International DJ, Model, (Record & Fashion) Label Boss, all round Globetrotter and born in Hong Kong, Scarlett Etienne is’s kind of girl. We sit down and chat with Scarlett ahead of her gig on 24th September.

Hi Scarlett! We are looking forward to seeing you back (home?) in Hong Kong. Few people know that you were actually born here; tell us a little bit more about yourself…

I was born in Hong Kong, half Filipino, half German, raised in America, Korea, and Canada.  I currently live in London.  And I'm so happy I get to visit Hong Kong to play.

You’ve played in Hong Kong before, what are your opinions of the club scene over here, and in South East Asia in general?

I love the scene in South East Asia, I've played in places like Singapore, China, Indonesia and of course HK.  I love it because the people here are very appreciative of good music, especially DJs from Europe.

Anything in particular that you are looking forward to doing while you are here?

Seeing Hong Kong with my lovely friend Angus Wong who is the resident DJ at the W Hotel, he's taking me shopping and for Dim Sum I'm sure!

You now live in London, was moving there a career decision, and how has London helped you develop as an artist?

I moved to London to soak up the creative atmosphere. Living in London is wonderful if you are an artist, it's such a cultural city, and everything is available at my fingertips.  Every good artist passes through London for gigs, and It's such a luxury to have such diversity in shows every night of the week.  London is also full of talented photographers, designers, musicians, sound engineers, and creative talent to collaborate with.

The internet, and predominantly, social media has had a huge effect on how we interact with each other. What tools do you use, and how has it changed the way that you interact online? What do you love or hate about it?

Facebook and twitter.  Oh, it's fabulous . I love getting feedback from people about shows and releases. I used to feel very isolated when travelling, but since I've got an iPhone, I can just see what people have got to say and post updates about gigs.  I hate that I spend so much time on it and my roaming phone bill is extortionate!

You have worked closely with both Pioneer and Native Instruments in the past. What are your favourite pieces of kit to use to produce your music and to play live?

I have Pioneer's DJM-800 mixer and 2 cdj-2000s.  I also use Native Instruments Traktor Scratch to play DJ, with the Kontrol x-1.  When I'm playing live, I use NI Guitar Rig with a Fender Stratocaster.

Which artists are you listening to right now? What tracks do you predict will be big in Ibiza this summer?

I'm listening to Gesaffelstein a lot at the moment, he's by far the best electronic producer of the moment.  I'm also listening to music old and new...Depeche Mode, Nicki Minaj, Bjork.

You now own your own label, Starlett Records, and your own fashion brand, House of Starlett. How is running your own Record Label different to running a Fashion Label?

Both can be challenging. Completely different.  Both take a lot of time and patience.  But I'm looking forward to seeing both blossom this year, I have so many ideas and tricks up my couture sleeve. 

What can we expect from you in the rest of the year?

I always post updates about upcoming gigs on my facebook page .  Loads of DJ gigs coming up in Barcelona, Milan, Mexico City, Madrid,  Cyprus, Sicily,Singapore, Romania, London, and of course Hong Kong.  New electronic releases coming up on Starlett Records, remixes by Gain on Top, Alland Byallo, Michelle Owen.  Writing "technolectropop" material for a full length album for the end of the year. 

Thanks Scarlett, we look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong!

Thank you, see you on the dancefloor.


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