A common question I am sure, but I’ve got to ask, where does your name Gramophonedzie come from?
It was a practical joke. I used to play together with my friend Sasha, that’s how gramophonedzie started to live. We played party for friends and we were dressed like 2guys from our very old and very popular 1960’s tv show called ‘’Kamiondzije’’which means‘’truck(lorry) drivers’’. Someone on the party mentioned that as a joke. So I just needed few seconds to mash-up Gramophones and Kamiondzie = Gramophonedzie. That’s the story.

What was your greatest influence growing up (musically or otherwise)?

I had influences from many , many different musicians. I love to listen all kinds of music and I think this diversity brought me to experiment with music. I was really into everything from Hard metal to classical music.

I read somewhere that you have been doing music for a long time, 15 years to be precise, starting your career as a teenager. What was the EDM scene like in Belgrade, given the political climate? How did this motivate or present challenges to you being a DJ?
I have to say that scene in Serbia was always very good. I was lucky to grow musically in good environment. Because we had very restricted movement considering political situation and sanctions we couldn’t travel that much and people were finding their way in discovering music. It was a quest for us and it was very hard but also amusing to travel abroad to get records and bring something from the world to our closed country. Its all, finally, changed for good now.

Where do you spend most of your time now?
Planes and Airports.

You jumped the gun in 2009 with your hit ‘Why don’t you’. What inspired you for that piece?

This particular track was influence from my girlfriend, as I was doing some jazzy house tracks she asked me to make this one for her so that we can listen to it in the club. Its her to blame. Rest is, I suppose, history

When did you start becoming interested in producing music? How did your time at the Red Bull Academy of Music in Dublin influence you?
I was always interested in producing music, but back in a days it was very complicated process as you needed many machines and serious studio to make something. As for RBMA, I wouldn’t exaggerate if I say that everything that I am today came out of it. It was the point when I decided that I’ll dedicate my life to music 100% and that no matter the outcome will be my lifestyle. So, besides meeting great people and being involved in music production for the first time it was my turning point.

Looking at some of the comments on youtube videos featuring your tracks it seems your fellow countrymen are very proud to have such great sounds come from Serbia; do you get a lot of positive fan reaction at home? Do you feel like there is a growing scene in Serbia?
It is hard to believe that at this point I’m probably the only one from my country to gain international success so I suppose that is the main reason why everyone at home is proud of me. For years we’ve been trying to catapult someone from our region but it was very hard. We have great techno scene with guys like Marko Nastic, Dejan Milicevic and few more who are popular abroad as well, but after them there was a kinda standstill. Also I think that our political situation and also our poor standard of living were one to blame too. Now I think our scene is starting to blossom as we are now able to travel with no obstacles and we can discover and be discovered more easily. Serbia and Balkan region are becoming boiling place but now in a good manner, full of undiscovered talent.

Do you have a favourite location or a favourite gig to date?

I don’t have anything in particular. Everywhere I go I have great response of crowd and great time.

In your opinion, what makes a great DJ?
Good selection of music and also good feel for the crowd. The main point is to blend these two together and make people have best time of their life.

What sounds are inspiring you in 2011?

Everything that is new. I’m looking for something that no one ever did before me and to incorporate it in my own sound. Its hard quest but who knows maybe I’ll be lucky again. As for DJing side I always try to find undiscovered artists and present them to the scene. That is exciting to me.

Gramophonedzie will be DJing live in Hong Kong for the first time at Hyde on Friday 18th November.  Check out www.opiumsoul.com for more info.

Interview by Kriti G


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