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British electro pioneer Gary Numan unveiled details of the upcoming new album ‘Jagged’ this week and confirmed that make-up wearing techno man Ade Fenton has co-produced the new record.

The album sees the Are Friends Electric?/ Cars legend using live drums for the first time in 20 years, courtesy of ex Nine Inch Nails stickman Jerome Dillon amongst others and will be his first studio album in over five years.

Chatting to Skrufff earlier this year, Gary said the record was originally scheduled for a September release though admitted that since becoming a father he’d radically changed his priorities.

“The family side of things has gone from being absolutely depressing – never going to happen – to now the point where now I’ve got a proper family, which is really quite cool,” said Gary.

“And that is having an effect on work, no doubt, because I didn’t really see my dad until I was about four and didn’t really get to know him at all until then and
I know he really regrets that.

“I don’t want that, so my work ethic, since Raven was born has just gone out the window. I don’t want to miss any of it, so the amount of time I spend in the studio working is reduced dramatically, but I actually don’t care. If it takes me five years to make an album, then providing I can survive financially for those five years, then fuck it. I’d much rather go out with my baby,” he admitted.

Jagged is out on 13th March, 2006, on Mortal Records.

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ImageProdigy mainman Liam Howlett unveiled details of his eagerly anticipated Back To Mine compilation this week and robustly defended his decidedly eclectic track selection which includes The Stranglers, the Jam and Electric Light Orchestra’s 70s soft rock shocker Living Thing.

“The idea that a Back To Mine compilation should be mellow makes me laugh,” said Liam, “Surely the fun begins when you get home. Sometimes it’s so good I don’t bother going out. Diversity is the key for me, that’s just what I’m about.”

The compilation includes Public Image’s Rise, The Third Bardo’s 60s Pebbles classic ‘I’m Five Years Ahead Of My Time’ and Max Romeo’s reggae standard I Chase The Devil as well as Dolly Parton’s biggest hit Jolene (once covered by Sisters Of Mercy, curiously enough).

“In a time when a lot of modern music is bass obsessed (including me) this record has none,” he continued.

Acid house pioneer Danny Rampling chatted to Skrufff this week on the eve of his last ever London gig at Turnmills, and confirmed that he’s willing to play for up to 12 hours if the circumstances are right.

“If there’s a crowd there at midday, if the club is still full, and if I’ve got the energy, I’ll continue,” Danny promised, “I’m planning to pace myself, getting a disco nap in the evening ahead of the gig, though since I’m going to be bursting with excitement and nervous energy, whether I do manage to get some sleep ahead that’s another matter.  I’m like that with any gig but this isn’t just any gig; this is a historic night. I’ll also be making sure I don’t drink too much at the beginning of the evening; that can have an adverse effect and tiredness can set in.”

The Shoom founder said he’ll be bringing ten, 100 capacity record boxes as well as CDs to the club, sorted into genre styles and periods, though stressed he’ll be completely avoiding the hard trance and techno he used to play in the early 90s.

“They’ll be no Tony De Vit tributes,” he confirmed, “They’ll be some tribal electronic beats in the Star 69, Murk, Tenaglia vein, and some of the more driving British tracks too, but 130bpm is the maximum.”

He also revealed he remains undecided about his very last record (‘I have a couple of tracks that may be suitable though it will depend on the time and who’s there’) and admitted he’s already feeling emotional about giving up professional DJing entirely.

“I feel a little sad, it’s really sunk in now that I’m coming to the closing part of this chapter of my life, it’s not going to be easy for me leaving behind the music that I love,” said Danny.

“A few months ago I wasn’t thinking that way but now things are drawing to a close, I think it’s going to be rather odd next year. It’s about looking to the future and leaving this period behind with fantastic memories.”

Danny spins at Turnmills from 4am Sunday December 4th (though the night opens on Saturday, with his warm up provided by one Frankie Knuckles).

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ImageFunky house electro diva Smokin Jo has confirmed that her upcoming New Year’s Eve bash at Ministry Of Sound will definitely be the last NastyDirtySexMusic party, despite it being one of 2005’s most successful events.

Tim and I have brought it to an end, and after New Year’s Eve NastyDirtySexMusic will no longer exist,” said Jo.

“Tim and I split up and as anyone knows it is hard to split up and to carry on working together afterwards it’s even harder; we both decided we needed to move on in our lives so we had to finish NastyDirtySexMusic. It’s a massive shame as we both loved doing it and had such great responses from our crowd, but at least we will end it on a high, going out with a bang,” she said.

