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Romantic Valentine’s Package for two at The Fleming

Hong Kong’s chic ‘urban lifestyle hotel’, he Fleming, is offering a special Valentine’s Day package for couples on February 14 at a special rate of HK$1,588.

The offer at the stylish boutique retreat in Wan Chai includes a night in an Executive Room plus continental breakfast for two.
Along with a welcome drink and fruit plate, guests can also enjoy a promotional reduction of 10% for a romantic Valentine’s dinner at CUBIX restaurant, plus late checkout till 3pm, subject to availability.

Valid only on February 14, the special rate is subject to 10% service charge and 3% government tax.

The Fleming recently celebrated its first anniversary in a quiet side-street in the heart of Wan Chai’s business and entertainment district.

The 66-room hotel targets international executives and frequent business travelers with affordable accommodation, up-to-date technology, contemporary facilities and exceptionally friendly and attentive personalised service.

Since opening last year, The Fleming has been recognised as a leading boutique hotel in Hong Kong, listed on Condé Nast Traveller’s “Hot List 2007” of the world’s best new hotels, and as a finalist in the SCMP/Harper’s Bazaar Style Awards for Best Boutique Hotel of the Year 2007.

Advance reservation is required for Valentine’s package through the Reservation Department at (852) 3607 2225.

The Fleming is at:

41 Fleming Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 3607 2288

Fax: (852) 3607 2299


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Shama, one of Asia’s leading providers of luxury boutique serviced apartments announces the soft opening of Shama Tsim Sha Tsui. Shama Tsim Sha Tsui will open its doors to its first guest on January 6 and will be the seventh property in Hong Kong and eighth internationally.

The Shama philosophy of providing gracious service and stylish accommodation in prime locations is showcased through the new Tsim Sha Tsui property. Appealing especially to professionals who are new to the city, Shama living offers a swift and effortless introduction to a stylish urban lifestyle.

“The opening of Shama Tsim Sha Tsui further defines Shama’s commitment to being the leading serviced apartment brand in Hong Kong,” said Elaine Young, CEO of Shama. “The property is amazingly located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, chic in design and offers residents a comfortable and trouble-free stay in Hong Kong.”

Shama Tsim Sha Tsui is located on Nathan Road, the city’s famous ‘Golden Mile’ of shopping, in the heart of Kowloon’s commercial district.  Access to transportation is second to none, with MTR and bus links just steps away, and the Star Ferry a short walk. The convenient address is perfect for newcomers to the city who are working in Kowloon to enjoy the luxury and calm of Shama, in the middle of the hustle and bustle of one of Hong Kong’s most vibrant districts.

Totally transforming a landmark building, Shama Tsim Sha Tsui offers fantastic views of the city’s oldest and busiest location from its apartments, including Chungking mansions, the mosque, and the greenery of the expansive Kowloon Park. 

The 87 contemporary, Asian-style apartments are chic yet totally comfortable. The space is specifically designed to ensure residents feel completely at home from the moment they arrive.

A sensational lifestyle feature, and the perfect oasis of tranquility, is Shama’s tropical rooftop garden – a rarity in the heart of the city. Offering a retreat for residents and their guests, the rooftop lounge is a chic and stylish outdoor living room, complete with BBQ facilities and wi-fi.  It means guests can really feel at home. 

Each apartment features fully furnished and fitted interior décor, well equipped kitchenettes, Shama’s very own ‘Slumber’ beds and the latest in high-tech necessities - flat-screen televisions, DVD players, hi-fi audio systems, broadband internet access, cable and satellite television, wi-fi and i-Pod docks.  There is also a business centre with complimentary Internet access.  Residents are treated to a luxurious welcome, with a gift of Bvlgari amenities upon arrival. 

Shama’s services make residents feel like they are in a luxury hotel – with 24-hour security, porter and daily maid (except Sunday and public holidays), professional laundry and dry-cleaning, complimentary self-service laundry facilities, VCD/DVD library, playstation and airport limo services.

Shama’s unique No Boundaries card offers residents a fast-track ticket to the city’s hottest social life, with instant membership to local gyms and a private club, as well as discounts at some of the cities top lifestyle brands.

Shama Tsim Sha Tsui offers a range of accommodation options catering for all requirements, from singles to families, studios to two-bedrooms, prices from HK$14,000 to HK$ 50,000 per month.

Shama Tsim Sha Tsui is located at 74-78 Nathan Road, Kowloon.

