Made To Play records boss Jesse Rose revealed he’s been studying DJ Magazine’s latest Top 100 DJ poll in detail this week, via a Twitter message that was later reTweeted by Sebastien Leger.

“Did anyone notice that every trance DJ in the top 100 now claims to play 'house'!” the Berlin-based Brit electro-house don asked, “In that case what I play must be trance.”

His comment came just a day before Swedish tech-house type Christian Smith tweeted ‘without house there would be no techno!’ and two days before Chemical Brothers producer Tom Rowlands revealed an unexpected interest in dubstep.
"We made a record in 2002 called 'My Elastic Eye' and apparently it's pretty big in dubstep,” he told New Zealand’s NZCity website, “It's like proto dubstep, so maybe we'll return to it and make a dubstep album. I'm sure we could make a great album,” he suggested.

The importance of naming music correctly was emphasised by uber-producer legend and ambient gur Brian Eno earlier this year, when, chatting to veteran journalist Paul Morley suggested that ‘giving something a name can be just the same as inventing it.’

“By naming something you create a difference,” Eno explained, “You say that this is now real. Names are very important.”

Article by Jonty Skrufff ( ) 


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