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Footballer Freed Over Phil Collins Fisticuffs

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard was found not guilty of assault this week, despite being caught on video punching a man three times in a row over music at Southport nightclub the Lounge Inn.

The England star, who in the past had admitted his favourite album of all time is Phil Collins’ Greatest Hits, thumped Marcus McGee, 34, three times, after the bar manager refused to allow him to put his own music on, prompting a typically cynical response from Sunday Times columnist Rod Liddle.

“An important legal precedent has been set in the trial of the Liverpool footballer Steven Gerrard. It is henceforth acceptable to smash a disc jockey in the face if they won’t play a Phil Collins record,” Liddle quipped.

“We do not know if this jurisdiction also applies to the work of (Lady In Red) Chris de Burgh – perhaps their lordships could clear this up.” he scoffed.

Liddle’s mockery reflected the UK press’ long- held antipathy towards the hugely successful singer, summed up neatly by the Guardian’s Kieron Tyler in 2007 who noted ‘rock snobs agree that Phil Collins is inescapably naff’.

Tyler, however, disagreed, branding Collins’ ‘Britain's soul man supreme’ and pointing out the massive esteem America’s hip-hop community have long held him in (culminating in Bone Thugs-N-Harmony making him honorary member ‘Chrome Bone’ when they covered his hit Take Me Home in 2002.)

Collins’ credibility was earlier enhanced in the late 80s by American Psycho’s (fictional) lead character Patrick Bateman, who memorably enthused about his work as he orchestrated a murderous threesome with two escorts.

“Do you like Phil Collins? I've been a big Genesis fan ever since the release of their 1980 album, Duke. Before that, I really didn't understand any of their work. Too artsy, too intellectual. It was on Duke where Phil Collins' presence became more apparent,” Bateman tells call girls ‘Sabrina’ and ‘Christy’.

“Phil Collins' solo career seems to be more commercial and therefore more satisfying, in a narrower way. Especially songs like In the Air Tonight and Against All Odds,” the killer continues as he orchestrates the orgy, “Sabrina, don't just stare at it, eat it (Christy's pussy),” he commands.

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Moby Mauls America’s Healthcare Mistake

Moby described his new single ‘Mistake’ as his ‘most personal song’ on his new album ‘Wait For Me’, this week, explaining the track is a ‘product of spending my adolescence listening to Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen’.

He also wrote candidly about the death of his mother in 1996 on his blog this week, in a pointed attack on the ethics of America’s notoriously unfair profit driven private health care system.

Detailing how doctors refused to X Ray his mother on the first two occasion she arrived complaining of persistent respiratory problems, Moby described how she was fobbed off with antibiotics until her third trip when her insurance company finally approved X Rays.

“When they looked at the X rays they saw that she had advanced lung cancer,” Moby recalled.

“Why didn't they give tests or X rays to her the first time she came in? A woman who'd been smoking two packs (of cigarettes) a day for over 30 years?” he continued.

“Because, according to her insurance company/HMO, the tests and X rays were too expensive. Six months later my mother was dead from metastasized lung cancer,” he said.

“Employees at HMO's and insurance companies are actually given bonuses for denying health care to people,” Moby added, “America needs health care reform.  Tens of millions of Americans have no insurance, and the people who do have insurance are routinely denied coverage when they're ill.”

Moby’s posting came just as Alternet writer Thom Hartmann published a fascinating article about the common characteristics of most of the individuals running corporations, asking the question of why they earn so much more money than anyone else.

“CEOs in America pull in the big bucks because there's a shortage of people willing to destroy the lives of many other human beings,” the respected psychotherapist and author of new book "Threshold: The Crisis of Western Culture." suggested.

“But what part of being a CEO could be so difficult -- so impossible for mere mortals -- that it would mean that there are only a few hundred individuals in the United States capable of performing it,” he asked.
“In my humble opinion, it's the sociopath part,” he declared, “the CEOs of most of the world's largest corporations daily make decisions that destroy the lives of many other human beings,” he concluded.

Moby’s new single Mistake is out on Little Idiot Records on September 7 (including mixes from Lifelike, Yuksek, Maxime Dangles, Darbruck & Klein, Funkagenda, Soundfly System/Rusty Egan and Davide Rossi).

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Lonely Lady Marries Loyal Dog

A Ghanian woman who married an 18 month old dog after becoming disillusioned with unreliable local blokes, remained unrepentant this week, despite being ostracised by her family and a number of judgemental friends.

