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Adi Dassler developed Superstar with the inspiration of adidas’ earlier basketball shoes – All Round, Supergrip and Pro Model. Superstar was first introduced in 1969, came to the feet of select players in test trails and was officially introduced to the public till 1970.

It transcended its natural home of the basketball court to evolve into the cultural fixture and timeless icon later.

Within a few years of introduction, it was being worn by over 75% of all NBA players, proof of its revolutionary technology. In the next few years, it was advanced from the court of the sidewalk and later into the public’s consciousness, including the collectors and fans of sneakers.

On October 30th offbrief returns to Philia Lounge, Hong Kong’s coolest little art bar located at 4 Arbuthnot Road. Prepare to mix, mingle and party with the best and brightest creative from the advertising world.

Changes Required…

Low Quality Birds Date Low Quality Blokes

A new study examining the pecking order between female finches and the mates they chose has revealed that ‘low-quality females prefer low-quality males’, the BBC reported this week.

French scientists from the Centre of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology reached their conclusions after ranking finches according to their size and singing abilities and discovered that well matched pairs started having sex sooner.

"The main reason, we think, could be that the two individuals just accept each other faster - they just go for it,” said study chief Marie-Jeanne Holveck

To commemorate Grand Hyatt Hong Kong’s 20th anniversary, the hotel has prepared a series of celebration events dedicated to the local community in appreciation to their enormous support in the past two decades.

In November 1989, Hyatt International’s flagship property – Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, was officially opened. Situated along the prime waterfront of Hong Kong Island, the 549-room hotel is positioned among the finest hotels in the world, catering to both international travellers and local society by offering a distinctive style of service and range of facilities.

Hong Kong-based illustrator and graphic designer Lun Wong (aka 1KStyles) presents his first solo exhibition – ‘POP ATTACK!’ The opening reception will take place at M1NT on the 29th of October 2009 (date changed!) with complimentary cocktails from Snow Queen Vodka, canapés and a charity auction in aid of the Hong Kong Cancer Fund.

The Exhibition

The ‘Pop Attack’  exhibition is Lun’s modern urban take on the icons that have shaped popular culture. From the glamour and grace of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn to the hard hitting images of Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson, each figure is as instantly recognisable and era-defining as the next. “They transcend the mainstream and the underground,” says Lun. “However cool you are, they set the standards and made it what it is today.”

Men In Tights In London Vogue

Leading London department store Selfridges declared that fashionable men in London will be wearing pantyhose tights this winter, as they launched their first ever collection of hosiery for men.

“This winter the city’s most stylish men will have a secret weapon hidden in their trousers,” Selfridges menswear chief David Walker-Smith told the Daily Mail.

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Women’s International Shared Experience Asia – giving Asia’s most precious resource a voice and a network, through video and social networking.


The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty falls on October 17th.  In Hong Kong’s first commemoration of this day we have decided to host a fundraiser in the wealthiest area of Hong Kong, Central. 

Top Value Christmas & New Year Package at Hong Kong's Chic Hotel Jen

HK$1,288 a night includes breakfast, complimentary 'Happy Hour' & dinner-for-two

Hotel Jen in Hong Kong is offering a top value Christmas and New Year package including daily continental breakfast, 'Happy Hour' drinks and snacks, and buffet dinner for two at just HK$1,288 per night.


The festive package at the award winning hotel, just minutes from Central and the nightlife centers of Lan Kwai Fong and SoHo is on offer from 1 December 2009 to 3 January 2010 as one of the most competitively priced packages on the market.

You are Cordially invited to Rendezvous on Wednesdays Presented by The SilverBlack Card, The Swiss Chamber of Commerce & DROP.

This regular Wednesday event is designed to be fun with a funky vibe, aimed at providing a more casual environment for young professionals looking to build their networks.

See you there on Wednesday 7th October 2009 at DROP, Basement, On Lok Mansion, 39-43 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong. Networking from 8pm till 11pm with a Lucky Draw. Then The Party from 11pm till late with DJ Janva.

Remember to bring your membership cards as all SilverBlack Card, Swiss Chamber of Commerce and DROP members can enjoy: Happy hour till midnight plus 30% off from midnight onwards.

Beauty In the Eye Of the Person Next to You

A new study of the secrets of seduction has revealed that standing next to relatively ugly friends enhances a person’s attractiveness.

Stirling University psychologist Dr Anthony Little said staying away from better-looking friends and surrounding yourself with lots of gorgeous members of the opposite sex can also help, citing the example of 83 year old Playboy king Hugh Hefner.

“If you were just looking at Hugh Hefner's physical attractiveness you might not be that impressed with him,” Dr Little told the British Science Festival.

“But as soon as you see him with beautiful women you might infer other traits, for instance, you might infer he is a multi-millionaire or charming or witty. He somehow becomes more attractive,” he suggested (Daily Mail).

The legendary lothario certainly impressed French house DJ Dimitri from Paris who chatting to Skrufff in 2004 about meeting him at his Playboy Mansion described him as ‘the last real gentleman I've met’.

"We just shook hands, but he gave me a very good impression. He was a real gentleman, in fact. Especially being in the area he's in, the sex business… but he was delightful. I also like what he's done with the magazine, it's tasteful, not vulgar, and so I have a lot of respect for him,” said Dimitri.

The Parisian house king visited the Mansion after releasing two Playboy mix CDs and was accompanied on one trip by the promoters from top Paris nightclub Respect Is Burning who revealed another secret of Hugh’s success in their official biography.

“Thanks to the success of our first CDs, and notably the Night at the Playboy Mansion with Dimitri from Paris, Respect was called by every promoter in the world and their mothers too,” they said.
“Then started the biggest road club trip ever, from Tokyo to Caracas, Kuala Lumpur to Sydney, Oslo to Miami, Cannes to Lisbon, with some famous residencies at Vega Copenhagen, Fuse Brussels and of course Twilo.”

“Not forgetting the Playboy Mansion gig of course,” they added, “With Fred walking like a King in the mansion before a security told him that the only guy allowed to walk in a dressing gown was Hugh Hefner and Hugh only.” (Playboy Mansion Party, November 2008)

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