Seb Fontaine Blasts Beyonce’s Fans

Seb Fontaine collapsed with heatstroke in Singapore last weekend after Beyonce’s ‘entourage’ reportedly refused to allow him to use her air-conditioning backstage at the party for the Singapore Grand Pix Formula One.

"We were told, 'No they are Beyonce's fans,’” the London DJ told the Daily Star, “I wasn't asking to play her drum kit on stage. I just wanted to keep cool,” he complained.

Chatting to Skrufff previously, both Alex Smoke and Sandy Rivera admitted over-heating can be an issue for DJing, with Alex admitting ‘I should wear a sweat-proof vest but I don't; I often wear nipple tassles.”

Sandy was more understated, he confessed.

“I always dress up every time I go out, though when I’m DJing I’ve got to be a little more comfortable,” he said, “So I guess at a club I might wear a nice shirt but I’ll keep a t-shirt in the bag in case it gets really hot in a sweaty club.”

The importance of perspiring freely was further emphasized by French author Frédéric Saldmann last year his health book Le Grand Ménage in which he urged French men to both ‘dare to fart’ (to reduce the risk of ‘hiatal hernia’ apparently) and to throw away deodorants.

"To block sweat not only stops the elimination of toxins but also a certain number of messages that are potentially very attractive to the opposite sex,” the Doctor explained (Daily Telegraph).

Swedish drugs expert Dr Kai Knudsen also tackled the dangers of over-heating in clubs in an interview last year, warning that ecstasy users are particularly vulnerable.

“You become like a reptile,” Dr Knudsen told the South African Times, “You take on the temperature of your surroundings. Heat stroke is a common problem. If you are dancing, your temperature rises and becomes uncontrollable.”

Article by Jonty Skrufff

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