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Haircut Credit Crunch Crisis

Cropped, edgy haircuts are replacing long flowing hairstyles as a direct result of the credit crunch, according to a report in the Independent On Sunday in July.

 "People enjoy fewer material pleasures in periods of recession, so want more visual pleasures,” Cambridge University cultural economist Susanna
Sallstrom-Matthews told the paper, “And there's more variation among short haircuts than long."

Wild-haired lothario Mr No from Motor was unimpressed, however, telling Skrufff he has absolutely no intention of cutting his hair short, whatever the economic circumstances.

“The last time I chopped all my hair off wasn't much of a good experience, girls stopped chatting me up and boys thought I was a thug. I was so lonely that I got myself a dog that I found in the street- the party was over,” he complained.

The notoriously homophobic (and curiously gay looking) French star said he’s had his hair cut just 14 times since 1998 ‘by this old fag dude from Kentish Town’ though admitted he remains committed to his girlie ‘Camden cut (‘long at the front, short at the back’).

“People treat me generally good because of my hair,” he sniffed, “I get queers buying me drinks in Soho when I shave or girls chatting me up when I don't shave, it's a win-win situation,” he laughed.

Long haired electro Brit Ade Fenton told Skrufff he has his hair cut ‘about once every six weeks at Toni & Guy for £40 a pop; Luckily it's off-settable against my tax bill’ though said like Mr No he has no intention of going short.

“There’s no one particular reason I keep it long, I just like having it,’ the Gary Numan producer explained, “There’s also a lot of fat, bald, ugly or stupid people around and strangely enough, they’re always the first to take the piss so it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.”

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One In Two Women Regret One Night Stands

British scientists who studied the emotional states of men and women after casual sex suggested in September that evolution has made women averse to one night stands, making them value quality over quantity (Metro, UK)

Professor Anne Campbell of Durham University said women would feel happier after casual sex if it was advantageous in evolutionary terms, after a study of 1,743 men and women who’d had one night stands showed that 80% of men felt great afterwards compared to 54% of women (the others reportedly felt ‘used’ and ‘regretful’).

The details emerged as politicians in Ecuador rejected a proposal by Maria Soledad Vela that women should have a legal right to sexual pleasure, with women being allowed to sue their husbands if they fail to perform.

"I think even if my proposal generated laughs and ridicule some parts of society are rethinking what really is a healthy sexual relationship and sexual pleasure,” Mrs Vela told the National Post, after her bill was discarded.

Back in the UK, the Daily Mail reported on another sex study which revealed that two out of three women in clubs agreed to dance with a man after he touched her arm briefly when making his request, reducing to one in three when the same man kept his hands to himself.

“When it comes to catching a woman's eye, little beats a winning smile and a touch on the arm,” the Mail suggested, “Research shows something as simple as a gentle brush of a woman's arm can boost a man's chances in love.”

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ImageNew “Nokia Store” Concept Makes Debut in Prestigious ifc mall
The best-in-class interactive retail service
enhances users’ mobile living experiences

Nokia announced today that the brand new Nokia Store has been officialy opened in Hong Kong.  Situated in the prestigious ifc mall, the Nokia Store not only offers Nokia mobile communications products, but also enhances the concept of mobility in consumers’ lifes by providing a deeper understanding of new mobile communications technologies and services through a unique interactive experience.

Located in one of the world’s most prominent shopping and financial landmarks, the Nokia Store brings Nokia’s retail services development into a new era.  In addition to the in-store displays of Nokia mobile phone products and enhancements, the outlet offers experience zones allowing customers to experience mobile sharing, entertainment, music, navigation and photography, to name just a few. The highly interactive display is backed by well-trained customer service professionals who provide detailed explanations and on-site technical support, to help build consumers’ understanding of digital convergence, and how unlimited mobility can positively impact their lives.

