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DJ Top 100’s ‘Usual Controversy’

David Guetta swapped places with Tiesto to become the second most popular DJ in DJ Magazine’s annual top 100 poll this week, which saw pop trance maestro Armin Van Buuren coming first for the third year running.

Numerous newcomers including Romanian expat Claudia Cazacu, Arnej, Artey, Pete The Zouk, Noisecontrollers and Dada Life burst into the lower reaches of the poll, which DJ magazine said was based on ‘hundreds of thousands of validated votes.”

“The 2010 results included new talents, new genres, and new standards cementing their status as world class DJs,” said DJ Magazine, “As ever there's bound to be plenty of controversy.”

Factory Records’ original designers Peter Saville and Ben Kelly have designed a special memorial tombstone for the grave of iconic music mogul Tony Wilson which was this week unveiled at his final resting place in Manchester’s Southern Cemetery.

The black granite tombstone describes the man behind Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays and a whole host of Manchester bands as a ‘broadcaster and cultural catalyst’ and includes a quote from Isabella Varley Banks' 1876 novel The Manchester Man.

"Mutability is the epitaph of worlds . . . Change alone is changeless,” the tombstone reads, “People drop out of the history of a life as of a land . . . Though their work or their influence remains."

Details of the tombstone’s inscription emerged just over two years after robbers stole the headstone of Joy Division front-man Ian Curtis from Macclesfield Cemetery, 27 years after he committed suicide, aged 23.

The headstone (bearing the message "Ian Curtis 18 - 5 - 80" and the words "Love Will Tear Us Apart") was stolen in June 2008 prompting despairing messages from both his Joy Division band-mates and local cemetery staff

"This has never happened before and we are agog that someone's gone to the trouble of taking it out,” Tony Barker, spokesman for Macclesfield Borough Council told the BBC, “We are stunned."

Joy Division/ New Order drummer Stephen Morris pleaded with the thieves to "have a bit of dignity about it" and return the stone anonymously.

"I just don't understand why anyone would do it. You couldn't sell it on eBay - it's ridiculous and very upsetting,” he told at the time.

"There had been the films (the 2007 'Control' movie and the recent eponymous documentary) so maybe someone thought they could cash in,” he suggested, “Or maybe it's someone who is a bit deranged - you'd have to be." (NME:

Article by Jonty Skrufff ( ) 

Acclaimed Detroit house and techno producer Aaron-Carl Ragland died of cancer consistent with lymphoma last week, just seven days after being diagnosed with the disease.

The one time Underground Resistance member and prolific producer documented his battle with the disease in graphic, often heart-wrenching detail on Twitter, a medium he’d embraced with a characteristic searing honesty that in retrospect seemed to foretell his impending fate.

Two teenagers aged 18 and 19 have been arrested on suspicion of arson after a massive fire almost totally destroyed Hastings Pier, the Victorian era seaside attraction that during the 90s hosted John Digweed’s legendary Bedrock parties.
Press reports described how a small fire was spotted in the pier’s ballroom just after 1am, which, fanned by fierce onshore winds, rapidly spread along the entire top floor wooden decking.

“There was a big plume of smoke and the last 200ft (61m) of the pier is pretty much ablaze and it's spreading quite quickly towards the beach,” Inspector Lee Lyons, from Sussex Police, told the Daily Mail as the fire took hold, “The entire ballroom at the end is a burning framework with bits dropping off into the sea.”

Ranjit Nankani, 30, from Croydon was sentenced to serve at least 18 years in jail this week after being found guilty of decapitating a rival clubber with his car outside the Ministry of Sound last August bank holiday.

London’s Old Bailey Court heard how Nankani had argued with his victim Gary Johnson inside the club after apparently stepping on his toe then waited outside to take revenge after he was thrown out. After he moved down his victim in his car, Johnson’s friend Dwayne McPherson pulled out a gun and shot Nankini, wounding him. The incident was captured on CCTV, clips of which were broadcast on the BBC this week

"What you did must have involved a degree of premeditation,” sentencing judge Judge Stephen Kramer told Nankini, “It was a targeted revenge attack on a crowded public street when people were leaving the club to go home,” he added.

The killer was sentenced just a day before police issued a fresh appeal for information about the unrelated murder of south London club promoter Daniel Herbert 27, who was killed several miles away from Ministry in Bermondsey two weeks before the Ministry killings.

Press reports said Daniel was ‘singled out by association’ by members of a rival gang of childhood friends of his who were involved in selling drugs to clubs after venturing into the notoriously tough area last August.

"Daniel was chased by a gang of men, predominantly white males, four to five white males, who managed to capture him in St James's Road, where they beat him unconscious,” investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Cliff Lyons told the BBC soon afterwards, “"Having done that, they dragged him to his knees, placed a gun to his head and murdered him.”

In an updated report the BBC said cops believe they know who carried out the killing though need more information to bring the case forwards.

Jonty Skrufff

A new study of 3,200 American teenagers has discovered that 19.5% have lost at least 15 decibels of hearing ability, up from 14.9% of teens tested in 1990.

Researchers singled out the rising popularity of personal stereos such as iphones as the single factor most likely to have caused the dramatic increase and said that while the hearing loss discovered is relatively small, it is nevertheless highly significant.

"What people need to be cognizant of is that once you lose your hearing you can't get it back. It's not coming back," said study chief Josef Shargorodsky, an otolaryngologist at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

“And so that's why we have to think about preventing this from happening,” he added.

Duisburg Mayor Adolf Sauerland revealed he has moved his family away from the German city this week after receiving death threats from people holding him responsible for the disaster at last month’s Love Parade.

21 people died and over 500 were injured when over 1 million people crammed into a space licensed to handle no more than 250,000 people though Mayor Sauerland told Der Spiegel he’d been exaggerating when he predicted millions would attend in the run-up to the Parade.

2,000 dance music fans have so far signed up to a Facebook group which urges people to vote for 83 year old TV presenter/ radio legend Jimmy Savile in this year’s DJ Top 100 poll.

Savile doppelganger Neil Scott singled out the Jim’ll Fix It star’s achievement of being ‘the first person to use 2 turntables to create a continuous flow of music’ as one reason to vote, as well as his well known penchant for fat cigars, tracksuits and fulfilling people’s wishes.

“Every year our inboxes are bombarded with spam asking us to vote for some DJ or other in the DJ Mag poll,” Neil noted.

Judge Jules, Steve Mac, Jody Wisternoff, Rocky, Christopher Lawrence and Jagz Kooner chatted to Skrufff this week about the necessity of working virtually non-stop to maintain their careers and almost all agreed that being a workaholic is vital for lasting DJ success.

"The thing with being a DJ is the there is a definite limited shelf life (very few have long term high level success) and (pardon the phrase) but it's very important to "milk it" for all its worth, while you are still in the limelight," acid house pioneer turned Primal Scream uber-producer Jagz Kooner recommended.

German techno star Chris Liebing accused both Love Parade organisers and local councillors from Duisberg of misusing the ‘Techno Movement’ this week and implicitly linked the event’s commercialisation to the deaths of 21 revellers two weeks ago.

“Looking back, it is actually a logical consequence and maybe also easy to recognize, that an event like this would eventually fall into the hands of people who see “celebrating, dancing and having fun together” not as the main reason to host a Love Parade,” Chris suggested in a statement distributed by his publicists.

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