Coming from a musically talented family; do you see that as being stressful or complimenting to the careers you are engaged with now?

Music was in the air and that’s always a good thing. It was stressful for me for a while because they are so talented and I didn't wanted to let them down. Now it is nice and one of my projects is to make music with my family one day. Imagine me making record with my grandmother!?! 

What caused the turn, from being a classically- trained jazz player to a rock’ n’ roll band member to now, a house DJ?

Music as life is always moving. I just see it as a whole. This is what I am today and tomorrow who knows! I am always trying to grow as a person and as an artist is what keeps me sane and alive.

You have played in very big stadiums, winning golden records during your career life as a rock musician; is it because you have already achieved so much you saw the need to change and try out something completely different?

 When you have no dreams left you have got to move on. It was the perfect time to do all these things. Once upon a time it was fun and natural then at one point I wasn't happy. Sometimes you need to jump and move on.

Out of all the records that you have released, which best represents you do you think?

Well there are many records as there are various sides of myself. If I had to choose I would say "maayancholy" was a great song. It’s really me playing piano with my heart and Cesar's beats were just perfect to tell the story.

What are all these different genres of music to you; a stage in life, the diverse passions that you have, or a pure ambitious career path you decided to undertake?

Of all the diverse passions that I have music is just one. I’m just trying to express myself.

What was your favorite memory so far of 2013 and what would you like to achieve during the  rest of the year?

To record my album was great and a real journey. I flew one of my best friends and amazing musicians Miguel de Ipola to record it with me. It was two weeks locked in the studio giving it our hearts and was a totally out of this world experience. The album is coming out on march 2014 on my own label. It is music to trip, feel and think to.

Tell us a story from tour that shocked you?

Once I was in Tokyo and there was two boys waiting for me after a gig to sign my album at that time for them. It was the first time I thought, ‘what's going on, this is serious’. It still amazes me how music is flying out there and all around the world.

Do you have any pre gig rituals?

Yes I have one. I watch documentaries about the universe and I just try to not think about the gig until I get to the show. Aliens work for me too.

What will you be hoping to give to the audiences during your Asia gigs?

I love Asia. I played there before and I’ve played in Tokyo a couple of times, Hong Kong, Manila and Kuala Lumpur. It is always so nice in Asia, the food, the people and the culture. I’m really looking forward to this tour and playing my music out there.

Where do you foresee yourself being at in the upcoming 10 years? What do you predict yourself to be doing? Is there a particular thing you would especially like to achieve and am working  towards?

Hopefully with a family, some kids running around and playing piano.


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