“I try to avoid drinking too much vodka during DJ trips, but I rarely succeed.” Teaming up with fellow Bristollian Nick Warren to form progressive house pioneers Way Out West in 1994, then teenage prodigy Jody Wisternoff rapidly established himself as one of the first crossover stars of dance music, both via Way Out West’s commercial success and his own thriving DJing career. 17 years later, he’s happily married and a Dad of two, though as he’s the first to admit, he’s not quite settled down.

“Recently in Poland, I arrived at the airport the morning after the show and realised I was wearing the promoter’s trousers. I still have no idea how this happened.”

Travel Tales: The Best

Skrufff: What's the most luxurious travel trip you've experienced as a DJ?

Jody Wisternoff: “The few business class flights I have taken are pretty luxurious to me, as I’m usually in ballast class with the goats and chickens.”
Skrufff: And the best hotel?

Jody Wisternoff: “I stayed in a 7 star in Hong Kong once which was pretty plush but all I really remember is that they moved my shoes and I couldn't find them anywhere.”
Skrufff: What do you need to make a trip perfect?

Jody Wisternoff: “A good nights sleep beforehand, an afternoon flight from Heathrow T5 so I can rinse the lounge bar, and a laptop loaded with the latest episodes of Breaking Bad.”

Skrufff: What do you always travel with (teabags? torch? lucky charm?)

Jody Wisternoff: “I’m not a suspicious person but I do travel with a lucky conker. Aside from that, all the essentials (laptop, ipod, portable speakers etc etc). I also like to make sure I have Valium for long flights and Cocodomal painkillers for those hung-over mornings.”

Skrufff: What are your top three travel tips?

Jody Wisternoff: “Try to get yourself into a relaxed state, remember that this job is a privilege and even though the travelling can be stressful its a shitload better than working down a coal mine. If your checking in luggage, always take your favourite outfit in your hand luggage just in case your suitcase goes missing so you can still look wicked for the first gig. Have loads of entertainment and work to do (e.g. interviews for Skrufff) Makes time fly.”

Travel Tales: The worst
Skrufff: What's been your worst travel nightmare?

Jody Wisternoff: “Falling down a manhole in Kuala Lumpur on the way to a gig wasn't great. I was rushed to hospital where they bandaged up a hole on my leg and gave me all sorts of jabs. I had a (Kuala) lump on my shin for the next 6 months, which was agony.”
Skrufff: What's the worst hotel you've stayed in?

Jody Wisternoff: “The airport hotel at Domododevo, Moscow. I seem to stay there all the time these days, and the crazy thing is, it’s really expensive. Single bed, smelly shower, no mini-bar, crap WiFi; the list goes on.”

Skrufff: What's the worst experience you've had at customs/ Immigration?

Jody Wisternoff: “Back in the day when I had a ponytail I used to get a lot of shit at immigration, especially going in to Canada. Such as my nose being swabbed (for drugs) and every single record being checked etc. These days, being a more presentable figure, I find this experience a lot smoother, however, I do seem to find that in America the better visa you have in your passport the more shit they seem to give you.”
Skrufff: How about when you've got through customs: have you had any bad encounters after not being picked up?

Jody Wisternoff: “This year in Miami after going through customs I got outside, chucked my suitcase in the back of a cab, and then proceeded to jump into a totally different one without even thinking about it. It was only 10 minutes later that the full horror of my error became apparent and I spent the next 5 days trying to locate my clothes and generally feeling pretty pissed off. However, a beautiful twist of fate resulted in my bag being returned to Lost & Found at the airport literally minutes after I checked in for my homeward flight. Always a happy ending.”
Skrufff: What do you hate about travelling?

Jody Wisternoff: “These days, missing my family. I have 2 kids now and long trips can really tug at the old heart-strings. Thank god for Skype.”
Skrufff: What's been the most frightening experience you've had on your DJ trips; ever been robbed/ followed/ threatened?

Jody Wisternoff: “ The engine blowing up mid-flight between Sydney and Melbourne once was pretty harrowing. And the driver passing out at the wheel on the way to an after-party in Orlando was pretty scary as was getting trapped in a lift in Serbia after a gig, totally dying for a piss, made me realise what it must feel like to be pregnant.”

Jody’s latest release Vintage/Shivver, is out now on Anjunadeep.  He’s also just completed his solo album and concluded ‘release date to be confirmed; watch this space’).







November gigs -

12/11 - Club Rise, UFA (Russia)
13/11 – Shark, Thessaloniki (Greece)
19/11 - Empathy, Bristol (UK)
26/11 - Twisted Audio, London (UK)

Article by Jonty Skrufff: http://listn.to/JontySkrufff


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