About Shama

Shama was founded in 1996 by veteran real estate professional Elaine Young.  With a talent for styling residential properties, Elaine managed a bespoke London-based business concept creating amazing designer apartments for lease, where she sourced everything from furniture makers, fabric suppliers, bathroom fittings, leathers, linens, original art work, and crockery.  Riding on her commercial success, Elaine took her business concept to Hong Kong and starting small, grew the brand to what it is today.

Shama now boasts a portfolio of seven Hong Kong properties with a total of 320 apartments in the city’s most sought after locations: Causeway Bay, Central, Hollywood Road, Mid-Levels, Soho, Wanchai and, soon to open, Tsim Sha Tsui.

Shama launched its first mainland China property in 2007 in Shanghai’s fashionable Xintiandi. Now the portfolio’s flagship property with 100 apartments, and first in the Shama Luxe category, it is the first of the brand’s planned expansion into China and beyond.

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Ibiza’s Lap Of Luxury

The Sunday Times branded Ibiza a ‘sybaritic (hedonistic) paradise for the rich’, in August suggesting the island is being over-run by ‘rave butlers, concierge services and . . . twinkly London social divas’. Space promoter Mark Broadbent told the paper ‘a lot of people need a VIP area, times have changed’ a point Pacha boss Danny Whittle agreed on.

“Personally, I hate them (VIP rooms), I don’t like that style of clubbing,” Danny told the Times. “I’ll always prefer a bar to a bottle in a bucket, but that’s the way the island is going,” he added.

The Times article coincided with a scathing critique of Ibiza’s nouveau riche clubbers by GQ editor Dylan Jones, who complained in the Daily Mail that the island has become ‘full of dodgy British tourists in baggy singlets, white trousers and funny-shaped sandals.’

“The thing is, no matter how ghastly you think people look, it's almost impossible to be over-dressed on Ibiza,” the fashion expert added, “My memories of Space are a bunch of gurning oiks "getting down" and a lot of mutton-dressed-as-offal bursting out of their fluorescent high-street bikinis,” he mocked.

Both articles appeared two years to the day after the Sunday Times first ridiculed rich people taking over club-land, in an article headlined  ‘Posh birds can't dance’.

“What is it with posh girls and dancing? Were they off sick the day they taught boogie at their finishing schools? Did they decide to take show-jumping instead of rump-shaking? Don’t their parents let them watch Justin Timberlake videos, for God’s sake?” Times hack Spencer James quipped. “They may seem to have it all, but the one thing the well-heeled lack in spades is rhythm,” he added.

Article by Jonty Skrufff

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Love Sick Sharks Saved By Salt N Pepa

German scientists started playing pop music and hip hop to sharks in Five Sea Life aquariums  this August, in an imaginative attempt to encourage the surprisingly shy predators to mate.

"We tried everything else, and it didn't work, so we took a new approach,” a spokesman told reporters, “It has been tried with pandas and primates, and it worked with them as well, so why not sharks?" (Ananova)

The scientist revealed that Justin Timberlake (Rock Your Body) and Bob Marley (No Woman, No Cry) proved surprisingly effective, with Salt n Pepa’s Push It being the shark’s number one love song.

In more love news, British scientist Professor Martin published a study warning that falling in love can seriously damage health (at least for humans), with mood swings straining the body’s auto immune system.

“Our pupils dilate, our palms become sweaty and heart rate increases,” Professor Cowie from Imperial College London told the London Standard, “We have large amounts of adrenalin running through our system and that does cause problems for the body.”

Article by Jonty Skrufff

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Ageing revellers contemplating ditching dancing for a pipe and slippers style sedentary lifestyle are being targeted by US furniture company Raffel Comfort Sciences, who in summer launched a new range of chairs called ‘The Rave’.

The designer chairs feature Ipod storage space, speakers in the chair back and a facility which synchronises bass notes with vibrations from four pre-programmed massage treatments for the bargain basement price of just $799.99 each.

“The Rave massage chair: a party for your back,” gadget portal  enthused, “Why go to a rave when you can have one from the comfort of your very own massage chair?”

SlipperyBrick’s less than reverential tone (regarding the chair’s massage functions they said ‘large, beefy Swedish woman not included’) matched similarly disrespectful media coverage to the world’s first rave coffee table, designed by Daft Punk several years ago.

“If you haven't forgiven Daft Punk for the dreary electronic lament that was
One More Time and seemed to be on repeat throughout the whole of 2001, then you might not be thrilled to hear the French twosome has branched out. Into furniture design,” the Guardian sneered at the time.

“Designed with the same attention to electronic possibilities as their songs, it's a shiny black glass cube decorated with illuminated red squares that can flash randomly or light up in time to the music you are playing,” they explained.

Channel 4 similarly derided the Punk coffee table’s ‘macho colours of the moment: black and red’, suggesting the £1,000 tables were aimed at ‘Disco Daves’.

