I think it's safe to say that all party-goers have thought of becoming a DJ at least once in their lifetime. But how many of us actually turned that dream into a reality? And even if you wanted to, where would you even begin? Sol Passion Music - Hong Kong's DJ & Music Production School may just be the answer. We took this chance to talk to the school's co-founder Ed Rollo about the business, their annual open day and just what goes on behind the classroom turntables.

1) So you are the Director of 'Sol Passion Music', is this something you do full time?

Sol Passion Music is definitely a full time job. My role as Creative Director see’s me doing everything from overseeing the brand image to running DJ and Music Production classes, performance gigs in the evenings as well as working on the development of our schools curriculum. I work closely with my business partner and Managing Director, Mike Vera.

2) Over the years there have been a number of DJ schools that have come and gone, what makes yours different and keep on going?

We respect the other DJ schools in and around Hong Kong, I guess our vision has always been to build a community of like minded people to share skills and knowledge together. We like to treat everyone who comes through here like family and that collective passion for music seems to bring our students, instructors, clients, customers & fans together as a result.

3) You have an open day on the 16th April, what is that about and what can we expect from it?

Our open day is a great chance for people from all ages to come and discover what we’re all about. We’ll have interactive workshops and demonstrations from our instructors covering our main areas of education in Music Production and DJ’ing. Also, our latest range of DJ & Music Production equipment available from our store will be on display.

The day will give people a chance to meet the team here, discuss learning outcomes, course introductions, studio facility tours, get a closer look at the latest gear, and take advantage of special discounts on offer exclusive to the day. We’re also excited to be launching various group classes, as most of our lessons are a one to one basis.

4) How young do you teach from and can anyone sign up?

We offer teaching from 8 years old and up. Our oldest student to graduated was 50, so its never too late or early to start! Our general classes are designed for adults, however we do offer specifically designed courses for kids.

5) Is there a particular requirement/qualification/experience that someone requires to join the school? Are the timings flexible?

Our courses are designed for beginner to advanced. No per-requisites are required, however a little musical knowledge is an advantage. Timing is very flexible and organized around the individual, daytimes, evenings and weekends which allows us to fit in with any work, school, & travel schedules.

6) Is there are particular type of music that you teach with, or can students play a wide variety of music?

We have a preferred method of introducing different styles of music to students. Of course we want to allow students to play and produce the music they love the most and that is a big part of what we aim to achieve.

7) Why did you decide to set up your business in Hong Kong and what do you think of the music scene here?

Our business model is something that has proved to work around the globe in cities such as New York, L.A, London, Sydney and we saw there was an opportunity here to build something similar at that level.

Before that though, Mike and I were inspired by a community we founded in Sydney of up & coming DJ’s & Producers. That idea of having people passionate about music coming together, performing & learning from one another, collaborating on projects, and most importantly supporting each other was a turning point for us. With Hong Kong’s proximity to Australia and its growing music scene, it seemed natural to take what we’d learnt over the years and try to share it with others here. What has been fantastic is the real community feeling you have in the music industry here in Hong Kong now. We are very happy to be a part of it.

Interested to learn more? Check out their open day happening this Saturday, or check out their website for more details.

Sol Passion Music
11th Floor, EIB Tower, 4 – 6 Morrison Hill Rd, Wan Chai
(852) 94220367


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Sol Passion Music

Address : 11F/EIB Tower, 4-6 Morrison Hill Rd , ,
Telephone : (852)94220367
Website : http://www.solpassionmusic.com
Opening Hours :

Monday to Saturday - 10am to 10pm.

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