PATRIZIA PEPE, the Italian fashion label, today staged a gorgeous Spring/Summer Fashion Show at the Adrenaline, Happy Valley Racecourse.  Top models Galie Lok, Lynn Hung, together with Mikki Yiu present the upcoming collection, which illustrate the desire of today’s young lady.  Famous celebrities including Terence Yin, Andrew Lien, Conroy Chan, Kenny Wong, Yan Qing, Dennie Wong, Ursule Wong, Real Ting and Janet Ma also came and enjoyed this splendid show.

Spring/Summer 2007 Women’s Collection
Patrizia Pepe’s spring-summer 2007 collection is eclectic and striking, reminiscent of moments in history and lifestyles that however light years apart, are skillfully united by a strong hint of couture from the pursuit of precious materials and a chic, sophisticated look.

1950s Elegant Tennis Style
Patrizia Pepe opens its collection by paying homage to 130 years of Wimbledon tennis tournaments, seeking inspiration in a very elegant tennis style. This feel is 1950s glamour-ska, revisited with the intent of rendering each item unique and special. The traditional polo shirt or classic cable stitch cardigan have been totally deconstructed and transformed into couture items; there are lurex or baguette trim collars, sheer seduction in organza sleeves and deep necklines. Balloon skirts and dresses stand out with black and white pop art patterns, worn with patent leather mini bombers in strong colors. Little optical Houndstooth jackets, with tennis insignia on the breast pocket, add a hint of charm to pleated skirts that emphasize the legs. Cap sleeved pleated body blouses that are to be worn with mini-shorts. Taffeta outerwear catches 1950s silhouettes, accentuating necklines and lapels, underlining the female form. Accessories are ever-resent, wide headbands bring to mind the patterns used for rounded shoes and patent belts.

1970s Refined Grunge Tendency
The casual side of this collection features a refined grunge tendency: garment-dyed washed cottons that generate fascinating patchwork effects; wrinkled-effect metallic-cottons that given English-style trench coats a vaguely ‘damned’ aura, bereft of their original severity. Jodhpur-style trousers but hugging closer for more sensuality; lurex chenille for sweatshirts to combine with mini-mini shorts. Then countless, mulitcolured print and knit patches, enhanced with embroidery and equines braids around neckline, not to mention dresses and tops with all-over sequins. Shoes and bags are in ultra light nappa and suede, recovering the collection’s natural shades that range through white, beige, dusty jade, zinc violet, metallic grey and the wildly precious glassy gold. Soft lines for the low or for the cone-heeled boot models, as well as for nappy bags with lots of pocket.

Hyper-feminine Return of Punk
Patrizia Pepe continues with the urban theme, seeking inspiration in the hyper-feminine return of one of the twentieth century’s most outrageous trends: punk. The original hard lines are intentionally set aside to underscore the suppleness of the figure. Polished, clean fabrics that include mercerized cotton gabardine, personalizing Patrizia Pepe outerwear, like the little double diamond bomber. Black stretch silk-tight trousers. Strong, no-nonsense colours, like white, black, glassy silver and blue rock. Metal trim everywhere: visible buttons and zips on jackets, trouser bottoms, sleeves and accessories. The low-cut, wide-soled pumps are finished in silver and multicoloured studs.  Denim happens along to pick up and fuse the underlying inspirations. It goes for grunge lines and appears as a classic bomber jacket that is totally deconstructed to become softer and losser. Thigh-hugging shorts and hot pants with t-shirt scrap inserts applied to bring them up to speed with a punk revival. A cotton denim/ripstop techno jacket revisits a typical 1950s line with an ultra wide drawstring sleeves.
Spring/Summer 2007 Men’s Collection
The 50’s and 60’s, the boom years in Italy, a time of great expectations and hopes for the future, the years of fervid youth movements: the mods and the rockabillies: the former, impeccably elegant down to the least detail; the latter much more basic, dressed mainly in jeans, t-shirts, motorcycle jackets. Two complete lifestyles that shared “recognizability”, a sense of belonging, an exclusive quality and a strong link between music and look.  Updating that era, through a rediscovery of the raw materials, fit and colors is the aim of the Patrizia Pepe Menswear Spring-Summer 2007 Collection.

A SPORT-CITY inspiration with crisp nylon, fleece, parachute silk, printed and plain colors, cotton stretch piquet; a UNIFORM inspiration with cotton/linen/polyurethane herringbone patterns dyed for an old look and batik effect, mattress stripes and denim; a METROPOLITAN and OLD-FASHIONED inspiration with prints reminiscent of murales or tiny patterns from the Fifties and Sixties; airy, cloudlike fabrics combined with compact, calandered and waxed fabrics which can be crushed and creased; the finishing adds light with treatments on the fabrics and the use of "shiny yarns", as an expression of MODERNITY.

Lightweight cotton mélange, slub aspects in garment-dyed apparel, knits of moulinè yarn and geometrical optical jacquards, characterize the selection of fully-fashioned knits.  The leather items are light and impalpable, combined with a technical mesh for a refined sportswear image or in thicker hide with a vintage flavor.

the new pants come in different designs, ranging from slim volume, in some cases purposely long, to oversize volumes through regular and high-waisted versions. Baggy aspects at the top with narrow bottoms and regular hips with bootcut flared bottoms.  The jackets are above all entirely deconstructed or slightly destructured, with patch pockets or besom, single or double breasted design with 2 buttons.

The shirts and t-shirts are characterized by soft volumes that do not hug the waist, by ironic contrasts of prints and colors with small collars in poplin or knit, with long or short sleeves or sleeveless.The jackets that complete the individual looks, reflect the world of music, urban sportswear and casual styling.

STRIPES and TRIANGLES indicate, with their sure, basic lines, the cut and stitching of the garments, creating designs, pockets, flaps and collars.

BLACK and WHITE are ever-present with the addition of a DUSTY IRON GREY, a LIGHT GREY and a BLUE in the traditional shading as well as a PURPLE BLUE, for the METALLIC EVENING.  LOW COLORING with natural shades that range from PUTTY WHITE to SAND, KHAKI and MOHOGANY, from POWDER PINK to a PURPLE PINK for the daytime part of the collection.  COLOR ACCENTS: above all, PAINT RED and PURPLE for prints, either all-over or silkscreen designs and for the SPORTWEAR part, along or with other colors in the collection, particular the whites and the greys.
Patrizia Pepe
PATRIZIA PEPE was founded in 1993 by two enterprisers Mrs. Patrizia Bambi and Mr. Claudio Orrea. They had been working in Tessilform for years and gained solid experience in production and manufacturing.
With passion and innovation, they set up their own company in the 90’s with the objective to embody different varieties of ladies fashion.  Mrs. Patrizia Bambi was very much inspired by feminism, and thus expressed such concept by distinctive definition of colors and innovated styling.

Furthermore, to be perfect, every piece of cloth must be comfortable to wear and goes well with the occasion. PATRIZIA PEPE is successfully positioned in the market as a trendy brand with modern styling. The joy of being an innovative designer is brought out by the stylish products and is also passing by onto customers or people who love the brand.

Flagship store:
‧Shop B & D, 1-3 Cleveland Street, Hamilton Mansion,
Causeway bay, Hong Kong             Tel: 2890-6680

Shop list:
‧Shop 1052A, Level 1, IFC mall, Central, Hong Kong  Tel: 2234 7200
‧ Shop BL 3A, Basement, The Peninsula, Salisbury Road, T.S.T., Kln Tel: 2369 3686
‧ Shop 325, Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Tel: 2506 1108

(information provided by the pr company)


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