Busy P is surely dedicated to his name. A man of several identities, he just finished a meeting and another phone interview before picking up our long distance call from the headquarters of Warner Music Hong Kong. With the promotions for Blohk Party growing as strong as ever; it’s hard not to anticipate for all the major acts that will be performing in Hong Kong from across the world. Same goes for Busy P himself as he tells us about his upcoming plans for Ed Banger, his own musical expressions and his preparations for Blohk Party Hong Kong with excitement and enthusiasm.

Hello Busy P, so happy to talk to you today! As we anticipate for your performance at Blohk Party on the 7th of December; what do you feel about performing at such a festival in Hong Kong?

I am very excited to be in Hong Kong again. Hong Kong is such a unique city, the city of lights and dreams in the world. I love being in an outdoor environment, and of course playing in front of a lot of people. With more audiences, it encourages more connection. However, I also enjoy playing at smaller venues or other indoor spaces. I have played at Volar before and really enjoyed the more intimate connection with audiences there.

From being an organizer for parties, to being the manager for Daft Punk, and now celebrating the mark of the 10th year anniversary for your own label Ed Banger; the options of things to do is vast, but what are there that you are sure you do not want to do?

I want to keep my options opened and I believe there are still a lot of things I should learn about. Being with Daft Punk for 20 years, it was one of the most amazing learning experience. I am looking to establish an online radio channel where people from around the world can tune in and listen to at the moment.

Rave, trance, techno and then to house music; the generation 75 you are from saw a lot of changes, and you were one of them who influenced the change in music by playing, introducing local DJs and managing them under you label. What was the biggest change you have seen in the past 10 years of building Ed Banger and what was the most challenging for the label to overcome?

Obviously with the current era of technology improvement; social media has come into being a powerful tool. However, I don’t see it being a choice to use or not use it. It’s something that is strongly linked to anybody who is living in the current timeframe; and I would say we are learning to live with it.

Everything is much faster and easier; but that does not necessarily mean music is better. In fact, it requires higher focus for quality results because everything is so easy to obtain now. There are less room for mistakes and things of good quality needs to be done in a shorter period of time. Back in the day when I first started working with Daft Punk, I had to carry their CDS and have it sent through Fedex for the Broadcasting media to hear about them.

One of the ‘classic’ track that you have mentioned in a previous interview I read is “We are Your Friends” by Justice; what’s the next generational anthem you believe will be? How do you judge which track will work and which track will have problems attracting attention?

Oh yes, with “We are Your Friends”, it is a classic because when I played it, it felt like something was happening. It’s just a pure good feeling, and I believe it will be the only anthem for Ed Banger. There’s no formula in producing or recognizing a track that can potentially become the next classic; it’s like falling in love. You can’t go out on the streets and say “I will meet a girl that I will fall in love with today” and it just happens. It’s a pure feeling thing, and it’s a moment that makes the track become a classic. I would say though, “Blue Monday” by New Order is also a track that delivers a good feeling for me.

There are a lot of other different acts invited for Blohk Party, ones that you have and have not worked with before. Is there anyone that you in particular am looking forward to see?

I am anticipating to see the mix crowd in Hong Kong. And for sure, I have worked with acts like Edison Chen before, sending him tracks for collaborations.

Kitsuné has been spreading across local Hong Kong club scenes for the events that they have been organizing here; is Ed Bangers preparing anything for Hong Kong or the scenes of Asia in the near future?

For sure, I would love to come to Hong Kong and Asia with Ed Bangers; it’s not even a matter of timing, it will happen. Once I get 10 to 12 artists on the list we will come to Hong Kong and arrange an Ed Banger event of some sort. Breakbot and I will be in Hong Kong together this time and will be signing our Ed Banger 10th anniversary book as well.

The Ed Banger culture was mentioned by you to be have been created through young kids trying to recreate Youtube videos of your parties which is great; but how has social media assist or damaged certain aspects of your Label?

Yes, that was during 2006 and 2007 when the kids were recreating crazy party moments. I still recognize that as the Ed Banger culture, but I wouldn’t want us to be stuck there. Its 2013 now and I would love to see a new Ed Banger culture being developed if it has not been done so already.

For more information about Busy P’s performance in Blohk Party on the 7th of December 2013, click HERE.

Interview and Written by Joyce Tsang


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