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Walk Like A Man

Casual observers are able to correctly detect whether strangers are gay or straight by the way they walk, according to a new UCLA study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Volunteers were filmed from behind walking on treadmills for 2 minutes and the videos were then played to 112 students who guessed people’s sexual orientation to accuracy levels of 60%, reportedly using body shapes and gaits (such as hip-swaying for gay men) to make their judgments.

"We already know that men and women are built differently and walk differently from each other and that casual observers use this information as clues in making a range of social judgments," UCLA study chief Kerri Johnson told Science Daily.

"Now we've found that casual observers can use gait and body shape to judge whether a stranger is gay or straight with a small but perceptible amount of accuracy,” she said,

"Once you know a person's sexual orientation, the fact has consequences for all subsequent interactions, and our findings suggest that this category of information can be deduced from subtle clues in body movement," Johnson added.

Meanwhile, in New York, the Daily News hailed ‘new, super-masculine men’ this week in a feature celebrating the apparent re-emergence of ‘real men’.

“But it's not enough to walk like a man: You've got to talk like one, too,” the Post added, “Scientists have found that men who speak deeply are likely to father more children than guys with high-pitched squawk boxes. One theory: Women use a man's voice to judge masculinity. Deeper equals manlier,” they suggested.


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5-Star Off-Site Catering Service
Excellent Choice for Yacht Parties and Other Functions

With the end of summer comes the sweet smell of fall. Autumn brings not only nice weather, it is also a hot season for all sorts of outdoor parties. Fabulous food is definitely a party essential. On top of its excellent cuisine, Royal Plaza Hotel also offers impeccable service which will certainly impress your guests while saving your own precious time.

Royal Plaza Hotel has an extensive outside catering menu, ranging from deluxe appetizers, sumptuous main courses to mouth-watering dessert. Off-site catering for groups of up to 300 guests can be accommodated. Whether it is outdoor or indoor, a formal party or casual gathering, Royal Plaza Hotel is dedicated to making your dining experience superb and unforgettable.

Our Event Specialists are expert in designing your event and will be able to assist you in all stages of planning and execution while our experienced Chefs are in charge of the preparation of culinary delights. No matter if you are hosting a wedding, birthday party, anniversary celebration, corporate event, holiday gathering, bridal shower, baby shower or yacht party, Royal Plaza Hotel is committed to serve you better and ensure your total satisfaction. 

Food - Depending on the menu selected
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Delivery - Hong Kong Island (Single Trip) HK$200 net and up
 Kowloon (Single Trip) HK$180 net and up
 New Territories (Single Trip) HK$250 net and up

The delivery charges and staff rates are subject to the location and set-up requirement of event.

Reservation hotline/ email:2622 6221/

(information provided by the hotel)

MTR Corporation today unveiled its flagship retail project ‘Elements’ as the jewel in the crown of Union Square, the largest integrated mixed use development in the world. MTR Corporation is an 81% shareholder in Elements, alongside Sun Hung Kai Properties who hold the remaining stake.

Due to launch in end-2007, construction is well underway for a 1,000,000 square feet upscale yet holistic shopping, wining, dining, entertainment and cultural experience of grand proportions. Drawing its inspiration from nature, the striking Benoy-designed waterfront destination will be an urban oasis comprised of themed zones inspired by the five elements*, creating an exhilarating environment for urbanites.

The vision for Elements is to set new standards in international retailing by seeking out an eclectic, dynamic and creative mix of retailers to gain recognition as Asia’s most innovative conceptual retail experience.  Elements will define itself by bringing the best the world has to offer to Hong Kong, attracting many ‘firsts’ to this market and also flagship stores of recognized brands, against a backdrop of unprecedented design.

According to Mr. Thomas Ho, Property Director of MTR Corporation, “Elements will redefine the social landscape of Hong Kong. Its eclectic, dynamic and creative approach to retail, dining, leisure and entertainment will make it an international example of excellence and add a quality offering to the life of the people of Hong Kong.”

Mr. Thomas Kwok, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Sun Hung Kai Properties, joint venture partners in the development of Elements, commented, “This is one of the most important projects we have ever been involved in, and is a very substantial investment in the future of Hong Kong.  It will incorporate many notable firsts for Hong Kong and Asia and redefine the profile of West Kowloon and Tsim Sha Tsui as a whole.  Standing at 118 storeys tall, International Commerce Centre will be the territory’s tallest building and the world’s third tallest, with Hong Kong’s first downtown observation deck offering unparalleled views of the city.  Together with Two IFC on the opposite shore, it will form a stunning Victoria Harbour gateway reinforcing Hong Kong’s status as a focal point for international business.” 

Miss Betty Leong, Chief Retail Development Manager of MTR Corporation who is spearheading the leasing and marketing of Elements also added, “A nature- inspired lifestyle destination will present a new proportion to the retail market in Hong Kong.  Nature will permeate every aspect of Elements, bringing the outside in and promoting a relaxing and bonding “shopping in the park” experience.”

