For this year’s World AIDS Day (1 Dec), AIDS Concern will run a “Be Care Full, Fight Stigma” Campaign, sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank. ‘People are aware that HIV will not be transmitted by daily contact, but they tend to keep a distance from people living with HIV. That is why AIDS Concern wants to run the “Be Care Full, Fight Stigma” Campaign to provide a platform for people to connect with people living with HIV by enjoying a cup of coffee brewed by them. We want to show people that all it takes is a small gesture to show concern and care to people affected by HIV and AIDS,’ says Andrew Chidgey, the Chief Executive of AIDS Concern.  

AIDS Concern Coffee Truck (29 Nov – 1 Dec)
This Saturday (29 Nov), AIDS Concern will have a specially designed coffee truck touring around Hong Kong to distribute FREE coffee brewed by people living with HIV and promote anti-stigma messages to the mass public. Identifying with the good cause, Holly Brown Coffee will be the coffee sponsor for this three-day event. You are encouraged to support this meaningful event by taking photos with the“Be Care Full, Fight Stigma” coffee cup and upload to Facebook or Instagram #aidsconcern. For every photo posted, Suzuran Bed (HK) Ltd. will donate HKD1 to AIDS Concern for promoting HIV/AIDS prevention and education in Hong Kong.

Also, students from the Faculty of Medicine, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, will join the campaign to spread the anti-stigma message through square plays near the AIDS Concern Coffee Truck.

Visit to track down the Coffee Truck!

Come and join us to show your support for the World AIDS Day 2014: 
1.    AIDS Concern Testing Week (8 – 14 Dec)
Same as last year, FREE HIV antibody rapid tests will open to the public to promote public awareness of early testing and treatment. First come, first served. For enquiries, please call 2394 6677.
Date            : 8 – 14 Dec (Mon - Sun)
Venue        : Yau Ma Tei Testing Centre, Unit 602, 6/F, King Centre, 23-29 Dundas  
Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon

2.    AIDS Concern x Hong Kong AIDS Foundation “Modern Sex Education” (13 Dec)
To promote awareness for Comprehensive Sexuality Education for youth, AIDS Concern and Hong Kong AIDS Foundation will hold an outdoor activity at Tsim Sha Tsui, event highlights include:
-    Youth Performances – Street Dance, Rope skipping, Freestyle Football and more
-    Forums involving Celebrity Parents
-    Interactive booths promoting HIV/AIDS education and parent support services
Date        : 2-6 pm, 13 Dec (Sat)
Venue    : Outdoor Piazza, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui

Don’t forget to click ‘LIKE’ on for the latest World AIDS Day 2014 event updates.

About AIDS Concern
AIDS Concern was established in 1990 as the first non-government charity organisation committed to the service of AIDS care in Hong Kong. Our vision is to create “TRIPLE ZERO” Hong Kong, that means ZERO new infections, ZERO stigma and ZERO AIDS deaths. We will lead social change by individuals, organisations and society to achieve TRIPLE ZERO, to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and eliminate stigma for people living with HIV.   


(Article provided by Aids Concern)           


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