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The wave of technology is no stranger to dance music and continues to evolve, embrace and reshape the whole industry as a whole as time progresses. But this last month saw the birth of a completely new concept which promises to transform the already fast growing sales of digital dance music and clubbing as never seen before on a global scale.

On the UK club scene, Trance and the tuff stuff joined forces recently in the shape of ‘From Russia With Love’ – a collaboration between Midlands clubbing institution Godskitchen and Northern hard dance outfit Goodgreef.  Manchester’s MEN Arena played host to three stages, the main stadium area devoted to trance and techy, electro sounds, and two smaller hard house stages.  Set of the night came from Adam Sheridan – newly crowned Mixmag Future Hero at the 2004 Trance Awards. Driving and uplifting, his set had the crowd roaring at such anthems as Nu NRG’s ‘Dreamland 2005’, Reflekt’s ‘Need to Be Loved’, and ‘Find ‘ from Ridgewalkers.  Quality sets also from Above & Beyond, with a cool, laidback sound to get the crowd in the mood, and a techy, almost progressive set from Paul van Dyk.  Event organization left something to be desired, however, with a two hour queue for the single cloakroom, and further long queues for the Goodgreef room.

Good news for southern UK trance fans – ironically, it traditionally being a Midlands / Northern sound, there is now more trance in London than anywhere else. Knowwhere, Trance Generation and the techy, electro sounds of Serious are already well established. Ultra Utopia appears to have bitten the dust which I’m not at all sad about as there policy seemed to be to advertise DJ’s on there line up that hadn’t even been booked.  It was quite annoying to see an advert in Mix Mag with myself on the line up of a night I’d never even heard of!  On a positive note,  by the time you read this two new trance nights will have kicked off – Vaccine at Turnmills and Ascension at The Factory (ex Club Supreme).  Vaccine promises to showcase the best in new talent from Holland and the UK, and the launch party features none other than duo Corderoy.  The man behind Ascension is  Adam White – recently awarded Best New Producer, and Best Track for ‘Whiteroom’ along with producer and man of the moment Andy Moor at the 2004 Trance Awards.  Don’t worry kids, you can sleep at work. 

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Article by Matt Darey

Fresh back from her highly successful breaks and hard dance tour of Australia and Japan, Anne ‘Princess Of The Dancefloor’ Savage is back in the UK and raring to go.

16th May, sees Anne playing for Hilton heiress and porn star in the making, Ms. Paris Hilton.  Anne and her Coburn partner, Tim Healey will be mixing it up for Paris and her celeb mates at a highly exclusive venue in central London.  With two party animal blondes in the same building who knows what may happen !?


Since 2002, with the opening of the very first Diesel store in Spain (on Barcelona’s Paseo de Gracia), the Italian brand’s retail expansion in the Iberian territory has been followed by a series of opening in Madrid, Valencia, a second one in Barcelona, Lisbon, Bilbao.

Today, two years after the premiere of the Diesel Store on Calle Fuencarral, Madrid has come back for more.

A couple of months ago ‘A State of Trance’ suddenly disappeared from the Dutch airwaves. The show has now found a new home. As of this week Fresh FM will broadcast Armin van Buuren’s  award winning ‘A State of Trance’ every Thursday from 21:00 to 23:00 hour. The first time the show can be listed to at Fresh FM will be the 28th of April.

A host of UK artists kicked the Buenos Aires scene back into action after an unusually quiet summer. Faithless, Mylo, Sasha & Digweed and Argentinean native, UK-resident Hernan Cattaneo blew away 25,000 fans on a humid autumn night at the port-side extravaganza.

Following the death of 193 rock fans at a local club fire in December, the Argentine club scene has taken a severe thrashing due to lax security and safety precautions. Immediately following the tragedy, all nightclubs, cinemas and event halls were closed before being visited by city officials and having their precautions reviewed. This has had a harsh impact on the industry, and practically paralysed the dance music scene with some of the superclubs still closed 4 months later.


“Almost all the collections presented at the hospital had a strong relationship with music or club culture. We had some designers who’d been finding their inspiration from 70s disco and others from punk and rock. Club culture isn’t only present inspiration-wise either because most designers build their collections specifically thinking of the people that are going out at night dancing. They also choose the music for their shows very selectively and most of them use electronic music related sounds. I think this influence will only continue to grow.”

Speaking at the conclusion of Sao Paulo’s 17th alternative Fashion Week Casa de Criadores (which means House of Designers in English) founder and creative director Andre Hidalgo, confirms that music, particularly club music, plays an increasingly integral part in both his event and Brazil’s burgeoning fashion world. And soundtrack-wise, Sao Paulo’s fashionistas dance to the same upfront electro tinged niches as those in New York or London,” he points out.

Over 2,000 fashion students, clubbers and journalists packed into an abandoned hospital in Sao Paulo last weekend, to attend the 17th edition of Casa de Criadores, Brazil’s acclaimed alternative fashion week.

The unusual location added an intimate element to the atmosphere of the 3 day event, particularly for many of the participants, festival organiser Francisco Navarette told Skrufff.

“On the one hand you had the old hospital structure where life and death struggled in the past but on the other side, we used the maternity ward area where some of the designers and members of he press were born 20 years ago,” he saifd.

“As I am an engineer I believe the life and death forces cancelled each other out,” he laughed.

The hospital backdrop also prompted radical changes in the show’s structure, with catwalk shows taking place throughout the abandoned structure.

The hospital was great because, as it’s such a large, unconventional space, we were able to use every designer's imagination for how they presented their collections. Though production-wise it was a real nightmare because for the first time we switched from using one runway to seven different locations for the shows, which all still required facilities for lighting, photographers, music and the audience,” he continued.

“Overall, we were very pleased with the show, we wanted to present both the event and the collections with a certain underground ambience, and I think we achieved that,” Francisco concluded.

“We are certainly not a mainstream event but at the same time we do want to have a media profile that allows the designers to be recognized, which is a thin line to walk these days where mainstream bullshit rules in so many aspects of music and fashion,” he added.

Designers at the event included Moshe, Laundry, Fabiana Bauman and Marcel Juppy, with Joao Pimenta stealing the shoe with a punk inspired heavily tartan collection.

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A beer with caffeine will be launched in Britain later this year.

US brewing company Anheuser-Busch who make Budweiser and the new drink called BE will possibly rival energy drinks like Red Bull. The beer has an alcohol content of 4.5%.

Each can contains as much caffeine as half a cup of coffee as well as ginseng and guarana.

No news on the product coming to Hong Kong, possibly something worth waiting for!

If you are looking to order beverages in Hong Kong then go to:

Every year the whole music industry descends on Canne in the south of France, home to the infamous Film festival.  Its the place where all the new tracks  fro 2005 are first showcased and is great for picking up some upfront stuff. Thousands of labels from every country in the world pack the hotels and bars handing over CD’s of there forthcoming releases.  Its all about getting there product released in every corner of the globe from Asia, USA, Australia and all the other budding scenes in places like Israel. 

I was over for a few days to catch up with the latest tunes and  catch up with old friends. Its mad to see all the main players in the trance world packed into one room and it looks like we’ll be seeing a massive new wave of trance releases before the summer.  The best thing about Midem for me is that you get the big picture of what’s going on in the music world and realize that there are so many genres of music and how every country has its own interpretation of each genre.  Its like a melting pot of Ideas and a great place to pick up inspiration for the coming year and get totally wasted of course at the numerous bars & clubs that Canne has to offer!! 


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