Elements is founded upon a solid business case.  Six thousand families earning ten times the average monthly Hong Kong salary will reside at Union Square’s luxurious apartments. This number will swell during weekdays to include the 30,000 executives who will work at Union Square’s premium office tower, International Commerce Centre (ICC). Business will also be generated by visitors to ICC, the future West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) and guests staying in the world-famous ‘W Hotels’ and the world’s highest The ‘Ritz-Carlton’, together with population from the extensive catchment area of Elements.

Strategically placed at the epicenter of a transport hub, Elements will be easily accessible from different parts of Hong Kong for both locals and for the 23 million tourists that visit Hong Kong each year.  Elements will be served by an extensive transportation network, including the Airport Express, MTR Tung Chung Line, cross border coaches, buses, minibuses, and excellent road access to nearby ferry terminals and other parts of Hong Kong.  The locational advantage will further be strengthened upon completion of the KCR Kowloon Southern Link connecting both East Rail and West Rail at a single stop, together with the Express Rail Link.
This revolutionary concept is a strong demonstration of MTR Corporation’s commitment to providing Hong Kong with the ultimate in sophisticated high quality urban living.  To underscore this commitment, the launch of Elements will be supported by an extensive marketing campaign.

Details of signed up tenants, innovative architectural features and more information on the retail concept will be revealed in due course.

(information provided by the pr company)

Fur Flies In London Drag Explosion

The Independent published a three page special on London’s thriving gender bending alternative mixed club scene this week and suggested cross-dressing in the city ‘has become a high-fashion, highly competitive affair’.

The paper based their argument on the exploits of bearded Hoxton Trailer Trash show girl Jonny Woo who said London’s new queens have been inspired by late 80s early 90s New York, though with the emphasis firmly on dressing up rather than dancing.

“Sadly we can’t vogue for toffee,” Woo told the Independent,” We’re like a bunch of cockroaches flailing on the floor.”

The Independent article was published simultaneously to another drag special in the Sunday Times centred around club kid scenester Jodie Harsh. The Style section labelled her as ‘the cross dresser who became the height of cool’ though the 23 year old club star stressed she’s ‘a businessman before I am a man dressed as a woman.”

The door whore turned clubland phenomenon also chatted about bitchiness from rival London queens, recalling being told just two years ago ‘know your place is at the bottom of the ladder’. 

“A year later, she says, “that person is f**ked up on drugs and going nowhere.” The Sunday Times added.

London’s cross-dresssing craze looks unlikely to return Stateside, certainly not to Atlanta, Georgia where local politicians this week proposed new legislation banning the display of bras, boxer shorts and thongs this week, to tackle an ‘epidemic’ of low slung trousers.

'Little children see it and want to adopt it, thinking it's the in thing,” councilor CT Martin explained, “I don't want young people thinking that half-dressing is the way to go. I want them to think about their future,” he added. (Metro, UK)


Article by Jonty Skrufff

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RED DOT delves into the world of the clinically insane this season… Loonies, Mentalists, Loopers, Psychos…you know the sort.

Owner Kieron Hurley and Design Director Tom Pike have declared the London-based socialite, Paper Dave, as the new face of RED DOT. The comical advertising campaign sees Paper Dave snapped at various locations around London’s West End area, from the park to the supermarket, at a strip club and out shopping.

The new collection — loosely based around Pike’s experiences as a patient at the Goldsmiths Mental Correction Facility — contains popular elements from previous seasons as well as a number of innovative new ideas, taking their trademark 3-D prints another step forward.

Highlights include:
* Aerial Photomaps cunningly disguised as camouflage jackets;
* Padded Cell printed hoodies;
* Patient Uniform Mac jackets, made from soft-fleece, in “civilian-style”;
* Looney Printed T-shirts, full of hidden humour and outright cheek, in typical RED DOT fashion.

RED DOT’s Autumn/Winter 2007 Collection is now available EXCLUSIVELY at D-mop stores.

(information provided by their pr company)

Inspired by the style and shapes of 1960s retro, the new Evisu eyewear collection is cutting-edge yet full of vintage cool. Highlights from the nine-piece range are four sunglasses designed together with the team at Linda Farrow, the ultra-luxe label shading the eyes of the famously fashion-forward since 1970.

Although broadly a unisex collection, the standout women’s offering is one of the Linda Farrow collaboration pieces: a bold ’60s rectangular shape in rich buttery hand-polished acetate, with real Japanese printed silk trapped inside the temple pieces. Other styles feature tortoiseshell frames in warm and woody browns, and super-cool black wayfarer shades that echo Dolce Vita sophistication. There are also unisex cat-eye styles in ’60s mod shapes and some sleek aviator styles.