"I've been in relationships with so many men here in Togo, and they are all the same - skirt-chasers and cheaters,” Emily Mabou, 29, told the Daily Dose, “My dog is kind, and loyal to me and he treats me with so much respect,” she explained.

When quizzed how the couple plan to have kids, Ms Mabou replied ‘we’ll adopt’.

In more marriage news, ultimate trophy wife Patsy Kensit chatted happily about her recent marriage to legendary house DJ Jeremy Healy, admitting she was similarly unconcerned about nosey gossips.

“God only knows what people think of our relationship,” said Patsy.

“We’re not really a social couple: he goes to work, I go to work, we go out infrequently, we’re tucked up at home most nights – we don’t want to be on “the scene” or a celebrity couple’,” she added. (Easy Living Magazine/ the Daily Mail).

Marrying this April, the couple wrote additional marriage vows in which Patsy pledged not to be too needy, not to lose my rag and to accept you are not always around.’ Jeremy instead promised never to cheat, to be supportive and to always be contactable,” he vowed.

Article by Jonty Skrufff

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Jazzy Jeff Kicked Off The Decks

Rap pioneer Jazzy Jeff has accused owners of US entertainment complex the Power & Light District of forcing him  off the decks for playing hip hop’ in an angry series of posts he uploaded on Twitter this week.

“How did they kick me off stage in Kansas City for playin hip hop . . . i'm a 25yr legend, . . .this is some bullshit”, he wrote the morning after the gig.

“KC (Kansas City) live sucks,” Jeff continued in a later post, “They said they wanted top 40...look at the top 40 list jackass7”

The hip hop original and long term collaborator of Hollywood superstar Will Smith went on to claim he’d also been ordered to dump his MC mid- set and been told ‘they had 30 cops ready to come escort me off stage.  
So I stopped’.

However, venue President Joe Stephens subsequently claimed he’d been worried about the hip hop star damaging the sound system by playing too loud, and said they removed him when Jeff wouldn’t turn it down.

The incident attracted massive media attention, focusing attention yet again on hip hop and its perceived link with violence, an issue Jeff raised in an interview with Skrufff in 2004.

’Its funny that no one ever talks about ‘The Untouchables or other movies that glamorise killers, it’s always urban killers,” he pointed out.

“I don’t know anybody in urban society that has controls to bring guns into the country, or drugs for that matter. It’s always somebody in the upper echelon that has that control. To me it’s about the corporate structure, no-one ever takes the blame for bringing the guns in, they blame it on the rap videos,” he said.

“I believe that a lot of the blame that goes onto hip-hop is just a smokescreen to hide who’s really responsible,” he darkly suggested.  (Z Trip talking about the Jazzy Jeff incident in detail)

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Sao Paulo Goes Gay (June 10-13)

Well over three million revellers are expected to throng Sao Paulo’s city centre streets this weekend, to watch the 13th annual Gay Pride Parade.

The parade, which this year has the theme “Without Homophobia, More Citizenship - By isonomy Rights", is nowadays the world’s biggest Gay Pride parade, having attracted 3.4 million people last year and was being anticipated with mixed feelings by local scene personalities Alisson Gothz and DJ Benjamin Ferreira this week.

“It's definitely good for Sao Paulo economically speaking, because lots of people come from other cities, states and even countries, and the clubs have packed parties during the whole week,” said disco/ house DJ Benjamin (a monthly resident at Audio Delicatessen and regular at Vegas).

“If you go to the Parade itself you will find not only gays, but also straight people, young and old, rich and poor,” he added. “Though of course, lots of other people, straight or gay, find it pointless, offensive and obscene. Moreover, lots of gay people don't relate to the predominant music on the "trios elétricos" (trucks) which is mostly tribal / progressive house. The parade is something interesting to see, but going through the whole thing might be boring,” he suggested.

Alissson Gothz, one of Sao Paulo’s best known uber-flamboyant nightlife personalities, was similarly circumspect, and revealed she’ll be spending the weekend in Europe instead of Sao Paulo.

“At the risk of sounding a little pessimistic, I don't think I'll be missing much either,” said Alisson, “The Sao Paulo gay pride parade is not what it used to be a few years ago. There’s too much politics and too many drunk straight guys and girls looking for trouble, it’s a real mess. Most of the people I know in Sao Paulo plan to go to the parties and clubs that take place during the weekend instead of the parade, because they are far safer and more fun,” she said.