To celebrate the grand opening of the Nokia Store, Nokia invited famous model Galie Lai, along with Jeff Davis, Vice President, Own Store, Nokia and Bruce Lam, General Manager, Markets, Hong Kong and Macau, Nokia (Hong Kong) to officiate the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony. After the formalities, Ms Lai was invited to tour the new Nokia Store and select a Nokia mobile phone as a Christmas gift for a loved one.

 Mr Davis said: “With today’s announcement, Nokia, as the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer, is not only opening a wholly-owned and managed Nokia Store to expand its retail footprint in Hong Kong, but also providing top-class, first-hand interactive experience in mobile communications technology to consumers so they may truly appreciate the variety of convenience that Nokia products and services can add to their lives. In addition, this will further reinforce Nokia’s service objective of ‘Customers Come First’.”

“The mobile subscriber penetration rate in Hong Kong has increased to 160.8 percent*, indicating that consumers are very open to but also particular about their mobile communications products and services.” Mr Lam said.  “It is therefore a prerequisite that our sales and services must go beyond simply matching expectations, we are very focus on development of sales and after-sales services, ensuring the highest quality services and a unique shopping experience for our discerning customers.

“We have had a great success with our Nokia Flagship Store which has received tremendous response and praise from the general public since its debut.  Our success is largely thanks to our well-trained, professional customer services team who have the spirit of perseverance Nokia is known for. In the future, we will continue our efforts to live up to add to Hong Kong’s reputation as a shopping paradise.”

Nokia, with its missions of “Connecting People”, pays tremendous effort in rasing the bar for its customer services.   This year marks the second consecutive year of the Nokia Flagship Store’s participation in the 2008 Service & Courtesy Awards organized by the Hong Kong Retail Management Association, during which it won the Awards at Junior Frontline Level and Supervisory Level in the Electronic & Electrical Appliances / Telecommunication category. In addition, at the HKRMA’s Mystery Shoppers Programme, Nokia was awarded as the Best Service Retailer in the Electronic & Electrical Appliances Category, a further testament to the company’s  achievements in high-quality customer service and professional training.

* Source: Office of the Telecommunications Authority, Hong Kong (August, 2008)

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ImageThis winter, is giving away 5 of the latest Skullcandy headphones.

Including a Smoking Buds Rasta, Lowrider Black gold, Lowrider MacPink, GI Rasta and a Gi Winter Camo.

Before you enter the competition you can just go online and buy yourself a pair! Read on to find out more about these cool headphones and how they got their names.

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London based download portal TrackItDown have teamed up with Facebook to launch a music player that allows Facebook users to create their own playlists and send each other tracks.

The new application also allows users to rank tracks and receive release alerts by favourite artists and labels and has already been downloaded by over 7,000 people, said TrackItDown chief Nolan Shadbolt.

“We’ve had people downloading the player from all over the world, in the last few minutes we have had users link up from Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Australia, Argentina, South Africa and beyond,” Nolan told Skrufff in an interview this week. “We’re delighted with the reaction so far.”

Nolan launched Trackitdown (a (Skrufff licensee site) with hard dance DJ legend Ed Real from Nolan’s Bayswater basement flat in 2005 and spoke enthusiastically about the radical changes continuing to redefine the music business.

“What we’re seeing now is focused groups of people working on exciting new models and there are new standards falling into place,” he suggested.

“It's what you make it,” Nolan added, “Our sales are continually growing, so as far as we're concerned the outlook is good.”

He also spoke positively about the credit crunch, pointing out ‘the last recession gave birth to the UK's acid house and free party scene.”

“Dance music has taken an epic journey since then, if it comes full circle we'll be over the moon. The fact is that a night out can be very costly and many people are deciding to stay in, in the comfort of their home to download their entertainment whether that be movies, games or music,” said Nolan.

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BBC TV Stars Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond will be joined by local celebrity, Marchy Lee for the first ever Top Gear Live arena show in Asia at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) from 20–22 February 2009.