True to Evisu’s heritage of highest attention to detail, most styles are equipped with a spring-hinge system, for a comfortable and easy fit, and photochromatic MUVER lenses, which self-adjust colour according to brightness. The frames are made in acetate from Italy. Further design details include the classic Evisu kamome, or seagull logo, in wood set into the outside temples; a racer kamome at the end of the arms; and “the best of the better sunglasses” inscribed on the inside arms.

The Linda Farrow collaboration sunglasses come in a Japanese fan-print case, packaged inside a glossy black-lined, embossed box. The other styles in the collection are presented in their own wooden box featuring the Evisu Godhead logo sporting the same iconic shades.

The Evisu eyewear collection and the Linda Farrow collaboration range is exclusive to Evisu stores globally and available at selected first-class fashion boutiques and eyewear shops in Hong Kong.

(information provided by the pr company)

For the first time ever Cream have teamed up with the worlds coolest fashion brand DKNY to launch a limited edition line of trainers for those style conscious fashionistas.  

Together they have created the modern iconic classic trainer ‘shoe for clubbers’, the shoe has been designed by Mark Farrow who also designed the now legendary Cream Logo and has also been voted the most influential graphic designer in the UK.

Available for men and women in blue and pink colours this is sure to be one of this summers ‘hottest’ pieces of footwear.

The shoe is will be on sale from Monday 9th July and available to purchase from Microzine stores in Liverpool and London and online from or .

Over the past 15 years Cream has gone from strength to strength demonstrating it’s ability to stretch beyond it’s beginnings as a small underground club brand into one of the most instantly recognisable youth brands in the world.

Launched during the dance music boom as a haven for young people to spend their Saturday nights, Cream soon grew to attract over 3000 clubbers every week from around the world who saw it as a lifestyle and not just a source of entertainment.  They continue to stage their Creamfields festival across the globe, with 9 shows planned for 2007.

(infromation provided by Cream) 

Death Penalty For Porn Producers

Iranian authorities voted to introduce harsh new measures against porn stars, cameramen and anyone involved in making erotic films or DVDs this week, with miscreants facing death.

Parliamentarians voted by 148 to 5 for a bill which said "producers of pornographic works and main elements in their production are considered corruptors of the world . . . and could be sentenced to punishment as corruptors of the world," Reuters reported, which the news agency said means execution.

In more bad news for the adult entertainment industry, African newspaper the Nigerian Tribune complained that local men devoting themselves to studying the finer details of 419 internet fraud schemes at internet cafes are being increasingly distracted by pornography, with potentially devastating effects.

"A chance masturbator stands the risk of nervous-depressing permanent insanity, premature death, especially for those with high blood pressure, diabetes, blood diseases, inability to perform sexual act naturally, etc," the paper warned.

 "Other dangers attached to masturbation sexes include inability to pull out of the act. It has even been documented to cause more deaths among boys in Europe than any plaque (sic) or war."


Article by Jonty Skrufff

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Underwear Outlawed In Another US Town

Fashion criminals in Delcambre, Louisiana face up to six months in jail under new laws which outlaw public display of underwear, the BBC reported this week.

"This is a new ordinance that deals specifically with sagging pants," Delcambre attorney Ted Ayo told Associated Press, "It's about showing off your underwear in public."

Mayor Carol Broussard warned miscreants they face further fines of $500 and suggested 'they're better off taking the pants off and just wearing a dress'.

The town's no knicker ban matched similar legislation drawn up in Virginia in 2005, when councillors introduced what became known as the "droopy drawers" bill though local politician Algie T Howell was more circumspect when introducing the law.

"It's not an attack on baggy pants," Mr Algie stressed when outlining the details of the 'below-waist undergarment' ban.

"To vote for this bill would be a vote for character, to uplift your community and to do something good not only for the state of Virginia, but for this entire country," he added.

In more cover up news, a new protest group in Spain launched a campaign to ban 'skimpy bikini bottoms and thongs' from beaches along the Costa Blanca this week, with topless bathing also something they hope to eradicate.

"As things stand at the moment, children are having to see things they are yet to be taught by their families," Maribel Martinez, president of the Family Beaches group told the Metro newspaper.

'We have already got nudist beaches and beaches where smoking is banned. Why can't we set aside beach areas for the enjoyment of families?" she proposed.

Article by Jonty Skrufff

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ImageNew device combines a beautiful fold design with quick cover keys to bring substance to style.

Nokia introduced earlier a trimmer fold model to its Nokia Nseries line up, the Nokia N76, a new multimedia computer that brings the complete Nokia Nseries experience to a sleeker body, with little compromise. With the Nokia N76 multimedia computer, technology and design come together to create a revolution in design for a multimedia computer. Using premium materials to enclose world-class Nokia Nseries features and experiences, Nokia has created a very eye-catching device.

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