Acclaimed London party organisers Secretsundaze cancelled their party last weekend at the 11th hour in protest at the low sound levels set by the Islington venue.

“We are really, really sad to say that we have taken the decision to cancel secretsundaze tomorrow,” the party promoters said in a statement.

“In short the Metal Works totally omitted to tell us until the last minute despite numerous meetings that they have 95 db sound restriction,’ they explained.

“The last thing we want to do is throw a party knowing in advance that the soundsystem will be below average. Sound is very important to us. We have spent the last 36 hours desperately trying to sort out an alternative but to no avail. We are really sorry for everyone that made plans (we had a great response to the party) but it was totally out of our hands,” they added.

Official US advice on decibel levels for workplaces use 95decibels as the danger level suggesting people risk risk permanent hearing damage’ if exposed for more than four hours though British organization Don’t Lose the Music aimed higher in a new campaign launched this week which urged festivalgoers to use earplugs.

“The sound levels at music festivals can reach an excess of 110dB, which is equivalent to an aircraft taking off,” they noted, “Although you may not be standing right next to the speakers, even only a few days of noise exposure at those levels can cause irreversible damage.”

UK house DJ Jon Carter learned the hard way, he admitted in an interview with Skrufff in 2008 as he recalled developing dreadful tinnitus from too much loud music, provoked by marathon recording sessions in his studio.

“I used to have these huge speakers which came from the Abbey Road orchestral room, they were really over the top and I used to play them at full volume up to forty-eight hours at times,” said Jon.

“I noticed one day that the tinnitus didn’t stop, but eventually one day it skyrocketed to full volume and it freaked me out big time. You just don’t know what’s going on. It’s meant to come down; even the doctors didn’t have an answer to why it became so much louder. I had to turn a lot of work down in the end. It was really distressing because nobody seems to know anything about it, no one knows how much louder it’s going to get or what it’s going to be like when you’re sixty. Doctors just say it’s not going to kill you so just live with it.”

“The tinnitus really wrecked my life at the time, I know I’m getting a bit personal, but it got me into a really deep depression,” said John. “The only help I received was from other sufferers, and you know, when they say you’ll get used to it, you never believe them. But eventually you will get used to it.”

“Jody from Way Out West called me one day because he knew I had it too and talked to me as he was also in a state. I told him that it had ruined my marriage. All I could say to him was, ‘one day you will get used to it’. There’s nothing more you can do. And, one day after eighteen months, eventually I did too,’ said Jon.

Article by Jonty Skrufff ( Follow Jonty on Twitter:


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