“Who would have thought it,” the UK TV channel added, “A coffee table that can help you relive your clubbing years?”

Article by Jonty Skrufff

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Retro Rules Of Attraction

A 17th century book offering dating tips appeared at auction in the UK this year months after it was discovered in the collection of a recently deceased Yorkshire book trader.

“The Ladies Dictionary, Being A General Entertainment For The Fair Sex” includes love tips including bathing in red wine to get in the mood, timeless advice on affairs (‘they often end in 'blood and disgrace') and equally contemporary advice on first date etiquette.

“Is it proper for a woman to yield at the first address?” the Dictionary asks, “You'll get better conditions if the enemy does not know how weak you are within.” (Metro. UK)

Less forward thinking advice appeared in a US book “Sex Secrets of an American Geisha: How to Attract, Satisfy and Keep Your Man” which suggested women should ‘always make your man your highest priority’, ‘give him credit for your orgasm’ and ‘never refuse your man’s offer of sex.’

“When your man asks to him sex with you, agree to do so enthusiastically so that he never experiences rejection,” the book also recommended.

“Should you be too ill to make love, you can make him feel better by saying, “I’d love to make love to you right now, but I’m achy all over.” Follow that up by telling him the next available time when you should be able to make love. You might say, “I know I’ll feel better in the morning. Can we set the alarm a half hour early and make love then?”

Article by Jonty Skrufff

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Tattooing’s Last Taboo

The BBC examined the increasing popularity of tattoos amongst ‘normal people in October, declaring ‘would-be prime ministers' wives have them. Lawyers have them. Doctors have them. So how did tattoos become so acceptable?’

BBC writer Finlo Rohrer suggested tattoos are now an ‘everyday thing’, particularly for women and interviewed sociology professor (and tattoo expert) Katherine Irwin, who pointed out that many new tattoos are wimpy generic concealed ones which in reality are nowadays ‘middle class symbols’.

"They (middle class people) like to play with fringe identities without sacrificing their middle class status,” Professor Irwin suggested, “They get a tattoo that is thumbing their nose at middle class society in a way that is so mainstream that it would be hard to push them out,” she said.

Skrufff man-in-Bangkok Bee, who has well as having his entire back covered by a giant centipede, has a face tattoo, was unimpressed with the general trend, declaring ‘tattoos are no longer a statement now unless it’s a fashion statement.’

“Though I don’t mind normal people getting them,” Bee added, “Anything that makes ‘norms’ more colourful is a good thing.”

The British born DJ and guitarist has long based himself in Bangkok where he DJs and plays with Futon and spoke proudly of his face tattoo, which he’s continued to gradually expand, he said.

“My first face tattoo was three white lines on my cheekbone in the mid eighties and since then I have had 2 beauty spots and a blue /jade coloured rune added,” said Bee.

“Charles Manson drew an X on his forehead to cross himself out of society; I guess my face tattoos were a similar statement. The blue Vikings used the rune I had done, they believed it could make them invisible in battles. It has worked for me in several other situations,” he added. “Facial tattoos are the last bastion of tattoos that have any effect on other people,” he said.

Despite admitting that he was barred from several gyms recently when on tour in Japan, Bee said even his face tattoo is no longer so shocking.

“Most people don’t think my blue rune is a real tattoo because they have never seen anything like it before. Either that or they can’t see me coz I am invisible,” he laughed.

He also chatted happily about his massive centipede tattoo that took 87 hours of work to be inked onto his back (spread over a year).

“I had it all done in Thailand by a Thai tattooist and his wife. It's kind of a homage to William Burroughs (he had a centipede phobia),” Bee explained, “It teaches me to overcome my fears.  Plus centipedes are such beautiful ferocious creatures.”

Bee offered one piece of cogent advice for anyone thinking to follow in his footsteps; ‘never bargain the price of a tattoo down’.

“You want to be tattooed by a happy tattooist,” he laughed.

Tatttoo fanatic Judge Jules also urged caution when deciding to be inked, advising sober reflection before making the decision.

“I've got a mate who's a tattoo artist, and I was in his studio watching people come in and make five second choices from a book full of designs.
They were making rapid fire decisions about something that would be with them for the rest of their lives,” he told Skrufff.

“In my case he did a number of different bespoke designs especially for me, and I chose one after rejecting a number of his sketches as unsuitable.  At best tattooists are great artists, and I'd like to think that mine count as such.”

Futon’s new album Painkiller is out now. To remix their music, click here:

Article by Jonty Skrufff

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Christmas Festival of Lights

Enjoy the hustle, bustle and good cheer of the holiday season at InterContinental Grand Stanford! At the center of the holiday excitement is the Christmas Grotto located in B2 next to Mistral and Hoi King Heen!