But having said that, I still think the parade it's still great for the city,” Alisson stressed, “because unfortunately Sao Paulo isn't the main destination for tourists who come to Brazil, and during the weekend of the parade we get almost more tourists than in the whole of the rest of the year. All the clubs have special guests and parties, it's really fun. If you want the real GAY GAY GAY experience, I recommend going to clubs like The Week and Flex. For a more alternative approach, go to the legendary A Lôca,” she advised.

Both Alisson and Benjamin urged revellers to be careful of their safety with Sao Paulo always a city where danger is close at hand.

“Try to stay on the big avenues - Paulista and Consolação - and avoid the side streets during the parade,” Benjamin urged. “Do your best to stay with a group of reliable friends: staying alone might be dangerous. If you think it's too dark and empty where you are, find the nearest crowd immediately. And although it's difficult, it's advisable to stay as sober as you can.”

“The parade is NOT safe at all nowadays,” Alisson agreed.

“Imagine three million people together in one place. That means; do not leave your $10,000 camera unattended, carry only enough money to get a cab later on, avoid getting lost in the crowd and do not drink something you don't know where it came from.”

Meanwhile in Moscow, notoriously homophobic Russian Mayor Yuri Luzhkov justified his refusal to allow gay pride parades by saying again that gay people are ‘demonic’.

"There are two reasons gay pride parades are unacceptable in Moscow.  
First and foremost, public morality does not accept such parades, public morality does not accept those homos,” the Mayor reportedly told a local TV show.

“Secondly, he said: "If they gather together, assuming they are allowed to hold a parade, other people will simply kill them,” he predicted. (

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Image€5 Fee for Balkans’ Smallest Fortress Festival (June 19-21)

Revellers attending Bosnia’s Neofest International Peace Festival next weekend will have pay just 5 euros, event organiser Zeljko Antoni told Skrufff, in response to the tough economic conditions affecting the Balkans country.

The flyers for the 3 night event, which take places between the ramparts of the historic ‘kastel’ in the centre of Banja Luka, feature the words 'recession, denied, cut, cancelled' instead of performer details, reflecting Zeljko’s frustration with local politics and the economic crisis, he explained.

“Bosnia is already one of the poorest countries in Europe, so the situation here is really bad but the worst thing is that politicians now have a universal excuse to justify their mistakes,” he complained.

“We are witnesses to this ‘global recession’ but in reality politicians are just using it to cut budgets for cultural events they don’t consider important, while they continue to fund their own favourite events featuring classical music and ethno music for example,” he complained.

“More than a few festivals and events here in Bosnia have been cancelled because of this situation and for Neofest we’ve been forced to organise a small edition of this year’s festival. We’re trying to send out a message highlighting the dire circumstances independent cultural organizations in our country are struggling with.”

“This year’s event is a recession edition, but it will be a great small festival in old fortress with great performers. We’re excited about welcoming everybody to Banja Luka,’ he added.

Like Serbia’s Exit Festival, Neofest is an outdoors night-time event set within ancient battlements though while Exit attracts crowds of 50,000 each night, Neofest draws up to 2,000 mainly local, party people.

“About 80% of our audience are Bosnian with the rest coming from Serbia, Croatia and increasingly Slovenia though we also attract a few people each year from France and Italy,” said Zeljko. He also downplayed persistent recent reports in the Western press that Bosnia is becoming being dangerously unstable again, suggesting most are the result of scare mongering.

“I don’t believe we’re at risk of war or ethnic conflicts breaking out again, though in some parts of Bosnia the politicians in government are the same people who were in power during the war,” he noted. “These people haven’t changed and they’re trying to create a climate of fear because that fear brings them votes. In the media it looks like we are at the brink of a new war, but we don’t believe it’s true.”

“Tickets for this year’s Neofest have been priced at a symbolic 5 euros a night and we’ve tried to selected performers who present strong statements in their music or everyday work, from many different cultural backgrounds,” he concluded.

“This year we will have a lot of hip-hop, fusion and electro sounds: everybody is welcome.

NEOFEST takes places at the Kastel Fortress, Banja Luka, between 19th and 21st of June. For full line-up details, please click below (Skrufff DJ Fidelity Kastrow headlines on Friday night, followed by Jonty Skrufff on Saturday)

Article by Seb Mortimer (

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London Cops Defend DJ Database

DJs and artists performing in London clubs look certain to have to continue supplying their real names, telephone numbers and addresses to London police, after cops claimed their recently introduced licensing regulation document Form 696 was a big success.

696 team leader Thomas Bowen from the Met told reporters that crime has dropped 11% in London venues so far this year, and also claimed 696 ‘is undoubtedly contributing towards that reduction of shooting incidents in licensed premises’. (The Guardian).

