Please note: This article was released on the 3rd June 2011.

Dance culture’s only big name DJ to start his career as a PHD geneticist Max Cooper specializing in producing stripped down techno tracks driven by crunchy electro beats and startlingly melancholic soaring strings.

A relative newcomer to the upper echelons of experimental techno, he’s nevertheless already notched up a substantial and impressive back catalogue of tracks released on over 20 labels including Traum, Perc Trax and veryverywrongindeed.

Skrufff: I make music because . . .

Max Cooper: “I love expressing myself musically. It's hard to explain, but there is some sort of deep satisfaction in spewing out your state of mind into something tangible.”

Skrufff: The best way to overcome a creative block is . . .

Max Cooper: “To get out of the studio, talk to friends, go out, visit some inspiring places, read an interesting book, just generally providing your mind with a range of things to mull over is the key to bringing together new combinations of ideas, which is all I believe creativity to be.”

Skrufff: I started taking making music seriously when . . .

Max Cooper: “I started DJing.”

Skrufff: The best music-making tip I ever heard was . . .

Max Cooper: “Don't be scared to make what you want to me just because it's not the height of fashion - Make what comes naturally.”

Skrufff: The secret of writing great music is . . .

Max Cooper: “Perseverance.” 

Article by Jonty Skrufff:

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