Do you want to escape by private jet to a fun and entertaining summer holiday destination? Check out the best festivals and attractions in 2020.

Summer is the season to escape the real world and let your hair down. But where should you travel to and how should you get there? Private jets are more accessible than ever these days and make for a great way to get away from the city and escape reality.

You can jet off to fantastic summer festivals, one after the other if you think you can handle it. Many festivals take place in resorts close to the beach. Others take place on islands that commercial planes don't usually land. Take a look at some great summer escapes where you can dance your summer away. 


Isle of Wight Festival, 11-14 June 2020

The Isle of Wight Festival has to be one of the best summer festivals in the world — It is famous for hosting performers like Jimmy Hendrix and has been around on the music festival scene for more than 50 years! Impressive. Usually, the only way to get over the isle of Wight is by boat. Commercial airlines don't fly here, but private charter jets do. The savviest way to experience the festival is to fly to the Isle Of Wight on a private jet. If you do choose to travel to the Isle of Wight on a private plane, you will be able to get in and out of the airport super fast, and you'll receive a VIP service. Luxury cars and luxury car rentals are available to collect you and whisk you to the festival.


Glastonbury Festival, 24 Jun – 28 Jun 2020

Glastonbury is one of the largest festivals in the world and every year* It hosts some of the most incredible artists, most of who are globally recognised. The festival is visited by many VIP's, and VIP access is available if you have deep enough pockets. There's lots of accommodation to choose from at Glastonbury from private luxury yurts with hot tubs to traditional canvas bell tents kitted out with memory foam beds and Egyptian cotton sheets.

If you aren't planning to stay long, you can get a helicopter transfer from the festival back to your private charter at Bristol Airport which is the closest to Glastonbury.


Coachella Festival - April 2020

Coachella is probably the most famous festival in the world. With funfairs, fantastic musicians and top of the bill named artists like Jay Z and Beyonce Attending every year. Coachella is a must for any high flyers bucket list. Flying to Coachella by private jet and getting transferred to the festival in a luxury car or helicopter is the way to make an entrance.

The nearest airport to land a private charter jet at is San Francisco airport which by the way is also a beautiful airport to land at, especially on a private plane.

Aside from festivals, there are lots of places to take your family this summer. You can have an excellent time at theme parks, water parks and outdoor pursuit centres around the globe. Here are some of our hot picks for 2020.


Travel To The Best Water Park In The World By Private Jet

Aquaventure Waterpark (Dubai, UAE)

The world's most famous slide is located at this water park. If you have seen footage and photos of people swishing through a glass tunnel with sharks swimming overhead, then this is the place. The park has 18 million litres of water, extraordinary rides, wave machines and the longest rapids in the world stretching to more than 1km long. It has cascading waterfalls and lush greenery to give it a summer vibe tropical feel, and it is well placed in the middle of the palm,

The nearest airport to Aquaventure waterpark is Al Maktoum International Airport which is 40 minutes away by car transfer. Helicopter transfer is also an option and can take you from Al Maktoum Airport to Atlantis Helipad, which is nearby.


Travel To The Best Theme Park In The World By Private Jet

Credit - Public Domain Pictures


Disney World Florida (USA)

The best theme park in the world for families is Walt Disney World Florida. With plenty for all the family and wonderful rides for grown-ups, Walt Disney World has something for everyone. Including live entertainment from some of the most recognisable Disney characters of all time. Something which the whole family will enjoy.

The nearest airport for a private jet is Orlando, a private helicopter or luxury vehicle can transfer you and your family to America's greatest family theme park.


Article and images provided by a contributor.


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