Judge Jules, Steve Mac, Jody Wisternoff, Rocky, Christopher Lawrence and Jagz Kooner chatted to Skrufff this week about the necessity of working virtually non-stop to maintain their careers and almost all agreed that being a workaholic is vital for lasting DJ success.

"The thing with being a DJ is the there is a definite limited shelf life (very few have long term high level success) and (pardon the phrase) but it's very important to "milk it" for all its worth, while you are still in the limelight," acid house pioneer turned Primal Scream uber-producer Jagz Kooner recommended.

"I've never been lazy (apart a few lazy days)," he added, "my schedule means that I really can't afford to waste any hours in a day."

Notoriously sleepless non-stop globe trotting DJ Judge Jules (http://www.judgejules.net )agreed, admitting his own Stakhanovite work ethic comes from being 'always motivated; some would say obsessively'.

"There is so much behind the scenes work involved," Jules explained, "that it would be impossible to do the job properly otherwise."

Fellow uber-busy trance star Christopher Lawrence was more specific.

"For me, being a workaholic when you are a DJ is essential because once you step on the touring treadmill, you feel like you have to keep going. If you stop, you will lose your momentum," said  Christopher.

"Most DJs are not only touring, they are producing music, doing press, radio shows, running labels and of course, record shopping and working on their sets. When I hear about DJs who party and have sex with groupies, I think, 'who has the time?'" he laughed.

"In academia, they have a phrase 'publish or perish' which is the same for music. If you don't keep outputting, your career will die. The superclub highway is littered with dead DJs to prove it," said Christopher.
(http://www.christopherlawrence.com )

The DJs discussed their work ethics in response to an article published in the Daily Telegraph this week which revealed that doctors are calling for laziness to be classified as a 'disease in its own right' in recognition of the remarkably strong link between inactivity and ill health.

"Given the significant associated mortality and morbidity, we propose that perhaps physical inactivity should also be considered for recognition as a disease in its own right," said Dr Richard Weiller and Dr Emmanuel Stamatakis, writing in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

X Press 2 producer Rocky (http://tinyurl.com/34hep6l ) (whose biggest commercial hit to date was called Lazy) told Skrufff he recognized the plausibility of the doctors' suggestions.

"I've been lazy pretty much all my life! I really haven't stopped," said Rocky, "Most of the time I handle it fairly well but sometimes I can get quite depressed about it."

"Is being a workaholic necessary for DJing success? No, it totally isn't and I'm proof of that," he continued, "Though I'm sure that if I'd been a workaholic, I'd have been a lot more successful."

Steve Mac conceded that on bleak winter's days he sometimes ploughs through DVD box sets non stop though unlike Rocky pointed out 'I work bloody hard!'

"It's the only way, you have to work so hard in every aspect, i.e. studio and live, it takes a certain type of person to be able to do this," said Steve. The hugely prolific Brighton based producer said in recent years he's re-ordered his priorities significantly though to ensure he spends time with his family.

"It's the most important thing," said Steve. "I would honestly say my work ethic has destroyed most of my woman relationships, it's hard to find a woman that really understands or anybody else to be fair. If you want to be a successful DJ/ record producer, be prepared too make a lot of sacrifices but believe me, it's worth it," he recommended.

Jody Wisternoff from Way Out West described himself as 'not necessarily lazy' though admitted to suffering occasional periods of writers block.

"To get out of this mindset, the best thing to do is just chill and spend time with the family," the progressive house star suggested.

"Personally, I think it's very important to be driven," Jody continued.
"However, on the flipside I also believe it to be unhealthy to an extent.
This constant need to succeed can lead to stress. But it's such a competitive market these days that you need to stay on top of your game otherwise some 18 year old will stab you from behind and take your place.
You cannot rest on your laurels these days," he added.

Jonty Skrufff  (http://skrufff.com): Follow Jonty on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/djjontyskrufff


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