The Washington Post published a fresh feature on the state of male grooming this week suggesting body hair awareness should be added to 'slack gut, man-boobs, back fur and being regarded as a metrosexual' as issues real men should now worry about.

"Guydom, manhood, it's all different now," Post columnist Neely Tucker advised,

"Guys used to attract women with their confidence, muscle, power, fearlessness. Now you've got to have a position on shoulder sprigs (hair)."

GQ columnist Glenn O'Brien agreed, declaring 'body hair is a major category of what guys worry about, it's in the realm of 'What color socks match my shoes and pants?' though (bearded) British DJ Very Very Very Wrong Indeed promoter Tim Sheridan was not so sure.

"I think it's more of a gay/lady thing to give it any thought," Tim claimed. "Personally I'm not very hairy on the body but it doesn't bother me in other people of either gender."

Electro-rock-new rave DJ Joost Van Bellen told Skrufff he also doesn't groom his body hair, explaining "I don't have much hair and it's blonde.' though added 'pubic hair needs a cut nowadays,

"Having a goatee hanging underneath is disgusting."

The (happily gay-looking) Dutch star admitted, however, that he spends plenty of time grooming his moustache, which he grew on the advice of the Glimmers and Princess Superstar after wearing a fake one when dressed as a pirate at Avenue D's Miami underwear party two years ago.

"My moustache is very reddish blonde, ginger as you may call it," said Joost " So I have it coloured at the hairdressers and it I don't have enough time I use mascara, a very dry one, otherwise I get into trouble when I drink. I also trim it myself every couple of days, as I hate moustaches that cover your upper lip, they're not chic."

Joost said his moustache means he gets more grief from customs and immigration officials as well as teasing from girl clubbers 'disgusted by it',

 "When girls say they don't like my moustache, I tell them I don't like theirs too. which helps, they all get very offended," he laughed, "My Mum hates it too."

Tim Sheridan said the amount of time he devotes to his beard varies ('it depends entirely on the particular style one is sporting. A "Huntsman" is fairly low maintenance but a "Dali" is constant preening') though revealed it's become easier the longer he's had a beard..

"There are unguents and waxes and even little hairnets that you wear in bed but a true 'grower' tends to find that after some years your facial hair goes into shape of it's own accord," said Tim, "If I leave mine untouched for a few weeks it tends to form a curly 'tache of its own volition. I believe it's called "hirsute memory" in medical circles."

He also said, like Joost, his facial hair draws mixed reactions from clubbers when he's out and about,

"It's like being in a wheelchair, some people are nice, some avoid you and some come on like retards. Having a beard or 'tache is like having X ray spex. You immediately get a fair impression of someone by their reaction to you," he said.

"The best people tend not to appear to even notice. Some people, often young girls, get a bit freaked out and ask "is it real?" As if I would answer "No, I spend a couple of hours putting on an uncannily convincing false moustache every day."

"I think there is a general body dysmorphia which is sadly an epidemic these days," Tim concluded,

"Young women and gay men hate their bodies very subtly and are alarmed by anyone who doesn't care or is too uncommon. They spend so much time, money and energy on their own appearance and judging others it disturbs them when confronted with an apparent freak," he suggested

Article by Jonty Skrufff

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