Lady Gaga urged her fans to turn the other cheek towards Westboro Baptist Church members, this week, after the God Hates Fags organization mobilized protestors to carry ‘God Hates Lady Gaga’ placards outside her concert in St Louis, Missouri.

"Although we have had protesters before, as well as fundamentalists at the show, this group of protesters are hate criminals and preach using lude [lewd) and violent language and imagery that I wish I protect you all from,” Gaga declared via Twitter.

"My request to (you) and public authorities is to pay these hate criminals no mind. Do not interact with them, or try to fight. Do not respond to any of their provocation. Don’t waste your words, or feelings, no matter what you hear or see you are more fortunate and blessed than they are, and in your heart just pray for them,” she urged.

Announcing their plan to protest against her support for gay rights in a press release issued in June, the Westboro Church spat ‘God hates whore Gaga . . . God doesn’t hear the prayers of proud, hateful whores!” and branded her a ‘slut’.

“This silly girl has horribly miscalculated,” the church group continued, “if she thinks God, who set the death penalty for fornication and fags, will accept the prayers of those with unrepentant hearts who glory in that shame.”

Curiously absent from the demonstration, however, was rival Christian organization Godhatesgoths, who despite attacking the likes of Aerosmith for ‘glorifying homosexuality and cross-dressing on “Dude looks like a lady’ and labelling goths as ‘filthy whores’ makes on mention of Gaga on their site.

“The bible instructs us to dress modestly,” Godhatesgoths leader Reverend Green points out on the group’s fascinating website.

“Do goths dress modestly? No. They dress like filthy satanic whores,” the Reverend complains.

“Covered in piercings and tattoos, torn fishnet stockings, PVC, basques and bondage clothing. Dressing up like a sick circus freak is a direct defiance to God,” he warns.

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