Tickets for Top Gear Live, which boasts an indoor live action theatre, go on sale on Thursday 20th November 2008. Not only will tickets provide up to 90 action-packed minutes of breath taking stunts, amazing special effects and blockbusting driving sequences with some of the world’s best precision drivers; tickets (available from HK Ticketing) will also grant up-close-and-personal access to some rare marques and dream cars from Porsche, Lamborghini and Maserati to name a few in the Motoring Showcase .

For a limited period only, special ticket prices will be available. Tickets will be reduced from HK$288 down to HK$208 for standard tickets, HK$588 to HK$508 for premium tickets and HK$988 to HK$888 for VIP tickets. VIP tickets will include an exclusive back-stage tour and access to the VIP Champagne Lounge.

This experience of live motoring performance is one that car enthusiasts will not forget. Seven shows spanning across three days will be the last opportunity in the world to see the adaptation of BBC TV’s internationally acclaimed and multi award-winning show, Top Gear, comes to life on stage as the tour completes its journey across the globe in Hong Kong.

The show will re-enact some of the TV programme’s old favourites such as car football and The Cool Wall but it will also bring its own magic to the stage. Challenge is the fuel that charges Top Gear’s engine and this is beautifully demonstrated when a ninja takes on a car with Kung Fu in just one of the awesome acts the live show puts on in the arena.

Shell V-Power is confirmed as Global Title Sponsor of the Hong Kong leg of the Tour, with big names in the airline and media industry to be announced very shortly including BBC Knowledge.

To be the first in Asia to see Top Gear Live and purchase tickets log on to or call HK Ticketing on 31 288 288.  For more information about the show visit

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CIPHER launches in Lane Crawford Hong Kong

Created in 2003 as a casual skateboard footwear brand in L.A, today CIPHER is an international urban lifestyle brand offering designer products for an emerging group of international hipsters and global lifestyle connoisseurs.  Now based in the world city of Hong Kong, where international metropolitan living manifests the dynamic fusion of East and West culture, CIPHER is an expression of life in the brave new world—an INTERNATIONAL URBAN CONTEMPORARY LIFESTYLE BRAND

The 2008 Fall/Holiday collection will debut in November 2008 at Lane Crawford stores across Hong Kong.  A reflection of the nouveau urban cool, the collection embodies elements of contemporary art, streetwear culture, high fashion, and is constructed from environmentally friendly materials. CIPHER shoes are available in 3 different styles, in a range of colours, each with its own story and attitude; Seditionary, Subterranean and Libertine. 


Inspired by the famous retail location founded by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McClaren. The Seditionary is an interpretation of the roots of Punk music, meant for people of bold style ambitions and a sense of cultural nostalgia.

The Punk movement of the late 70’s inspires each Seditionary colourway; from Bondage Black to Siouxie Pink each shoe is the embodiment of the icons of the time. High-grade perforated sustainable uppers, or crossed hand stitching characterizes each model. Customized in a proprietary metal buckle, coated in environmentally friendly nickel, 0.5 Gold Micron, or Palladium plating; accenting the exterior with a clean and unique attitude.

Available in 5 colors; Black Quilt, White with Black Quilt, Metallic Pink, White and Metallic Silver and retails for HK$1,750


Inspired by the fluid dynamic movement of the fathers of the “Beat” generation; The Subterranean is a manifestation of the underground intellectual movement that stirred the American cultural awakening of the 1950’s and beyond.

The latest addition to the CIPHER family, the Subterranean is a fusion of high fashion, functionality, and comfort. CIPHER has created a luxurious footwear experience for people of dynamic lifestyles. Each shoe features high-grade environmentally sustainable uppers and interiors accented and embossed foot harnesses for security and style
Available in 3 colors; Black, Metallic Silver and White and retails for HK$1,600


The 2008 Libertine is inspired by the (in)famous author Oscar Wilde and his treatise on aesthetics with a street culture edge. The Libertine is an ode to the flamboyant one-upmanship of urban-street culture fused with the luxuries of high fashion.