Fil OK from Nag house band Atomizer chatted to Skrufff this week about the duo’s upcoming single Zero Zero and denied that its distinctive breaks style groove and absence of band mate Jonny Slut’s vocals was significant.

“We've never defined our sound, it's just whatever it turns out like, but this is definitely one for the dance floor, inspired by those many evenings down Nag Nag Nag,” said Fil.

“And as for Jonny, It took a huge bribe. No, really; again; it was just how the track turned out-it's just not a traditional  'song' as such.”

Fil also denied B side ‘There's no money on the underground' was an ironic take on the massive wealth Nag’s success has brought them, spluttering ‘you’ve got to be kidding’.

“We put all our earnings into the band, we fund everything ourselves, including recording, cutting, packaging, you name it,” he stressed, “So no, we don't yet own £8million yachts like Robbie Williams.”

He conceded, however, that the duo’s penchant for wearing excessive amounts of make-up and rubber tetish masks has paid off, particularly with his Mum (‘she loves what we do’) and when travelling.

“People have always treated us with either wide open mouths or huge beaming smiles,” he said, “Generally though, the dressing-up aspect does go down well, especially abroad. I guess we're doing what a lot of these kids, particularly males, aren't 'allowed' to do, especially in places like Russia and Turkey,” he surmised.

“Our highlight overseas so far has been the trip to Tokyo, they put us high up in a hotel called the Cerulean Tower, which featured all the Japanese style mod-cons you could imagine,” he added, “It was tough deciding whether to stay in and play with gadgets or go out wandering those crazy streets. We plumped for staying up for 2 nights doing both.”

The lowpoint as either New York, where the engineer kept us waiting onstage for 20minutes whilst he  re-wired the sound system and we watched the crowd shrink from 200 to 20 or Stockholm.

In Stokholm those crazy cats Cobra Killer were on before us, and  poured champagne all over the amps and blew them up. Yes, that was a great
Show; thanks girls.”

Atomizer’s Zero Zero (backed with Atomizer versus Reader’s Wives’ There’s No Money On The Underground) is out in January on NagNagNag Records.
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Britain finally abandoned antiquated licensing laws which forced pubs to shut at 11pm, this week, prompting an estimated five thousand pubs and clubs in London to start opening until midnight and beyond.

“At last grown-ups will be treated as grown-ups,” Labour Licensing Minister James Parnell said on introducing the new changes,” it is absolutely clear that the current system has not worked.” (Mirror)

“Let’s not penalise the majority of responsible drinkers because of the crimes of a minority,” he added, “There should be a clear principle here- that if people are not causing harm to others, the Government should get out of their personal lives.”

The law changes prompted a flood of alarmist anti-binge drinking articles in the media plus one or two more enlightened ones, including another in the Mirror examining Britain’s 1,000 year plus tradition of drinking to excess.

“Most people, including children, drank ale made from malted barley made with hops. They even drank it for breakfast and got through up to a gallon a day,” said Medieval London expert John Clark, describing London in the 12th Century, “At a penny a gallon, only the poorest had to make do with water.”

Britain’s drinking culture was also famously addressed by 19th century author Charles Dickens, who described typically  licentious scenes in a British ale house in his hugely popular novel Nicholas Nickleby.

“Who thought of money, ruin, or the morrow, in the savage intoxication of the moment? More wine was called for, glass after glass was drained, their parched and scalding mouths were cracked with thirst. Down poured the wine like oil on blazing fire,” Dickens described.

“And still the riot went on. The debauchery gained its height; glasses were dashed upon the floor by hands that could not carry them to lips; oaths were shouted out by lips which could scarcely form the words to vent them in; drunken losers cursed and roared,” he wrote.  (Nicholas Nickleby)

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babycream Liverpool are pleased to announce that Danny Rampling will play his last ever Liverpool gig at the regular Cream Classics Friday night before retiring at the end of this year.  As a favourite on the house circuit for well over a decade, this free entry gig is expected to be a lock out so get there early!   The legendary Danny Rampling will be the first of many well known DJ's to be invited to play at Cream Classics, kicking off proceedings on Friday 2nd December.  

Cream Classics Every Friday night at babycream Liverpool coincides with our new late licence which means doors won’t be closing until 4am - which means more time for drinking and dancefloor action! 

