to Skrufff previously, both Alex Smoke and Sandy Rivera admitted over-heating can be an issue for DJing, with Alex admitting ‘I should wear a sweat-proof vest but I don't; I often wear nipple tassles.”

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