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Hush bar and lounge, the sophisticated and stylish nightspot above the hustle of Lan Kwai Fong, is pleased to announce a very special Ladies Lounge night on 31 March 2011.

In addition to the complimentary HUSH-licious cocktails and gourmet cheeses, crackers and fruit from 7-10pm, two fabulous Image Consultants,  Elise Weber and Veena Dansinghani from Colour Me Beautiful, will be at the bar offering complimentary colour and makeup consultations. has once again teamed up with the SilverBlack Card and Street Value to give you the chance to win the latest headphones from Atomic Floyd.

AIDS Concern Red Ribbon Angels Campaign 2011
Red ribbon is an international symbol of solidarity of people living with HIV/AIDS. Yet, it also represents a significant social force when it comes to the Red Ribbon Angels (RRA) Campaign.

Fat cat bankers are continuing to splurge their ill-gotten bonuses on luxury cars, private jets and status symbol watches, Reuters reported this week, which luxury Institute CEO Milton Pedraza suggested was because they ‘still want their toys’.

The report said that while some are presently ‘wary of flaunting their spending plans because of lingering public resentment’, many are still snapping up sports cars and luxury apartments, driven by the need to show off to rapacious rival financiers.

End Times expert Allison Warden downplayed Mayan Prophecy predictions that the world is due to end on December 21st 2012, this week, telling the Washington Post that the apocalypse is instead certain to take place this October.

The bespectacled publicist of bible studies group We Can Know’ explained that according to the Book Of Revelations, Jesus will be returning to pick up a few thousand chosen ones in May for the Rapture, leaving the rest of humanity to perish in a global firestorm on October 21st.

Details of her chilling prophecy emerged just as thousands of red-winged blackbirds mysteriously fell out of the sky and perished in Arkansas on New Years Eve followed by reports of numerous other inexplicable mass animal deaths around the world.

While tens of thousands of sardine and catfish washed up dead in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 500 hundred birds were found dead in Baton Rouge, USA. Hundreds more dead jackdaws also turned up in Falkoeping, Sweden prompting panic across the blogosphere.

“Has 2011 brought the start of the apocalypse or what?” Alternet suggested, “It seems that way in Arkansas at least, where thousands of animals have inexplicably turned up dead (100,000 fish also perished there).

Writing on, far right American cleric Reverend Clyde H. Higgins was even more concerned, suggested the fish and birds actually herald an ‘American Apocalypse’.

“Not even the sweet tweets of a beautiful songbird can quell the mighty wrath of God! He is angry and will not stop until all sinners burn in hell where they belong!” the Reverend stormed in a rant attacking Obama, gays, Mexicans and non-racist non-homophobic non-fascist sinners in general.

“God is angry because men are now allowed to say “I’m gay” and then join our armies,” the Reverend continued, “Liberal democrats have brought damnation upon America, but we allowed the beast to rise. America refused to nuke Iran when they announced they wanted nuclear arms.”

The controversial religious portal also features an approving endorsement of We Can Know’s October 21st prediction, adorned with a full colour picture of foxy blonde bombshell We Can Know advocate Marie Exley.

“Marie Exley, a veteran of two deployments in Iraq and quite the looker, said:
A lot of people might think, ‘The end’s coming, let’s go party’,” said

“But we’re commanded by God to warn people. I wish I could just be like everybody else, but it’s so much better to know that when the end comes, you’ll be safe.” (Marie Exley) ( apparently NOT a parody!) (‘The date of the rapture of believers will take place on May 21, 2011 and that God will destroy this world on October 21, 2011. These dates are 100% accurate and beyond dispute . . .’) (Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds)

Article by Jonty Skrufff:

American fashion chain Armani Exchange have teamed up with CDJ manufacturers Pioneer to host a series of weekly DJ performances in five stores in New York, Santa Monica, Las Vegas and Miami.

Announcing the tie up last week, Pioneer marketing chief David Arevalo said upcoming local DJs will be showcasing their CDJ2000 players every Saturday evening with ‘special in-store events’ planned, presumably featuring bigger name draws.

“The DJ club culture globally has always celebrated style along with sound,” he said, “so it’s a natural fit (because) their collections continue to be inspired by street-chic, dance music and self expression.”

"For nearly 40 years Marshall Amplification has been at the forefront in the volatile world of rock 'n' roll amplification. Becoming a musician’s icon requires deep dedication, a true understanding of musician's needs and a genuine love of guitar musicality – Marshall has done it all by sticking to their purist design and deep rooted musician’s philosophy".

So what happens when the world’s most famous amplification brand tries its hand at headphones? Un-surprisingly the result is in line with what you would expect from any Marshall product, offering clean, crisp and quality sound.

The design of the ‘Major’ headphone showcases hallmark Marshall features, such as a textured vinyl exterior made from the same material used in Marshall Amplifiers. The gold “guitar lead” 3.5mm jack, and 6.3mm adaptor, give the Majors a unique sense of ‘old school’ authenticity sure to please musical purists.

Cancer charity group Movember are inviting men to grow a moustache for 30 days from the first of November in their latest annual fund-raising appeal.

The Australian based charity launched in 2003 when 432 men grew sponsored moustaches though last year attracted 255,755 men, who raised over £26million for prostate cancer research.

“Movember challenges men to change their appearance and the face of men’s health by growing a moustache,” the organization explain on their website, “The rules are simple, start Movember 1st clean shaven and then grow a moustache for the entire month.”

A new study of British people’s eating habits has revealed that as well as indulging in ‘delayed-gratification techniques’ such as eating one crisp at a time and sucking on sweets rather than crunching them, one in six routinely lick their plates.
"The way we eat and how we treat food can often give away more about us than a ten minute conversation,” study chief and body language Judi James told Sky News, "Whatever your eating habits are, this study shows that Brits have a meaningful relationship with their food,” she suggested.

The findings were unveiled some four years after the Guardian tackled the same topic in a feature article called ‘What’s wrong with licking your plate?’ in which British style guru Peter York was surprisingly forthcoming.

Young people posting private and personal information on social networking sites could find themselves virtually unemployable, Google’s Chief Executive Eric Schmidt warned this week.

The search engine supremo said advances in technology mean those posting party pictures or any information about themselves deviating from the norm could be excluded by corporations to the extent that they’ll need to change their entire identities, he predicted.

‘I don’t believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the time,’ Mr Schmidt told the Wall Street Journal. “I mean we really have to think about these things as a society.”

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