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Annie Mac- the New Pete Tong- Official

Radio 1’s newest superstar DJ Annie Mac chatted happily about taking over Pete Tong’s Friday night slot to Eye Weekly this week, promising to shake up the veteran DJ’s hugely influential slot with ‘upbeat, soulful music.’

“Pete Tong always had the role of officially starting the weekend, and that’s our role now,” his 31 year old replacement told Eye Weekly, “Ultimately, all I do is play my favourite songs on the radio,” she added.

Dubai Cops Detain Canadian Guys For Looking Like Gay Clubbers

A Canadian couple who stopped off in Dubai for a day’s shopping on their way back from a holiday in India, arrived back home this week, after spending a month locked up in prison.

Ian Brown’s Stone Broke Reality Check

Madchester legend Ian Brown chatted about the hard times he endured after his hugely successful band the Stone Roses broke up in 1996, this week, revealing that he was left with absolutely nothing until he kickstarted his career by going solo.

“I was skint and I had to move back to my mum and dad's house, back into the room I shared with my brother when I was a kid,” he told the Guardian.

Seb Fontaine Blasts Beyonce’s Fans

Seb Fontaine collapsed with heatstroke in Singapore last weekend after Beyonce’s ‘entourage’ reportedly refused to allow him to use her air-conditioning backstage at the party for the Singapore Grand Pix Formula One.

"We were told, 'No they are Beyonce's fans,’” the London DJ told the Daily Star, “I wasn't asking to play her drum kit on stage. I just wanted to keep cool,” he complained.

Chatting to Skrufff previously, both Alex Smoke and Sandy Rivera admitted over-heating can be an issue for DJing, with Alex admitting ‘I should wear a sweat-proof vest but I don't; I often wear nipple tassles.”

Rusko and Redlight signed for In New 1Xtra DJ’s We Trust show

BBC Radio 1Xtra has announced that it has signed two up-and-coming specialist music DJ’s for the station’s brand new In New 1Xtra DJ’s We Trust show.

Rusko and Redlight will join exisiting1Xtra DJ’s Twin B and Footloose in the rotational IN1XDWT show every Sunday (1am-4am) from the 4th of October.

DJ AM’s Suicide Confusion

Mystery continued to surround the death of DJ AM Adam Goldstein this week, after reports emerged suggesting he died of an accidental overdose after earlier press coverage suggested he committed suicide.

Writing on Twitter just hours before he was found dead, DJ AM’s final message said ‘"New York, New York. Big city of dreams. But everything in New York ain’t always what it seems”, prompting a wave of speculation about his emotional state. People magazine this week revealed he was found dead in his apartment with eight undigested OxyContin pills in his stomach and a ninth in his mouth suggesting he’d swallowed the pills quickly.

Press reports also speculated that he might have taken his life after splitting with long term girlfriend Hayley Wood though she categorically rejected the connection soon after.

"Any indication that this horribly tragic accident happened because of a rumoured break up is not only untrue but disgusting,” she told reporters, “We were very much together at the time of his passing, and I love him very much".

Growing up in Philadelphia, AM was placed in a home offering ‘tough love’ as a teenager after his drug using secretly gay father died of AIDS, taking up DJing aged 20. Developing a crack addiction, he tried to kill himself aged 24, putting a loaded 22 gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger, he later recalled.

“The gun didn't go off. I thought, 'Are you kidding me? I'm such a failure I can't even kill myself? I dropped the gun and broke down,” he told People magazine.

Going on to clean up for 12 years, he successfully penetrated America’s super-rich VIP elite becoming friends with the likes of Paris Hilton and Samantha Ronson and going on to date socialite Nicole Richie. Becoming hugely successful as both a producer and DJ, he went on to work on records for pop stars including Madonna and Will Smith and hosted a high profile weekly DJ residency in Las Vegas.

However, in September last year, he escaped death once again, after a Lear jet he was travelling in crashed, killing both pilots and two fellow passengers. Escaping with serious burns, AM was proscribed powerful pain killers which several doctors this week speculated could have caused him to relapse into serious drug use.

Hugely popular with celebrities and fellow DJs alike, his death prompted an outpouring of unusually moving tributes, including a poignant statement from Baltimore star DJ Diplo.

"He was a straight up DJ’s DJ, he picked his tracks to play out and had THE STYLE that defines our whole generation like it or not,” he told Mad Decent.

