talked to Adrian Armirail about the launch of Nu mood radio in Hong Kong and the up and coming party at Azure on the 30th April. So, what kind of music is your radio show focused at and who are you looking to reach?

Nu mood radio was created to provide a promotional platform for established as well as up an coming high quality house music DJs. Out target audiences are house music lovers and clubbers around the world, with focus on Europe, USA, East Asia and South East Asia.

2) Why did you choose to launch the radio station in Hong Kong?

Hong kong has a diverse mix cultures and tastes. It provides a vibrant nightlife and hong kong people are always up to date when it comes to technology. Furthermore hong kong serves as a central hub to reach other countries in the region. Some of them include mainland china, Macao, Thailand and Singapore.
3) How are you looking to spread the word about the show?

Our website is the central part of nu mood radio. With partners and friends in the local nightlife and house music industry we have already been able to reach a local as well as international audience. This month we are launching nu mood events, the first event of possibly a series is going to be held 30 April at azure in lkf tower. We are looking forward to reach a large local audience by providing premium nightlife experience.
4) What do you think of radio / music shows in Hong Kong ?

When it comes To FM radio for night clubbers, there is not much around in hong kong, if any. We do not see this as a problem, considering the love for technology and iOS devices in hong kong. Many people now like to listen to radio online, take it everywhere in forms of podcasts or just stream radio live on an iPhone or other mobile phone.
5) Do you think online radio shows are the way forward or are conventional radio stations still necessary?

see above, combine question / answer
6) Do you plan to have special guests on the show and if yes, who are you looking to bring on?

So far we had high ranking international DJs on the show. Jay west, Alfred Azzetto, Fabio Tosti, DJ Le Roi are just some of them. Without saying too much, we are looking forward to broadcast mixes from artists releasing their tracks under Purple Music, Defected, Kings of House, Soulfuric and many more. However, lets not forget our passion to discover artists and DJs that have not yet been able to establish their names internationally but still provide the premium house music we all love.

7) What are the online or conventional radio shows like from your home town?

Where I come from people started creating online radio shows for some years now. None of them were and still are up to scratch in my opinion and that's also where i took my motivation from. As for conventional radio stations, there have always been nightlife broadcasts on Friday and Saturday nights in my home town. Some of them i was collaborating and regularly featured as a DJs.

8) Is your background being a radio presenter or is it something else? If it is then how did you get into putting together the show?

Hehe. In the late nineties and early 2000 i used to be an MC and later became a DJ due to my fascination with technology and its emerging flexibility of sharing music by different means. Being a radio presenter is new for me and I was learning on the go because of my passion for the music and the urge to share that music with other people who can enjoy it.

9) You have the launch event coming up, do you plan to have other events after that for the show?

Yes, absolutely. We consider hong kong as a base also for events. However, there will be events in Thailand, Switzerland and possibly Macao within this year. I would like to take the opportunity to thank our friends and partners around hong kong who are supporting us in our undertaking and i am looking forward to see you 30 April for the nu mood event launch at azure.
10) What is the structure of the show? Music? Discussion? Advertisements? Also how often is it updated?

The show is presented with different tools. Firstly, we publish a biweekly podcast for free download on itunes and soundcloud in high quality. The second more important feature is the live streaming 24h radio channel. It features released and unreleased radio shows and mixes from guest as well as nu mood resident djs.

Thank you for you opportunity and your support. See you 30 April at Azure.

Nu Mood Event Launch

Saturday 30th April 2011 at Azure Restaurant Slash Bar
Featuring DJs:
Adrian Armirail (Switzerland), Tai Pan Dan,
Roy Malig & Patrice Grant


Nu Mood Event Launch at Azure Restaurant Slash Bar

Event Feature
Nu Mood FM is a web based radio show established by DJs Adrian Armirail and Tai Pan Dan.  The station is aimed at broadcasting some of the world’s finest House Music DJs and producers and to act as a platform for new productions and events.  With the ever increasing number of downloads of broadcasts especially within the Hong Kong region, Nu Mood FM is set to hold its launch event in Hong Kong at Azure Restaurant Slash Bar.  It is a great platform to support local DJs, Artists and producers and will give them opportunity to perform with other international acts in the future.

Saturday 30th April 2011

10.30pm till late (3.30am close)

Free Entry
RSVP guest list – Email names to
RSVP guest list entrees avoid queuing at entrance and receive a free CD mixed by DJ Adrian Armirail

Azure Restaurant Slash Bar, 29 & 30/F Hotel LKF, 33 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

More Information – HK’s Leading Nightlife and Entertainment Site on Facebook:

Opium Soul – Facebook Group:


Adrian Armirail
Music has always been the biggest passion in Adrian’s life and he always felt the need to share that passion with other people. Adrian, for some is still known as DJ B-Kube, started as a DJ back in the year 2000 smashing the fresh beats of 2 Step & UK Garage all over Switzerland’s finest Dance clubs. A great vibe was created and it spread to Swiss clubbers during that time. Adrian blended 2 Step with House and smashing Breakbeats that turned clubs into euphoric dance temples.

Tai Pan Dan
Known for his impeccable knowledge of music, Dan’s musical roots started in London and have taken him to Australia and now Hong Kong.  He is the current resident DJ at Zuma and plays for some of the best House, Funk, Soul and Rare Groove nights in Hong Kong.  Watch out for his forthcoming productions.

Roy Malig
He is regarded as a true pillar, also called “THE GODFATHER” of the Hong Kong club & music scene, for someone who has been DJ’ing for quite some years (as he recalls vividly), this reputation is well deserved.  From the heady days of Disco & 70’s Funk, 80’s & 90’s to House & Garage right up to the present day  Progressive & now Hip Hop R&B w/ Old Skool & Electro too.

Patrice Grant
Hailing from the south of France to parents of both Afro-American and Corsican descent, Patrice Grant was heavily influenced by Music from all aspects of genres.  It is largely due to his childhood influences that he now possesses the skills, talent and ear to play styles varying from Electro House, House, Electro-Jazz, Nu Soul, Brazilian Beat, Down Beat (Lounge), Chill-Out, Eclectic to name but a few.


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