The InterContinental Grand Stanford Christmas Grotto is open early this year and welcomes all who seek the true spirit and meaning of Christmas! Nestling amongst the snow laden trees and twinkling lights is Santa is waiting for your kids to make there Christmas wishes come true.


The children’s corner will feature Santa each weekend at any of our restaurants can bring the children to meet, play and have fun at the Grotto.


Visit him in his special grotto located in B2!


Opening Hours

December 1 (Sat) – December 2 (Sun), 11:30pm – 3:00pm

December 8 (Sat) – December 9 (Sun), 11:30pm – 3:00pm

December 15 (Sat) – December 16 (Sun), 11:30pm – 3:00pm

December 22 (Sat) – December 23 (Sun), 11:30pm – 3:00pm

* Plus Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

(information provided by the pr company)

The Grand Mercure Hongqiao Shanghai is warming up for the winter season with special room rates and delicious new editions to the menu to keep guests cosy and comfortable all winter.

The contemporary luxury hotel is offering a special room rate of RMB818 net per night* for a limited period only with exclusive benefits including complimentary early check-in and late check-out, complimentary internet access throughout the hotel and free use of the fitness centre. The Grand Mercure Hongqiao Shanghai is offering this special room rate from December 1st, 2007 until March 31st, 2008 for superior rooms only.

The Grand Mercure Hongqiao Shanghai has 496 elegantly appointed rooms and suites with spacious living areas and apartment style in-room amenities complimented by excellent functions rooms and leisure facilities.  Opened earlier this year, the Grand Mercure Hongqiao is conveniently located for both downtown Shanghai and the international airport, and close to local restaurants, bars and shopping centers making it the ideal location to explore Shanghai, whether on a business trip or family vacation.


Also starting from December 1st 2007, the restaurant at the Grand Mercure Honggiao Shanghai, Asiatique, is introducing 20 different varieties of clay pot dishes to the menu for a limited time only to excite diners and guests’ appetites.   Available exclusively until January 31st for RMB88 +15% service charge per set, the clay pot dishes include specialities such as Diced Chicken and Eggplant with XO sauce, Tahini Scented Lamb Stew with Artichokes and Tomato, Oven-Simmered Duck Stew with Olives and Tomato and many many more**


Asiatique is The Grand Mercure Hongqiao Shanghai’s Asian inspired restaurant offering guests a unique dining experience in the atrium area, flooded with natural light and featuring an exceptional flower wall for a graceful atmosphere. 


The Grand Mercure Hongqiao is part of the worldwide Grand Mercure Hotel collection – a brand of the Accor group specializing in boutique hotels in prime city and country locations. The Grand Mercure Hongqiao is the seventh of the brand to open in mainland China – and the second in Shanghai.


Sister China properties are in Xian, Beijing, Dalian, Shijiazhuang, and Shenzhen.


Accor, the European leader in hotels and tourism, and a global leader in corporate services, operates in nearly 100 countries with 166,000 employees.


With 40 years of expertise in its two core businesses, it also operates the Sofitel, Novotel, Suitehotel, Ibis, All Seasons, Etap Hotel, Formula 1 and Motel 6 brands.


*    Room only


** Full list of Clay Pot dishes available throughout the promotion includes:


          Diced Chicken and Eggplant in XO sauce

          Braised Lamb Stew with White Radish

          Black Mushroom and Bokchoy with Fried Gluten Puff

          Seafood and Bean Curd Stew

          Chicken Stew and Black Bean and Shallot

          Diced Chicken and Salty Fish Stew with Bean Curd

          Curry Beef Stew with Carrot Thai Style

          Pork Rib Stew with Soy Sauce Wuxi Style

          Winter Melon Stew with Mixed Vegetables

          Spring Chicken and Chestnuts Stew

          Boiled Beef Ribs Stew with Cabbage and Vegetables

          Tahini Scented Lamb Stew with Artichoke and Tomato

          Chicken Red Curry

          Chicken Stew with Livers and Fruits

          Boiled Spicy Cabbage with Pork Ribs

          Indian Vegetable Curry

          Boiled Radish with Seafood

          Oven-simmered Duck Stew with Olives and Tomato



For more information on Grand Mercure Hongqiao Shanghai please visit


For reservations please contact The Grand Mercure Hongqiao Shanghai on

Tel: (86) 21 5172 7959

Fax: (86) 21 5172 7961


(information provided by the pr company)

Christmas by Design’ at Radisson Hotel Pudong Century Park

Shanghai’s very own ‘art hotel’ celebrates Christmas 2007 with characteristic creativity and flair – and a boldly controversial take on the consumerism of Christmas.