The police’s defence of Form 696, which also forces promoters to tell police what genres of music they play, came just as Torture Garden (TG) found themselves up against even tighter licensing regulations as they prepared for their annual birthday ball at SE One.

Following a fatal shooting at the venue last October (during a house night), police ordered SE One to install compulsory ID scanners and to retain data of all clubbers for three years. Following coverage of the situation on technology portal the Register, TG informed the venue that the ID scheme violated the Data Protection Act and managed to negotiate a 31 day cut off point for storing fetish fans’ details.

Though a spokesman from the club told the Register  ‘this shows there is no devious intent from the powers that be about trying to out BDSM/fetish party goers’, maverick politician the Earl of Errol was less sure.

"Privacy is being eroded bit by bit, not some single killing blow, but death by a thousand cuts,” he told the Register.

"I do not think that what we get up to in private is anyone else’s business: yet if we keep adding small restrictions we will wake up to find we have no privacy left.

"This small scale ID scanning poses horrendous risks for individual liberty and security. It is not unthinkable that a future government would wish access to all the systems it creates,” the Earl warned.

Meanwhile in Germany, authorities took a small step backwards from the increasingly Orwellian march of technology this week by refusing a patent for a couple of unusual microchip implantation schemes dreamed up by a far sighted Saudi inventor.

The unnamed visionary proposed injecting tracker microchips into people that can be monitored by global-positioning satellites, to catch illegal immigrants and/ or ‘model b’ chips containing cyanide to deal with criminals. The poison pills ‘could be released by remote control to "eliminate" people if they became a security risk’, said Israeli website PressTV. (Killer chips with everything, article in full)

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Football Player Nightclub Ban

Tottenham Hotspurs manager Harry Redknapp announced that he’s planning to ban his squad of soccer players from carousing in London night clubs next season after his team captain Ledley King was arrested for violence outside Soho club Punk.

The soccer manager said he was ‘bemused’ by the players’ drinking culture and worried about their status as role models for British youth.

"I don't understand why they get drunk. You can't even get a slice of white bread in the canteen here. Everything here is geared up to healthy eating. What's the point if then they are going to drink 10 pints of lager,” he told the Guardian.

"I don't want them going out to nightclubs," he said. "I can ban them, we can do what we want. We're paying them massive money.”

In more soccer role model news, press reports claimed Manchester United star Wayne Rooney is planning to take a new experimental treatment to treat his baldness this summer after authorities approved the hormone blocker product.

However, Finasteride inventor Robert M. Bernstein told the Mirror his controversial product is not without risk.

"One in 500 people can suffer breast enlargement from the treatment,” he warned.

Meanwhile in Australia, the Melbourne Age newspaper singled out soccer players for special attention, in a fashion crime report dubbed ‘Avoiding sartorial sins’.

“Apart from the fact suits are not made to fit athletic builds, footballers always look uncomfortable when dressing up,” the Age suggested, “Not the least because they fail to knot their ties properly and don't understand there should not be a one-inch gap between tie and top button.” (Wayne Rooney versus Shrek)

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ImageSwedens Secret Island Festival Reveals Its Secrets (27/7- 2/8)

“Secret Island is different from other festivals, there’s a genuine family feeling in an incredible beauty spot where you’ll have a great time even if you happen to not like techno music. It’s the overall concept of the event that people find appealing, it’s the entire package rather than the whole package, most people don’t care which particular DJs are playing.”

Central London venue The End is to re-open in May some five months after its previous owners closed the club, apparently permanently.

The three room space is being renamed ‘The Den & Centro’ though otherwise appears to be exactly as it was, judging by press releases issued this week for NY-LON’s launch party on Saturday May 2.

Hailing the venue’s ‘spring-loaded dance floor, DJ friendly booth in the middle of the dance floor and killer five-way crossover sound-system’, Centro Den promise regular Saturday night parties (unlike the End’s 7 nights a week policy) with Billy Nasty and Gatano Parisio spinning on Saturday May 16,

In more good news for London clubland, Hoxton’s T Bar announced that they’re re-opening in May, though at a different location to be renamed as ‘T’.

The hugely popular minimal/ tech dominated club will be opening at former City disco Dukes on Houndsditch (halfway between Liverpool Street and Aldgate tube stations) and will remain free, the club stressed.

Michael Mayer and Jamie Jones kick off its launch party on Thursday May 7, with  Swayzak, Phonica and Freak N Chic listed for future parties. (T Bar)

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