Tell us a little bit about how you got started DJing. Who was your biggest inspiration?

Well I am Dutch, so for us we grow up surrounded by electronic music, its really part of our culture. So for us you don’t so much as get started as a DJ but gradually it becomes a bigger part of your life, until you realize it’s what your focused on full time. Personally I always saw myself as a producer first but the DJing went hand in hand with this. My early inspirations were guys like Laidback Luke, Tiesto and of course Hardwell, who then went on to become a very close friend.

Is there anything that you are looking forward to doing or seeing in particular when you visit Hong Kong?

I want to see as much as possible, it is such an interesting culture and there is so much diversity, I really hope to get to tour about a little bit.


How do you feel that DJing and producing has changed over the last few years?

I think there are two trends emerging, a lot of DJs and producers are playing it safe at the moment, keeping within limitations of what they know will get a reaction from the crowd and follow the hype. Equally though there are a lot of DJs who are pushing things forward and experimenting, a lot of diversity and different ideas are coming through at the moment, which is really inspiring for someone like myself as I am obsessed with new idea, I find these are super inspiring! I love it when you develop your own style and never follow the trends.

What was your favorite memory of 2014 and what do you have planned for 2015?

2014 was a huge year for me, by far the favorite memories was launching my own label Wolv Recordings. Its been something I wanted to do for some time and the momentum which it has built up since its launch has been incredible, we have just announced the 6th release with comes out later this month. So really my aim for this year is to continue growing it as a label, bring through some artists who are really exciting me at the moment and keep pushing things forward!

What can we expect from your upcoming performance at Bungalow?

My usual set, non-stop high energy electro through out: unique, energetic, dark, creepy. New music from my label and tracks I am really feeling at the moment. That’s what I try to go for every time I play out, of course I always try and keep a surprise or three in store for the fans, so be sure to come down and check out the show.

What is the weirdest thing that you’ve seen from the DJ booth?


Do you have any pre-gig rituals?

Shots. Shots… And more shots?!

Who in your opinion are the best up-and-coming producers at the moment?

Conro & Loopers.

If you weren’t a DJ/Producer what would you be doing?

I am really into fashion and design, so something in that world. It would be something creative as that’s how I feel I express myself best and most likely involving computers as I am a bit of a nerd.

What tracks/ projects can we look forward to in the upcoming months?

I am just about to release my latest track ‘Foxtrot on my own label. It’s a really cool track, ‘90bpm’ so very different from what I have done previously, but I think it is important to explore your creativity, different ideas and styles. And I wanted to share some music with my fans that I was really feeling but was something different to what I am known for, I have a close connection with my fans and I think there is a level of trust there where they believe in what I am doing and give me the license to experiment.

What would be your dream collaboration?

Kanye West.

Dyro will be at Bungalow on 7th May, more details here.


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