Read below about some of the biggest artists in the business before they come to perform in Hong Kong and Macau.

Crystal Ball- the Next 10 Years - Dave Clarke

Brit-in-Amsterdam producer/ DJ/ broadcaster/ bon viveur Dave Clarke remains one of the world’s most popular (and opinionated) DJs, specializing still in the techno and ‘real’ electro he first started championing in the early 90s. Click here to follow Dave on Twitter ( 

Skrufff: What trends- in music and clubs, do you expect to be big in 2010 and beyond?

Welcome back to Hong Kong! What memories do you have about you previous gigs in the city, and are you looking forward to coming back?

Thank you, I am very much looking forward to it, I have had so many good times in Hong Kong, I was lucky enough to play at Queens the first time I ever came to HK, that was pretty special as that was my the moment I fell in love with the city and the culture.

As is customary, everyone’s making their end of year lists – what’s stood out for you as your personal favourite moments of this year?

Off the top of my head I’ve got to say that a recent weekend I had in San Fran will go down in history for me – I did the LoveFest which was unreal, plus the craziest, most remote venue called The Compound, a daytime gig at the End Up with Lee Burridge, Craig Richards etc, as well as an afterparty at Vessel followed by another afterparty. That particular weekend is now known by all that were there as The Epic!

Welcome back Richard. This is your second time in playing in Hong Kong for Ministry of Sound – What were you thoughts about last your last trip, and are you excited about coming back?

Yes I had such a great time last time, the club was fantastic, great people an a real riot of a night, so I’m really looking forward to returning and doing it all again and seeing the guys and girls again.

Roni Size plays a set along with cohort MC Dynamite at the Hong Kong Electronic Music Festival on Saturday 21 November. Where, we wondered, has he been since the 1997, when he and his Reprazent crew won the Mercury Music Prize with the album New Forms, and burst onto the mainstream scene?

Are you looking forward to playing in Hong Kong for New Years Eve?

Absolutely cannot wait for NYE- I’ve heard great things about Hong Kong and its clubbing scene so it really should be a memorable night!

2.    Is this your first time to Hong Kong?

Certainly is. I’ve been lucky enough to visit many countries world wide and have had some amazing experiences, Hong Kong has been on my wish list for a while so I’m super excited for this one.

What was your overall approach to constructing a Toolroom Mix?

I wanted to make something that really reflected my sound as a DJ, but was also not just about banging out club tunes. I think I managed to strike a nice balance between those two poles. There is a nice selection of music in the mix.

Toolroom has a rich reputation in the mix CD spectrum. How do you feel about being given the opportunity to contribute to the series?

It’s an honour as I guess it would be for any artist. I am glad that they were willing to put me at the helm of this journey and trusted me to steer it in the right direction!

Q.Are you looking forward to playing in Hong Kong for New Years Eve?

A.Very much so.  This will be my first ever trip to the far east, and due to my oriental heritage, it will be a New Years Eve to remember.

When was your first discovery and understanding of House Music?

I really discovered it back in the early 90's - i was into jungle / d&b back then but i was also into a bit of house - they sold it at the record store i  used to buy by tunes from... but then really understanding it came from a friend of mine nigel wildman - who i met while working at virgin records - he really introduced me to the different house sounds in the mid 90's.. then around 97 i started to like dnb less and house more and then i got hooked into the house thing and the rest is history..

How do you balance life between the studio, the club and home?

It's tough but i think it's important to know when to switch off when your at home and just chill... i also work 4 days a week in the office doing a&r for defected... so it's a pretty hectic schedule but it works when I balance it right and definately pays off

“I didn’t have that many problems breaking through as a producer but it was still really hard for me to understand and accept that even after a series of twenty or thirty releases on good labels nobody wanted to book me for gigs, mostly because I was an artist from ex-Yugoslavia. But when I got my chance, I didn’t let it go.”

With over 500 releases under his belt and a global tour itinerary that reflects his now permanent presence in DJ Magazine’s top 100 DJs, Slovenia tech-house producer Umek is a shining example of the importance of persistence.

“I always believed I would succeed as a producer and DJ and organised my whole life to achieve this goal,” he explains, “I left school and abandoned basketball training when it became obvious I won’t be able to maintain a career in both sports and music at the same time, and focused entirely on music.”

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