Organisers of the Amsterdam Dance Event hailed the 15th edition of their annual music conference their most successful yet, as over 110,000 clubbers and 2,500 music industry delegates flocked to the Dutch city last week.

The hybrid event included parties and gigs at 44 official partner clubs throughout Amsterdam by night and a daytime programme of panels and interviews with luminaries including Jeff Mills, Roger Sanchez and Ed Banger supremo Pedro Winter.

Winter, who chatted hilariously about DJing in blue furry dragon costumes and other animal outfits, also DJed at Boynoize’ sold out party on Thursday night at the Melkweg before jetting out on Friday to make his debut at Berghain in Berlin. “I was impressed, really. I knew ADE of course but I’d never attended the event before,” Pedro told Skrufff.

“It’s really good to meet the people you are dealing with via email or phone and the mix of conference and party is a good cocktail. I think people need to meet other people for real. The digital life we are all living is fun but there’s nothing better than seeing someone front of you. Maybe electronic music business is human, after all.”

He also appeared on ADE’s Disintegrating Genres panel alongside Deep Dish producer Dubfire.

“Dance music is doing well, but that's not a big news, the good news is the fact that barriers within electronic music are falling down,” Pedro continued.

“I really enjoyed sitting down with Dubfire, for example. It was a smart idea to put us together and realise we have all the same passion, the same love for electronic music. The minimal/maximal war is way behind us now. I just DJed at Berghain in Berlin: who could imagine Ed Banger in this minimal techno temple? I did,” he laughed.

“And when I was there I did not play music I didn’t like, I just worked a little harder and found the sound that fitted into this club and matched my feelings. It seems it worked, they asked me to play longer . . . way longer. I finished at 9am. Ha ha ha.”

John Digweed’s in-house Bedrock producer Nick Muir also attended tor the first time appearing on ADE’s ‘Happy Accidents’ panel discussing song writing techniques (alongside house pioneers DJ Pierre and Spanky, who demonstrated how they they twiddled with the Roland 303 to inadvertently invent acid house.)

“The conference was buzzing actually, with loads of colourful characters, interesting forums and brilliant music,” said Nick.

“Seeing Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth from Tom Tom Club interviewed was great, what a story they have to tell- and  to share a podium with DJ Pierre and Arthur Baker was a real honour,” he said.

“Although there are some great parties at the ADE I think the event manages to maintain a business-like atmosphere. A lot of people go there to see what’s going on with that side of things because they're genuinely interested in making the business of dance music viable. That’s important - without it we wouldn't achieve the standard of events and music which we’ve become used to.”
“It’s nice to think that you could get stoned in Amsterdam without the police treating you like a criminal,” Nick added, “This time around I stuck to beer and vintage Gouda.”

Despite Nick’s perceptions of local police a seriously unfriendly squad of cops stormed into the Future Sound of Brazil party at Club Home on Friday night and stopped the music as cops carried searches for ‘weapons and drugs’, Delegates from Exit Festival and DJ Top 100 newcomer Claudia Cazacu were amongst partygoers aggressively frisked during a 15 minute break after which the music resumed after cops slunk away upon finding nothing.

The Brazil party followed a successful panel at ADE on Friday afternoon attended by D-Edge owner Renato Ratier, Man Recordings’ Daniel Haaksman, and top agents Fernando Moreno (Smartbiz) and Edo van Duyn from 3 Plus.

Edo, who most recently helped Gui Boratto become Brazil’s global DJ star, spoke candidly about the prospects for the country’s exciting though still formative club scene.

"Brazil is definitely now on the global dance music map, but the honeymoon period has passed," Edo told delegates.

"Now is the moment where a lot of local artists and agencies like ourselves are concerned about where the market is going. There is diversity, but the market isn't big enough to support a wide array of artists. So, if you play underground music, don't give up your day job, and if you play commercial house you may just be able to make a living DJing."

Summing up ADE 2010 best, was acid house inventor DJ Pierre who was delighted to bump into his heroes Tom Tom Club at the delegates’ hotel as well as Arthur Baker (who he admitted he’d previously always assumed was black).

“This was the best year yet,” Pierre told Skrufff. “I've made some incredible contacts, the panels were amazing and the parties were huge. This was the best place to network and showcase my Afro Acid label Event.  The world should recognize ADE as the conference with the best mix of music, business and events,” he enthused.

Article by Jonty Skrufff ( )


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