Tell us a little bit about how you got started DJing. Who was your biggest inspiration?
Music has always been a big part of my life. When I was young I was in a choir called “Stockholm boys choir”. I also been playing guitar a lot during my teenage years but it was when I ran into house music when I was around 16, I fell in love with music on another level. I must say the Swedes - Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell, Eric Prydz - has inspired me a lot.

Will this be your first time in Hong Kong? Is there anything that you are looking forward to doing or seeing in particular?
No, this is my second time playing in Hong Kong actually; both times at Dragon-I! It’s nice to be in the warmth, now that winter is kicking in back home in Stockholm. But I’m also looking forward to see friends who live in the city.

How do you feel that DJing and producing has changed over the last few years?
The scene has gotten a lot of exposure and become a huge market. There are so many new up-coming artists and tracks being released constantly. In my opinion, you need to really work hard and be dedicated to stand out. That’s my main goal everyday!

What was your favourite memory of 2014 so far and what do you have planned for the rest of the year?
It’s been a great year – I’ve toured all over the globe and released both my production “Parachute” and a rework of super talented artist Bebe Rexha’s “Can’t Stop Drinking About You”. I’ll remember my time in Ibiza during the summer the most I think! There I got to both hang out with friends & family and perform.

What can we expect from your upcoming performance at Dragon-i?

Mega hype and some nice tunes!

Aside from your DJ equipment, name your top three touring essentials.

My laptop, a fresh tee shirt and my tour manager.

What is the weirdest thing that you’ve seen from the DJ booth?
That’s a hard one to say… I appreciate everyone who’s there to have a nice time and party hard, so not really the judging kind. Maybe it’s yet to come…

Do you have any pre-gig rituals?

I always prepare my set and get in the right mode, to make it as good a show as possible. Having a great meal before is also important!

Who in your opinion are the best up-and-coming producers at the moment?

My tip is up-and-coming producer/ DJ from Finland, called Jesse Kiis. I really believe in him and like his music a lot. He was also just signed to my management Refune Music. Releases coming soon.

If you weren’t a DJ/Producer what would you be doing?
Hm… Maybe studying.

What tracks/ projects can we look forward to in the upcoming months?
When I get back from Asia I’m getting back to my studio at home. Then I’m going to Brazil for New Years and next year I’ll be releasing new music, which I’m really looking forward for everyone to hear!

What would be your dream collaboration?
I’m a big Coldplay fan so they would be a dream to work with. Right now I’m focusing on making my own productions though!

Otto Knows will be at Dragon-I on the 21st of November, 2014. MORE DETAILS HERE.


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