The Hong Kong summer is in full swing, and nothing screams hot summer days quite like a junk boat party. But how the hell do you organise one? Lucky for you, our writer Sarah Richard is a self-proclaimed junk queen, and she has narrowed down the complicated process down to six easy steps, complete with plenty of recommendations. It's best to share this article for future reference!

1) Choose Your Junk Company

The hardest part of organising a junk boat is often liaising with and choosing a junk company. The amount of emails I’ve sent since living in HK to different junk companies is ridiculous. So how do you choose the best junk company? Word of mouth, that is how. Ask friends who they recommend, think back to which junks you have been on, and get together a list of a few you want to go with.

If you haven’t been on one before here are my recommendations (they are all nice, clean and big boats, costing between $650-700HKD per head with all inclusive food and booze): Hong Kong Junks, Island Junks, Hong Kong Yachting, or Jaspas.

Pro tip: Remember to contact a few, as they might not all be available on the date you want.

2) Take Care of Catering

If you want to cater your junk yourself you can either bring your own food or contact some catering companies that will deliver food to you on the day. A few catering companies I love: Invisible Kitchen, Koh Thai, or Cali-Mex.

Some catering packages already include booze, but you can also choose to do BYOB if you’ve got shelves full of unused booze at home (although I’d question why), or if you think that a lot of people won’t be drinking.

Insider Tip: The average amount you should be paying for a junk package is between $600 - $750HKD per head. That should include unlimited booze and either breakfast/lunch or lunch and snacks. Some even include DJ’s for that price. Don’t pay anymore for that unless you are looking for a yacht. In which case, I have no advice for you. I’ve yet to organise a yacht party.

3) Double Check All the Details

Before you confirm with your selected junk company, make sure you've gone through our handy checklist here:

  • Amount per head and what it includes
  • Do they cater for dietary requirements?
  • Start and finish time
  • Start and end location (this is important as some companies only leave from Aberdeen or Sai Kung)
  • How much the deposit is and when to pay it
  • Is there a DJ? Do you want a DJ?
  • What happens if you can’t fill the whole boat (will you have to pay extra?)

Remember: You will have to pay the deposit once you book, and then a few days before the party they will ask for the full amount. The usual deposit is 50% of the whole amount.

4) Spread the Word

The best way to tell a group of your friends about your junk is to create a group on Facebook or Whatsapp. Put all the confirmed details and updates into the group, and remember to let everyone know your bank details so they can all pay you ASAP (you don't want to be chasing for a few hundred bucks from 20 people after the junk).

5) Final Prep

The week before your party is the time to pay up. Make sure to confirm numbers and chase up on payments. Now's also the time to start shopping for inflatables, speakers, bikinis, waterproof bags and whatnot.

What you see if what you get when it comes to junk packages, don’t expect any freebies. If you have decided against hiring a DJ, make sure to prepare your Spotify playlist beforehand!

6) Party Time

And as easy as that, you now have yourself a junk boat party ready to go. Meet everyone at the pier (15 minutes early!) and party like it’s 1999.

When you CBF...

Organizing junks are always hard - so we appreciate any help we can get. All That Junk has always been our directory and bible when it comes to making junk-related decisions. But if you want to skip the calls and emails, hit up for a one-page process with all the details taken care of.

Written by Sarah Richard

Feature photos via All That Junk HK and Koh Thai Junks


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