Tell us a little bit about how you got started DJing. Who was your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration were block party Dj's of the mid to late 70's, roller rink Dj's and radio disco mixers like Tony Humphries, Larry Levan and Ted Currier that were some of the first to blend two records together on the air. Mixing always fascinated me. Later on in the early 80's when Hip Hop started to buzz it was Grand Master Flash that was the biggest influence. His turntable wizardry was ahead of it's time back then and he was fast as lightening.
How do you feel that DJing and producing has changed over the last few years?
Both crafts have become more compact. Technology has allowed people to be creative with minimal tools, mostly on a laptop. Many Dj's are rolling up to gigs with thumb drives so now even laptops and cd's are out of the equation.  There's more tools to enhance Djing performances, a lot of Dj's are doing tricks and remixing on the fly which can be fun. I just wonder what would happen if there ever came a time when the digital world were to crash. A lot of people would be in trouble. We've become too dependent on technology.

What was your favourite memory of 2014 and what do you have planned for 2015?
My favorite memory was getting a surprise visit from Stevie at my Wonder-Full event in Los Angeles this summer. Everyone knew he was coming but me. He got me really good!

What can we expect from your upcoming performance at KEE's New Year's Eve Pop-Up Party?
A really good time with great dance floor music. Lots of energy and feel good vibes.

Aside from your DJ equipment, name your top three touring essentials?
Water, healthy food and rest! I'm all about staying healthy.

What is the weirdest thing that you’ve seen from the DJ booth?
Lewd conduct on the dance floor from a couple. Quite explicit to be frank. They had to be escorted out. 

Do you have any pre-gig rituals?
Nothing in particular. The most frequent thing I probably do is pray for a good gig. Especially if the crowd is enormous. I still get nervous sometimes but it only lasts for the first few tracks.

Who in your opinion are the best up-and-coming producers at the moment?
I'm really into Kaytranda, Stro Elliot, Tall Black Guy and Bus Crates. I believe they'll be making some big statements in the years to come.

If you weren’t a DJ/Producer what would you be doing?
I love to help people so I would probably be some kind of teacher or social worker, counselor. 

What tracks/ projects can we look forward to in the upcoming months?
I'm working on three albums at once, a new Jigmastas album, a new house album and a new hip hop side project with an emcee I've been working with called Oxygen.
What would be your dream collaboration?
I have done some remixes for Stevie Wonder already but I'm looking forward to the day that I can be in the studio WITH him to create music. That would be a dream come true.

DJ Spinna will be performing at KEE's New Year's Eve POP-UP Countdown Party. For more details CLICK HERE.


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