Read below about some of the biggest artists in the business before they come to perform in Hong Kong and Macau.

hkclubbing talks to one of Hong Kong’s most respected producers and the genius behind local music bar Yumla.

“I don't want to play with a laptop, that's against my principles. Firstly the whole setting up procedure in a club is a pain in the ass, and whenever I see other DJs using laptops it just doesn't look right. Many guys don't even wear headphones anymore, they don't do any physical work and just look at the screen. I find this . . . strange.”

28 years after he started DJing and 22 years after he switched to techno, Timo Maas remains of Germany most popular and critically rated DJs, and though softly spoken and friendly, is as single-minded as his sets. chats with France’s most-revered house and electronic music DJ, Claude Monnet. How would you describe your house music sound?
Claude Monnet: It is a mix of funkyness and groove inspired by afrobeat, soul, jazz, disco, detroit techno, chicago and NY house. What are you working on at the moment?
Claude Monnet: I'm working on a vocal track remix coming on MAP DANCE. The song and the vocal (Tania Mitchelle) are amazing and it should be a hit at the next WMC or during the winter.

“The three of us connected through our love of glorious deep-tech. In my opinion the tracks came out absolutely cool and complete. iO did a great job creating their crazy bass lines, and I pushed the ideas further, using various flute, trumpet and bagpipe samples.”

Though Kazantip resident DJ Tish is the first to admit her willingness to experiment with flute and bagpipe samples is also, ‘frankly, my weak point’ the Ukrainian starlet’s optimistic assessment of their new EP Close To Me is one shared by more than a few other DJs. And when the list of supporters includes the likes of Ramon Tapia, Dubfire, Riva Starr and Richie Hawtin (offering ‘full support’) it’s clear their prospects are rosy.

“I can be a lazy bastard, that is probably the biggest obstacle I have to overcome: that and a short attention span.”

Though his debut artist album Vapour is already being acclaimed by everybody from Sasha, Jooris Voorn and his own personal favourite Laurent Garnier, Amsterdam-based German producer Patrice Baumel insists he has no ambitions to emulate their superstar DJ level success.

“I am driven to make good music and find new excitement in what I do day after day. I believe that I still have a lot of good things in me and that I am still improving,” he explains.

“And what is success anyway? A lot of people agreeing with what you do? Not very high on my priority list,” Patrice continues, “Each human being has to go down their own path, I see no point in comparing myself to anyone else.”

Focused and opinionated, he’s also friendly and charismatic; personality traits that have served him well since he first moved to Amsterdam 14 years ago, relocating from his hometown of Dresden, Germany.

Pearl; India’s Number 1 Superstar DJ on Fighting For her Life (and Right to Party) (extended interview)

“Here in India we have to constantly and actively fight for our right to dance and to listen to electronic dance music. Not to be pessimistic but I don’t think this divide will ever be bridged. There are deep cultural reasons for this moral policing. We are a country of contradictions.”

French House master Martin Solveig talks to about the making of his new album “Smash”, his early days as a DJ and opening a flower shop in 10 years.

The leading figure in the electronic music scene, Moguai is bringing his show here in Hong Kong at Volar Club. He talks to HKClubbing about how it all began, his sister’s influence on his music and his intriguingly entitled album, “We Ar Lyve”.

“Quickly we got used to the weather changes and somehow started accepted them as a part of that weekend. I really don’t know why and how to explain it to people who haven’t been there, but when the weather was bad it really didn’t matter after a while, maybe because everybody was happy and smiling however it was.”

Cologne based promoter/ DJ Dirk Sid Eno made his debut on the island this year

“The best moment for me this year was when I was DJing and during a long track popped to the bar for a beer. As I ordered, the barman smiled and asked me if I’d like to join him to go and empty the toilets together. He hadn’t realized I was DJing.”

Berlin based tech-house type Sven L is ‘DJs With Bad Haircuts’

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