“DJs have a ceiling, and Am lived on the roof,” Diplo added, “He sometimes would tell me a bit about his reservations in passing about his lifestyle and I feel like it’s a loveless place we  (DJs) all live in,” he said. (Adam Goldstein memorial film)

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Turnmills To Be Demolished

Property developers have published plans to bulldoze the Clerkenwell building that used to house Turnmills, 18 months after the legendary London club vacated the basement and ground floor of the four story premises.

Former Turnmills boss Danny Newman, who took over running the club from his father in 2003 until it closed in 2007, told Skrufff he feels no particular attachment to the venue, adding ‘as I understand it the building itself has been gutted and is just a shell’.

“To be honest I’m not that fussed if they knock it down, it’s just a building and what made Turnmills special was the people there, the clubbers and the people involved in the club,” Danny explained.

“If they demolish it then it also means the space will always be remembered as Turnmills, so I’m happy no other club has moved in and taken over the space, potentially damaging the reputation we built up.”

“Having said that the building and the whole area is steeped in history, Fagin’s Den (from Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist) was just around the corner,” he pointed out, “I’m sure the residents of the surrounding area will have something to say if they bulldoze it.”

Danny subsequently switched Turnmills’ Friday night event Gallery to Ministry Of Sound where the house and trance dominated party remains one of London’s busiest and most popular club nights. Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Muir headline at the club this weekend (Friday August 21).

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ATFC Booted Off the Decks Blames Bono

DJ ATFC has accused U2 men Bono and the Edge of ordering him off the decks at French nightspot La Baoli Cannes last weekend (August 7), after he failed to switch from playing house to R&B.

Ridiculing the rock stars for looking like ‘two old dudes in shades, dancing like your dad in the VIP area’, the Defected Records producer/ DJ (aka One Phat Deeva aka Aydin) claimed he misheard the promoter’s command to switch genres, before being kicked off unceremoniously 75 minutes into his set.

“Bono always does this; he doesn't like listening to the same music all night and now wants some R&B.” Aydin said the promoter told him, “I presume you haven't got any, so I'm going to have to put my resident back on who has,” he added.

Whether the promoter was tricking him remains unclear, though Aydin told Skrufff he remained gutted about being taken off early anyway.

“I was playing straight down the line house music - nothing too out there or inappropriate - in fact, people were dancing on tables and hanging from the ceiling,” he sighed, “though I didn’t have any R&B anyway. The closest I can get to R&B in my CD wallet are house mixes of hip hop tracks - Missy Elliot, P Diddy,”

He also confessed to ‘flicking Bono a secret finger once his minder’s back was turned’ as he slunk away and sounded distinctly cross with the enormously popular popsters.

“I bought the Best Of U2 on CD once,” he confessed, “But I had to sell it on Ebay after the desire to throw myself under a train grew too powerful.” He also compared the band unfavourably to supposed bad boy dance stars the Prodigy.

“Coming back from the Winter Music Conference in Miami this year myself and Simon Dunmore from Defected were travelling upstairs on a BA flight back with The Prodigy,” said ATFC.

“There's not many seats up there so it was basically us and them so Simon and I started egging each other on to shout 'I'm a Firestarter!' in Keith’s face just as he was falling asleep.”

 “We didn't though,” he added, “They're all very well spoken and polite I'm pleased to say. And I met Norris McWerter at Record Breakers once,” he concluded, “Does that count as an unusual VIP encounter?”

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Berlin club promoter Isan Oral chatted to Skrufff this week about the plans for his now open, state-of-the-art venue Dice and revealed that he’s actively seeking DJs prepared to play sets of six hours and longer.

“I’m approaching the headliners, saying ‘you’re here with a contract, and in that contract it says that you’ll play for two hours’; I remember when I first started going out, DJs playing for 8 hours, 12 hours or 20 hours and that’s what I want to bring back; are you up for it?’ he smiles.

ImageThe DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll has started and already emails are being sent out in the thousands to each artists database to get their fans to vote for them. Some are strongly for it and others are strongly against it, but overall it is really up to each DJ or fan to decide if they should get involved or not. Especially in Asia the charts have been a major benchmark why certain artists have been booked.

This year Hong Kong's Frankie Lam and his supporters are pushing for him to make it into the rankings. At present there are no DJs originally from Hong Kong listed from what we can see, so it would be great if Frankie can make it. Previously a guest on the Podcast, Frankie has been a long term key figure in the clubbing scene of Hong Kong.

To cast your vote CLICK HERE. (

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