Following the ethos of the great writer and icon, the Libertine is fashioned from imported vividly colored silks and the interiors are lined in butter smooth premium sustainable materials. The simplicity of the design coupled with its daring colours is a testament to your discerning taste and sophisticated bravado.

Available in 4 colors; Pink, Orange, Purple and Blue Satin, and retails for HK$1,450.


The collection will be available in Hong Kong exclusively at Lane Crawford from November 2008:

Lane Crawford IFC, 2 Finance Street, Central
Lane Crawford Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty
Lane Crawford Times Square

And available worldwide from November 12th at

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Wednesday December 10th 2008 at 8pm

Hong Kong’s finest independent arts magazine GALLERI is set for another high profile event as it prepares for a multi-faceted pre-Christmas bash at the brand new dada bar + lounge at The Luxe Manor boutique hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Combining the first viewing of GalleriFOUR Magazine, the launch of the official Galleri website plus a unique group exhibition of visual arts, the event looks to eclipse some of the past Galleri events that have included 600 people at KEE Club as well a private party at the Chanel Mobile Art Container.

In association with luxury vodka Belvedere and artists’ network, the G4 event will feature a group exhibition entitled CLASSY DIRTY that will also include recent work for Belvedere by acclaimed photographer Terry Richardson. Drawing from a host of visual artists, the exhibition will bring together photographers, graphic artists, illustrators and urban artists each interpreting the Belvedere ‘Classy Dirty’ theme in their own style. So far the line-up includes; Jonathan Jay Lee, Simon Birch, Jay FC, Timon Wehrli, Emily Eldridge and Blow Up Studios. Alongside this will be several pieces by Terry Richardson featuring Jade Jagger and Vincent Gallo.

“We’re looking forward to working with the Galleri team. What they’re doing and the way they’re handling it sit perfectly with the ‘Luxury Reborn’ global creative platform of Belvedere” said Elvina Tsun from Moet Hennessy Diageo Hong Kong Limited.

The event will also see the exclusive preview launch of GalleriFOUR Magazine – another 148 page book packed with the cream of Hong Kong’s most sought after and talked about creative talents. This issue includes exclusive contributions from Kalun Leung, Cheung Kinwai, A Yip, Wilson Shieh, Kelebra, Cyrusnoname and Andrew Lee.

And finally, the event is also the official launch of the new fully interactive artist website created by the team at

“We’re happy to be celebrating the launch of our fourth issue and we’re really grateful for the support of Belvedere Vodka and It can be difficult to keep something like this going without the support of forward thinking companies who understand the real value of Hong Kong’s local creative community” said Galleri co-founder Jay FC.

The event will be held at the recently completed, lavish and luxurious dada bar + lounge in the award-winning boutique hotel The Luxe Manor in Tsim Sha Tsui. The Galleri party will be one of the bar’s first events since its official launch.

As usual the event is expected to draw an upscale and diverse crowd of artists, celebrities and supporters of Hong Kong’s ever-increasing creative community.

Date: Wednesday 10 December 2008
Time: 8pm
Venue: dada bar + lounge at The Luxe Manor, 39 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
RSVP essential – guest list only

Galleri Magazine is available through subscription and at selected outlets across Hong Kong, including Lane Crawford, G.O.D, KEE Club, Hong Kong Art Centre, agnes b. librairie gallerie, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Baptist University, Basheer Art Books, The Luxe Manor and more.


Galleri Magazine is a ChinaStylus and Red Dog Studio project. Its purpose is to show that Hong Kong’s creative community is alive and well and ready to be seen by the rest of the world. The quarterly, 148 page magazine celebrates arts and creativity of all kinds across the board without fear or favour. It provides an outlet for ALL artists, particularly those without the means (or inclination) to immerse themselves in the traditional art world. The magazine has a numbered, limited edition print run of 3,000 copies for selective distribution and it is designed to become a trusted bridge between creators and creative end-users.