Every week Cream Classics takes a nostalgic trip reliving the memories of an age that delivered awesome timeless classics and remains the soundtrack to our youth.  The success story of the Cream Classic’s compilation series which to date has sold over 700,000 copies proves that this is the music that people want to hear.

Other guests coming up over the next couple of months include Graeme Park, a DJ well known for playing an integral part in the whole dance music explosion from his early days at Shelley’s and infamous Hacienda residency, and resident DJ Andy Mac, notorious for keeping the babycream dance floor packed!    Things kick off at 8pm – 4 am every Friday and its FREE to get in!

Babycream Liverpool

Event Details:

Cream Classics @ Babycream Liverpool, Every Friday starting 2nd Dec, 8pm-4am, Free entry, Suite 4m, Atlantic Pavilion, Albert Dock, Liverpool, L3 4AE, Tel: 0151 709 7097,, To guarantee entry email for guest list.

(information provided by Cream)

Jacques Lu Cont kept up his relentless crusade against big name DJs this week, with a ferocious onslaught in Mixmag against his champagne quaffing rivals and peers.

“The glamour side of DJing has no relevance to me. When DJs are more about who they’re hanging out with, who they’re shagging and what champagne they’re drinking, to me that’s the beast of dance music, “Jacques (real name Stuart Price) declared.

“I hate driving round Ibiza seeing DJs posing on billboards. It makes me cringe because it means it’s become more about them and less about the people.”

The credibility obsessed people’s choice made his comments in a feature discussing producing the new album of his close friend Madonna and matched those he made several years ago in an interview promoting his Fabric DJ mix compilation.

“I don’t think DJing is that cool, I don’t like the image of the silver boxes and the hooded jacket and crappy sunglasses,” he sneered, “I don’t like the supposed glamour in DJing and I even hate the name! I’m a DJ? Don’t think so.”

Meanwhile in the Observer, Madonna compared her relationship with Stuart to meeting a new boyfriend and admitted her husband Guy Richie was less than impressed by the fruits of their relationship (ie new album Confessions On a Dance Floor).

“He stormed out of the room when I played him some of these tracks,” Madonna confessed, “He thought it was shit.”

The album has since gone to number one in twenty five countries and already sold over 3.5 million units, Music Week reported.

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Superstar DJ Steve Lawler contacted Skrufff this week to explain the concept behind his upcoming fashion range Viva and stressed that the collection will be about wearability rather than over-the-top flamboyant club wear.

“I am sorry to say they’ll be no drag or high heels,” Steve confirmed, “though how cool would it be to make Viva wigs- and rubber skirts?”

The Space jock cheerfully admitted his role in the new collection with be strictly hands-off, confessing ‘I haven’t a clue about designing clothes’.

“A certain designer approached me after the summer season ended and told me they really liked the Viva merchandise, and we’re in talks with this designer about them possibly taking it over,” said Steve, “which is quite exciting because this designer actually makes really cool clothes,” he chuckled.

Steve said his favourite designers are bespoke jeans company PRPS and T shirt artist Rogun though admitted his own tastes in clothes are generally conservative.

“I’m one of these people that if I find a pair of jeans that I like or a T shirt I’ll buy two pairs because I tend to wear my favourite things all the time. I have been wearing the same style Adidas trainers for years and years now, but I just have them all in different colours; I’m not that adventuress, at least not outside the bedroom.”

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UK DJ portal have added Jonty Skrufff to their online roster of DJs, hosting the Skrufff man’s brand new website

The new site pools together all Jonty’s DJing-related activities and includes a brand new weekly blog featuring links, radio playlists and record recommendations.

“The plan with is to provide a one stop online location for everything connected to my DJing, whether that’s future gigs, new DJ mixes or pictures and reviews from places I’ve been spinning in,” said Jonty.

“I’m making great progress with the DJing generally, and I’m delighted to be joining a roster that includes Carl Cox, Gilles Peterson, Chris Liberator and Pete Tong. The Trustthedj crew are also a fine crew as well as being excellent karaoke singers,” he added.

“We’ve watched Jonty’s meteoric climb up the DJ ladder with interest bordering on alarm,” said TTDJ’s Cameron MacPhail, “So it feels appropriate and indeed timely to bring him into the fold. And given that through his press agency he spends half his time bigging up the tunes and producers he plays, it seems a natural fit, both for him and us. Though given that he’s straight-edge, his singing leaves rather too much to be desired.”

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