Instead of starting Christmas dinners on December 24th as is traditional. The Radisson Hotel Pudong Century Park is throwing the city’s ‘First Christmas’ party on Sunday December 23 to take advantage of the fact that this is the first non work day of the Christmas period.

In keeping with the hotel’s artistic vision, it has also commissioned local pop artist Chen Hangfeng to create customised artwork and multimedia installations under the theme ‘Christmas by Design’ which will be on display throughout the hotel from November 25.

Chen’s works are festive but also provocative as he questions the consumer culture that dominates Christmas in China. His abstract Christmas trees and snowflake decorations are formed using the logos of famous international brand names in complex patterns which reference traditional Chinese paper-cutting techniques. Inside his Gift Boxes in the lobby, a video installation shows factory workers in a village of Zhejiang province that mass produces 50 per cent of the world’s Christmas gifts and decorations.

 “Christmas is becoming a very important holiday in modern Chinese culture, a symbol of increasing purchasing power and growing consumer desire,” says the artist. “I hope to reveal an insight into Chinese consumer culture which provokes the question: “What is the true meaning of Christmas?” For many people in China it means producing toys and gifts for the rest of the world.”

Against this artistic backdrop, Radisson’s ‘First Christmas’ celebrations will be held on Sunday December 23, when families are free from work and school. A lavish party in the Magnolia Ballroom will feature a Christmas dinner buffet, live music and entertainment, and a Grand Lucky Draw with prizes including a luxury overseas holiday for two along with digital cameras, iPods, mobile phones, DVD players and more. Tickets are priced at RMB 888 net per adult and RMB 488 net per child, inclusive of unlimited red, white or sparkling wine, beer and soft drinks.

Also on December 23, Infinity restaurant will be serving a ‘First Christmas’ buffet dinner with live music and a lucky draw priced at RMB 688 net per adult and RMB 388 net per child, followed by a Christmas Eve buffet dinner accompanied by live jazz priced at RMB 488 net per adult and RMB 288 net per child, and a Christmas Day Brunch for RMB 268 net per adult and RMB 148 net per child.

Signature Chinese restaurant Yar Chi Ting offers a selection of festive menus throughout December priced from RMB 188 net for a minimum of two people, with special dinners on December 23 and 24, and a Christmas Day Dim Sum lunch for RMB 118 net per person.

For those wanting to make a night of it, guests who book the ‘First Christmas’ dinner on Sunday December 23 at Magnolia or Infinity will be entitled to enjoy the ‘First Christmas’ accommodation package for just RMB 688 plus 15 per cent surcharge. This includes one night’s stay at the trendy five-star hotel with 30 per cent discounts on food and beverage, use of the gym, sauna and tennis court, complimentary in-room broadband internet access and wireless in public areas, free admission to the Zendai Museum of Modern Art and late check-out until 4pm.  

Kicking off the seasonal festivities, a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony will be held in the hotel lobby on Sunday, November 25. This event also promises to light-up the faces of 20 young children from a rural primary school in Shanghai’s Baoshan district. In an effort to spread festive cheer throughout the local community and remember the real reason for the season, the children have been invited to assist the hotel’s GM, Mr Gerhard Fasching in lighting the tree and celebrate the occasion with dinner and presents. More parties follow in the lead-up to Christmas, including a ‘First Christmas’ Press Cocktail on November 27, a Corporate Thank-you Party for 250 clients on November 29, and an Artists’ Launch Party on December 8.

A selection of traditional Christmas goodies will be available at Bytes Deli, from brandied Christmas pudding to mince pies and chocolate liquors. Bytes Deli also has deluxe hampers filled with Christmas treats and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne that make wonderful gifts for friends or associates.

About Radisson Hotel Pudong Century Park

The 362-room Radisson Hotel Pudong Century Park was conceived as an ‘art hotel’ complementing the neighbouring Zendai Museum of Modern Art by the same owners. Designed by Australian firm Hassel and featuring specially commissioned artworks and sculptures by high-profile Chinese artists, the hotel combines striking contemporary design with stylish all-white guestrooms and the latest high-tech conveniences making it one of the world’s most unique and ravishing Radissons.

Radisson Hotel Pudong Century Park is conveniently located in the heart of Pudong, Shanghai’s dynamic financial, business and cultural centre. It is part of the hip lifestyle and dining enclave of Thumb Plaza – which is named after the giant thumb sculpture in the hotel lobby - and is the closest hotel to the Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

(information provided by pr company)

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