(information provided by the organiser)


W Hong Kong to launch its first “Whitespace” event in collaboration with Fabrik Contemporary Art, with the largest collection of Andy Warhol prints in Hong Kong

W Hong Kong and Fabrik Contemporary Art have announced the launching of the newly opened luxury hotel’s first “Whitespace” event and exhibition, featuring a magnificent collection of Andy Warhol’s 22 works.

The exhibition, scheduled to run from Thursday, November 6 – Saturday, November 22, will encompass Warhol’s Ad series pieces to his famous portraits including Kimiko Powers, Edward Kennedy and Mao.

The collection will be shown throughout the uber-stylish W Hong Kong, which soft opened in August and is steadily gaining ground as Kowloon’s new “it” destination for dining and entertainment. Claude Challe, founder of Buddha Bar, has been on the decks at W already, and the hotel has some significant projects related to its touch points of fashion, music and design on the cards for Autumn and Winter.

The 22 Warhols on exhibit – all available for purchase – will rotate between the 1st floor entrance area, the hotel’s “Living Room” on the 6th floor, while the main collection will be showcased inside the floor-to-ceiling windows and gallery like space of the 7th floor pre-function area, set against infinite sunset vistas of the Western harbour and an industrial shipyard – reminiscent of New York, playground of Warhol.

“'Fabrik Contemporary Art is delighted to showcase the Works of Andy Warhol, the Master of Pop Art and offer for sale from their private collection some of Warhol’s finest works,” commented Sean Coxall of Fabrik. “We love the whimsical design elements at the new W and think it’s the perfect environment to view Warhol – in a space the master himself would have appreciated.”

“W has been a pioneer in terms of bringing together art, music and design enthusiasts – many of whom are also business travelers passing through town – and we’re very pleased to be working with creative visionaries at Fabrik to unveil the first of what will be many Whitespace events in the city,” said W Hong Kong General Manager Damon Page. 

The Warhol Whitespace at W Hong Kong will commence November 6th.  For media enquiries, please contact Impact Asia Ltd.


About W Hotels Worldwide
W Hotels is a global lifestyle brand with 23 properties in the most vibrant cities around the world. Inspiring and indulging its guests with thoughtful, refreshing and stylish experiences, signature restaurants, bars and destination spas, W has become the fastest growing luxury hotel brand in the world. Each hotel offers a unique mix of innovative design, comfort, and cultural influences from fashion and design to music and art and everything in between. W’s first residential property,
W Dallas-Victory, opened in June of 2006, and soon thereafter was named a Forbes Magazine
“Top Business Hotel.” In North America and Latin America, W Hotels have been announced in Austin, Downtown Atlanta, Midtown Atlanta, Buckhead Atlanta, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Hoboken, Hollywood, Huntington Beach, Minneapolis, Downtown New York, Santiago, Scottsdale, South Beach, and Washington, D.C. In Europe, W Hotels have been announced in Athens, Barcelona, Milan and St. Petersburg. In Asia, W has announced properties in Bangkok, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao-Studio City, Shanghai and Yokohama. In Africa and the Middle East, W has announced properties in Amman, Doha, Dubai-Festival City, Dubai-The Palm and Marrakech. W’s first Retreat & Spa, W Maldives, opened in September of 2006. In 2007, W Maldives received the prestigious Travel + Leisure Design Award for Best Resort.  W has plans to open Retreat & Spa hotels in Bali, Koh Samui, Vieques and Verbier, the latter of which will serve as W’s first ski retreat. For more information, visit

For more information, visit

About Fabrik Contemporary Art

Established in 2007, Fabrik Contemporary Art,  was conceived by three private collectors to acquire unique pieces with a focus on contemporary modern and urban art.  Fabrik is committed to being involved in putting Hong Kong at the forefront of the international arts scene by promoting exciting and new artists through “guerilla exhibitions” - a new concept in HK which means galleries with no fixed home that pop up in private homes or temporary spaces before moving onto another space.   Most guerilla galleries operate using their website only as a showcase of their collection. Fabrik’s mandate is to showcase some of the art world's hottest and edgy contemporary artists from the Western hemisphere.

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